Screw piles on the fence: installation and installation

When deciding on which fence to install around their plot, each owner faces several problems. I want to combine the reliability of the design, ease of installation, durability and, of course, an aesthetic look. And if the site is located on difficult soils, then the problem of installing a fence is added to everything else. But the solution is always there. In this case, you should pay attention to screw piles under the fence. They have several advantages over traditional pillars.

What are piles

Screw piles on the fence - it's just a metal pipe. Such a seamless pipe is made of steel by a seamless method. Due to this, its elements are more resistant to corrosion. One end of the tube is blunt, and the other is pointed. And on the latter are screw blades.

screw piles on the fence

The thickness of the steel for these pipes is from 4 to 7 mm. The length of the pile can be different, and it starts from 1 m.

It should be noted that the quality of the weld of the weld tip directly affects the life of the product.Thanks to the design of the tip, the piles are mounted easily, without the use of special equipment. In this case, the assembled structure is able to resist the pressure of compression and pulling.

Advantages and disadvantages of a pile fence

Construction of a fence on the basis of screw piles has the following advantages:

  • It can be installed on difficult soils: in a swampy area, with close groundwater storage, with a large elevation difference.
  • Installation is simple and takes place very quickly. So, in order to screw in one pile, half an hour is enough. This can be done manually, without the involvement of special equipment.
  • Pile life is at least 50 years.
  • These piles can be reused. They can always be dismantled and installed elsewhere.

Pipes with a diameter of 57 mm and a length of 2 m in Moscow will cost about 900-100 rubles per piece. By the way, similar screw piles for a fence in SPB will cost about 800-850 rubles. For construction this is the most economical option. If you compare it with a strip or column foundation, the pile structure will be about 50% cheaper.

For the sake of economy, you can enter into an agreement with a construction company that will build a fence on turnkey screw piles. But the installation process is quite simple. You can cope with it yourself.

screw piles under the fence

Although it has a similar fence and its shortcomings:

  • Installing piles in rocky soil is very difficult. In this case, you can damage their coverage.
  • The design must be further treated with anti-corrosion agents.
  • You cannot check the installed support for integrity and damage.

As you can see, there are few flaws. But they still need to be considered.

Pile Selection Basics

If you follow the logic, it becomes clear that a pipe of larger diameter can withstand more pressure. Therefore, it is recommended to choose screw piles on the fence with a metal thickness of 2-8 mm and a diameter of 54-108 mm. And the exact dimensions will depend on the material with which the fence will be stitched. So, for wood picket fence, it is recommended to take pipes of 54 mm in diameter. It would be enough. The same size is taken for plastic fences and metal mesh.

installation of the fence on screw piles

The fence made of corrugated board on screw piles requires the use of pipes with a diameter of at least 89 mm.Heavier structures are installed on supports with a diameter of 108 mm. Such piles can be installed under the terraces, greenhouses, gazebos and other "light" buildings.

The length of the pile is chosen empirically. For this you need to screw up a trial. The length will mainly depend on the composition of the soil. And the average is 1.5 meters.

Necessary materials

Having decided to build a fence on screw piles, you can prepare the necessary materials. Let's consider an example of a fence from a professional flooring. For its construction you will need:

  • Actually screw piles.
  • Guides for fixing corrugated board (metal profile or corner that will serve as a log).
  • Corrugated (enough thickness of 0.5 mm).
  • Poles for gates and wickets.

screw piles for spb fence

Calculate the required amount will be easy. After purchasing all the materials you can install the fence.

Preparation for installation

Pre-screwing the pile will help determine the quality of the soil and the depth of the structure. It is very important that the base of the support be below the freezing level (this is especially important for moisture saturated areas).This will protect them from pushing out under the influence of seasonal fluctuations in the soil.

Screw piles on the fence are installed at a distance of 2.5-3 m from each other. With this in mind, it is necessary to determine the installation site of the fence. Here pegs are hammered. It is important to accurately mark the site. If the supports are at different distances from each other, the fence will not become stronger.

fence made of corrugated screw piles

Installation of piles

Screw piles on the fence are installed in places where the pegs are driven. It is recommended to screw them in three together - one holds, and two twist. If the process will be performed manually, make a lever. For this, there is a hole in the top of the pile. It is necessary to place metal reinforcement with a diameter of about 3 cm. Pieces of pipe are put on its ends, which, in fact, will be a lever. Screw the pile will be easier if the "sleeve" in length will be about 3 m.

The construction will be denser, if the place of the pile exit from the ground is to be filled with cement mortar. The outer part of the pipe is treated with a primer and other anti-corrosion agents. Sometimes another “pillar” is inserted into the pipe or simply cement solution is poured into it.This will keep even the heaviest fence.

Installation of fencing

Installation of the fence on screw piles can be made immediately after the pipes have been screwed in. If a brigade works, some workers screw in piles, while others collect a fence at the same time. Even when using cement mortar, it is not necessary to wait until it dries.

fence on turnkey screw piles

Lags are attached to the piles with screws or dowels for metal. You can use welding. After that, sheeting, sheeting and other materials are attached directly to them. It is necessary to take into account several points:

  1. It is recommended to make three crossbeams between the piles: top, center and bottom. They are placed with the same interval between each other.
  2. The bottom of the profile pipes must be at least 30 cm above the ground level.
  3. The whole construction is covered with protective anti-corrosion primers.

When using a welded mesh, holes are prepared for its fastening in the pipe. Through them with the help of brackets or clamps and mesh will be mounted. The latter will not sag if a metal bar or wire is inserted into the top row of cells. It is fastened and stretched between the piles.

The last stage of construction is the installation of gates and wickets. On this construction of the fence on screw piles will be considered complete.

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