"Selectra": reviews, indications, instructions for use

Tablets "Selectra" among other antidepressants - one of the most common. They are recommended for a wide range of mental disorders. The main component is escitalopram. However, medical practice shows that the portability of the drug is not perfect. Many suffer from side effects of varying severity. Importantly, the abolition of "Selectra" can trigger withdrawal syndrome, when all symptoms eliminated by the medication return with a new force. But! If the doctor issued a prescription for this tool, you should not ignore the recommendations.

selectra side effects

The doctor weighs all possible positive and negative consequences, and only on the basis of this decides what to recommend to the patient. If the choice was made in favor of Selectra, an antidepressant is really necessary. But it is absolutely impossible to write it out yourself.However, in a pharmacy without an official prescription it will not be sold - you need to be ready for this.

Escitalopram: not a panacea, but it will help

As some experts note, of all the alternatives, this substance as an antidepressant provokes a relatively weak withdrawal syndrome if taken carefully. But it effectively fights with a wide list of negative manifestations of mental pathologies. However, you have to pay for everything. In the case of the drug "Selectra" - side effects.

selectra reviews

The tool will help only when it is appropriate in a particular situation. An expert can establish this fact. It is impossible to prescribe yourself neither this medicine nor any other antidepressant. As can be seen from the responses, the drug effectively eliminates the main manifestations of depression disorders. It's not just the mood (although his jumps are also a thing of the past). Reviews of "Selectr" indicate that apathy passes, it becomes easier to overcome lack of will and laziness. Many patients also noted a decrease in irritability, tearfulness. As can be seen from the reviews, Selectra perfectly relieves the symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders.

A lot of experience

Although the described medication and is sold only by prescription, in the vast virtual Web about him you can find a huge number of responses. To some extent, this indicates the breadth of the spread of various deviations from the norms, the unstable mental state of many people. It is also indicative of the fact that the drug “Selectra” is highly valued by doctors - it is indeed often prescribed, since the reputation for extensive practice is quite good. At the same time, at the stage of issuing a prescription, the doctor warns that the instructions for use of Selectra should be carefully followed. Otherwise, no side effects can not be avoided, and even strict adherence to the recommendations cannot insure from them - too much depends on the characteristics of a particular organism.

Antidepressants in general are a group of medicines based on mechanisms that have not been sufficiently studied in our time, therefore many of them provoke negative body responses both in the present and in delayed ones. Perhaps the most significant negative point mentioned by the reviews on Selectr is withdrawal syndrome.

Long but effective

How much to take "Selectra", the doctor at the reception, probably will not be able to say for sure. The drug is designed for long-term therapeutic course - sometimes it is months, sometimes - years. Much will depend on the characteristics of a particular patient, the body's response to the drug, and the effectiveness of the active ingredient. Usually, the doctor prescribes regular re-examinations of the patient, changes the drug to another one as needed, or completely cancels the therapeutic program. You cannot initiate a replacement or a cancellation yourself. As can be seen from the reviews, "Selectra" in this case provokes various unpleasant consequences: the return of the former symptoms in a more severe form or even the appearance of new complications.

cancellation of a selectra

Many say that they take the drug for months. Features of the course tells the doctor. In the first week, the dosage is relatively small, with normal tolerance, the volume is gradually increased, bringing to an effective therapeutic dose. Determine that, assessing the degree of pathology, its nature and characteristics, as well as the individual characteristics of the organism.Instructions for use "Selectra" contains general recommendations regarding the dosage regimen, but they are not universal. If the doctor recommended a scheme different from the one indicated by the manufacturer, it is necessary to follow his advice.

Features of use

If the active ingredient "Selectra" (escitalopram) does not show the necessary effectiveness or the effectiveness of the drug began to decrease with time, if the doctor decided to discontinue the therapeutic course, cancellation should be carried out carefully. The dosage of the drug is reduced gradually, the doctor controls the response on the part of the body.

Usually in such situations it is warned that the side effects of "Selectra" are expressed in the activation of the previously eliminated symptoms of pathology. Anxiety is growing, panic attacks, mood swings can follow. Some patients are confronted with depression, pursue suicidal thoughts. During the period of withdrawal of funds, especially after a long-term course of treatment, it is important to constantly monitor the patient’s condition and provide him with the necessary assistance.Usually, the responsibility lies not only with the patient and the attending physician, but also with close people - relatives, friends of the person taking the pill. It is unacceptable to combine "Selectra" and alcohol, this leads to increased side effects (and in their absence to the appearance), and also adversely affects the brain, provokes severe conditions of the IRR.

Is it worth the money

Currently, the price of "Selectra" about 800 rubles. If the doctor prescribed this medication, it can be replaced with a similar one based on the same substance. There are several cheaper alternatives on sale. The fact of replacement must be agreed with your doctor. Popular analogues:

  • "Elycea";
  • "Escitalopram";
  • Lenuxin.

selectra drug

Quite often, “Tsipralex” is chosen as an alternative solution. Sometimes the doctor recommends staying at the Sancipale or Miracitole. The specific option depends on the diagnosis in which the “Selectra” was originally written out.


The drug belongs to the group of antidepressants. Its effectiveness is due to the effect on receptors capable of capturing serotonin.Due to the inhibition of the reverse process, the concentration of the compound in the synaptic cleft increases; increases, lengthens the effect on the receptors. Escitalopram does not tend to form bonds with dopamine receptors D1, D2, serotonin 5-NT, opioids, benzodiazepam There are no links with receptors alpha-adreno, m-cholino.

As a rule, in case of depression disorders, panic attacks “Selectra” shows effectiveness not earlier than two weeks after the start of administration, but not later than a month if the patient responsibly uses the medication in accordance with the prescribed regimen. "Selectra" is used as the main therapeutic agent for agoraphobia. The therapeutic program shows the greatest effectiveness by the third month. This result is maintained throughout the course of treatment.

Features of use

Indications "Selectra": panic, depression, anxiety disorders.

The tool is intended for oral use, use it at a convenient time, regardless of meals. Daily dose in the range of 20 mg. The amount recommended by the doctor for one day is used at a time.A gradual decrease at the end of the therapeutic program is stretched for at least two weeks, otherwise severe manifestations of withdrawal syndrome are possible.

Special cases

At the age of 65 years and older, "Selectra" is used in a daily dose of not more than 5 mg, although in each case the doctor may decide to increase the amount, if the situation requires. The manufacturer limits the daily dose of 10 mg.

selectra how much to take

If a patient has liver disease, for the first two weeks the agent is used in an amount of not more than 5 mg daily, then double the dose, if the patient's body shows an adequate response.

If tests showed low CYP2C19 activity, the first two weeks the drug is also used in an amount of not more than 5 mg per day, then doubled, controlling the body's response.

Unpleasant phenomena: what to be prepared for

If you study the instructions for use, it becomes clear that the list of side effects in "Selectra" is quite wide. As can be seen from the responses taking this drug, some phenomena (for example, drowsiness and gastrointestinal dysfunction, diarrhea) were observed quite often, but serious, severe pathological reactions that require urgent cancellation are quite rare.At the same time, it is noted that the process of treatment with Selectra is for many accompanied by unpleasant impressions, partially compensated by the elimination of the initial symptoms.

The central and peripheral NS respond to the intake of the active component with a weakness, it can ache and feel dizzy. Some patients had convulsive states, developed tremor, hallucinations, mania. All negative reactions are reversible and exhaust themselves with the cessation of the therapeutic course. If used improperly and in certain situations, serotonin syndrome may occur, in the most severe case of provoking coma and death.

Possible negative reactions

The manufacturer warns that "Selectra" can provoke hypotension, galactorrhea, diarrhea, disturbances of stool, taste, food habits, appetite. In many patients, a decrease in libido, potency was observed. Allergic reactions are manifested by skin rashes, excessive sweating, anaphylactic, angioedema. There is a possibility of the development of sinusitis provoked by Selectra.

When it is impossible

The list of contraindications "Selectra" is relatively narrow. The drug is not intended for the treatment of adolescents under the age of fifteen, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. The tool can not be used if there is an increased sensitivity of the patient to the active component of the substance. The arrangement of "Selectors" and MAOIs can provoke serotonin syndrome of varying severity - the described medication can be started to be used only two weeks after the completion of therapy with the use of MAOIs.

selectra active substance

If cirrhosis of the liver is diagnosed, “Selectra” is admissible, but treatment with its use should be combined with a constant check of the main indicators of the organ. Renal failure requires the same approach (control of the kidneys is necessary).

Some special cases

It is allowed to use "Selectra" as part of the therapeutic course of panic, depression disorders in patients suffering from mania, hypomania, but only in the conditions of the possibility of continuous monitoring of the patient's condition. Also, a special approach is required by people with diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, which cannot be controlled by medications.If depression is complicated by suicide attempts, “Selectra” is allowed for use only under the condition of very careful observation of the patient's condition.

Careful use of the drug requires an increased likelihood of bleeding, the use of medicines in which convulsive readiness is characterized by a reduced threshold. If a patient is being treated with drugs that provoke a lack of sodium in the body, affecting the isoenzyme CYP2C19, "Selectra" should be used with constant careful monitoring of the human condition.

Treat but not cripple

If the patient has been treated with non-selective MAOIs, Selectra can be started to use within seven days from the moment the previous course of treatment is discontinued. If reversible MAO was used as therapy, then Selectra was allowed one day after the last intake of the previously used drug.

selectra indication

If the drug is used in the treatment of panic disorder, the initiation of treatment is often accompanied by an increase in anxiety. As a rule, the symptom exhausts itself in the first two weeks of therapy.To reduce the likelihood of such a negative manifestation, it is necessary at the beginning to apply the lowest possible dosage, gradually increasing it when the patient's body is prepared for this.

What else to pay attention

The main active component of Selectra has an effect on glucose concentration. If the patient is diagnosed with diabetes, the antidepressant becomes the cause of the dosage adjustment of hypoglycemic agents. If epileptic seizures are detected (an increase in history or an initial appearance), Selectra is canceled. This applies to cases of an uncontrolled pharmacological situation. An urgent cancellation is necessary if the patient develops manic disorders.

As can be seen from the accumulated experience of doctors on the use of "Selectra", the first few weeks of the therapeutic program are associated with an increased risk of suicidal attempts. When they begin treatment with this medicine, they constantly monitor the patient’s condition in order to prevent a negative outcome. Obligatory cancellation of "Selectra" requires the manifestation of serotonin syndrome.If such a condition is revealed, it is important to start the rehabilitation treatment in a timely manner. Program points are selected based on the symptoms of violations. If the medication has caused an acute shortage of sodium in the body, the abolition of the medication is accompanied by the restoration of the normal level of the component in the tissues of the body. Statistics show that this phenomenon appears extremely rarely.


Since “Selectra” can have a side effect on the human nervous system, during the course of treatment with this drug, the manufacturer recommends, if possible, to avoid solving complex problems that require a high level of concentration. This applies to working with dangerous machines, mechanisms, as well as driving. If some workflow requires an increased psychomotor response rate, such activity should be avoided during the course of treatment.

Drug Compatibility

Above we have already mentioned certain restrictions associated with drugs from the group of MAOIs - a combination of such medications provokes negative reactions of the body, including serotonin syndrome of unpredictable severity.The combination of "Selectra" and serotonergic drugs can lead to the same outcome.

selectra instruction manual

The active component of the medication in question is capable of increasing the activity of tryptophan, lithium compounds. Drugs based on Hypericum become more toxic. Possible adjustment of indicators of blood coagulability, which requires special attention when taking funds that change this parameter. As a rule, at the beginning of a therapeutic course, blood tests are taken several times from a patient to determine how the situation develops. When using "Selectra" and products containing desipramine, metoprolol, the concentration of these substances in the blood plasma is doubled.

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