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School time occupies a significant place in the life of a teenager. During this period he matures, his tastes and preferences are formed. The child learns, and of course, sympathy. Especially anxiously girls are experiencing this. To feel comfortable among peers, as well as to pay attention to the boys, you need to choose the right outfit. After all, attending classes requires an appropriate form of clothing, because you want to look interesting. School skirts for teens, which will be discussed in the article - not just a part of the wardrobe, but a real magic wand. She is able to completely transform the boring form and guarantee the reputation of the real woman of fashion.

Tough choice

Dressing up a teenager is a difficult task. Firstly, here, more than ever, the generational conflict manifests itself: the child refuses to even pay attention to the things suggested by adults.

school skirts for teens

Secondly, the figure of a teenager often does not fit the usual size, and the search for the right outfit develops into a big problem.

Thirdly, the purchase of clothes for the school, where the dress code is entered, does not inspire the child, and therefore he does not always express his desires, subsequently feeling discomfort and disgust for the dress.

However, if you show sensitivity, the girl will look not only appropriate, but also fashionable.

Modern school uniform

Today, school uniforms do not look like an ordinary-looking and unfashionable outfit. The child can easily choose the desired image, combining different elements. For girls this dress, sundress, pantsuit. However, the real symbol was the school skirt. For teenagers, as in the opinion of the older generation, this is one of the basic things for a girl’s wardrobe.

The main thing is to maintain the main focus of the form - strict style and comfort.

Special features

The choice of model of a school skirt for the teenager depends on some subtleties:

  • As a rule, the colors should be monotonous, but sometimes the laws in an educational institution allow the presence of a certain print.
  • The optimal length of the skirt - to the knee or a couple of centimeters higher or lower.
  • Different fabrics are used as a material: tweed, wool, cotton, knitwear.

trendy school skirts for teens

  • For the safety of the child should choose only the best, and therefore should give preference to natural skirts. Only a small presence of synthetics is permissible.
  • It is important to remember that a school skirt for a teenager should not distract the child from the educational process. The main thing is comfort and practicality, and therefore an excessive amount of buttons, embroidery, applications should be avoided.
  • Midi length skirt will be too old-fashioned, will prevent teenagers.
  • A model with a high incision can be equated to the category of mini, which is prohibited by the school charter.
  • Any outfit of a teenager should retain the features of his personality, but do not forget that the form is a symbol of the team, and the child is part of it, and therefore it is better if the skirt is restrained, without bright elements and average cost.
  • If the elements of school uniforms are not part of the same suit, then they must be properly combined. Then the image as a whole will be harmonious.

High waist

Turn the girl into a real lady can style school skirt for teens, suggesting a high waist.He visually narrows the figure, neatly emphasizes the silhouette. Another advantage of this model is that it tightly wraps around the abdomen and thighs, thereby holding the blouse so that it does not look out over the edges of the skirt.

Straight cut

The most classic option. Sometimes it is just straight, and sometimes - narrowed down. A small slit complements the skirt. It can be easily combined with turtlenecks, classic jackets and plain blouses. To make the model look good all day, you should choose a non-stretch fabric.


Such models look not only beautiful, but also cute. The less conservative style of the skirt of restrained colors - black, blue, gray - would be quite appropriate even in school classes. If the lower tier is made of tulle, then such a model can be safely put on a solemn event.

Pencil skirt

She is popular among teenagers' school skirts. school skirt models for teensMost often, it is chosen by high school students because it gives the appearance of elegance. The length of the models is mainly up to the knee, sometimes it is complemented by the Basque or the smell.

Balloon skirt

She looks very feminine in teens.This skirt should be purchased to dress the child for a holiday or a solemn ruler.

More folds

Fashionable school skirts for teens are hard to imagine without pleating. Her popularity is due to the fact that this model looks great on both very young schoolgirls and high school students. The style is suitable for children of any physique. The width of the folds can be as very small, and large. It is best to combine a skirt with blouses: snow-white for ceremonial events or colored - for an everyday look.

Flared skirt

The basis for it becomes a cut of the sun or half sun. She is chosen for younger girls, as she does not hinder the movement of the child.

 styles of school skirts for teensHowever, a graduate may look cute and at the same time feminine in such a skirt. A blouse with sleeves-lanterns or a more classic version with a waistcoat will add playfulness to the image.

Scottish flavor

There was once an element of national costume worn by Scottish men, and today is the favorite print for school clothes. These skirts deserve special mention. Existing for many years, they are still popular. A characteristic checkered pattern that combines blue, red and white in color adds a bit of color to a discreet school wardrobe.Several folds make the style more interesting.

Baby figure

The choice of fashionable school skirt for a teenager should not be based solely on the style or material. In order for the child to feel truly comfortable, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the figure.

Slender girls can safely choose any style, while schoolgirls with non-standard, curvaceous forms should be more careful. They look great skirts A-line, as well as trapezoidal or straight.

 school teens

School fashion for teens is updated with new ideas from season to season. It is possible to instill in the child a sense of taste and style right from the school bench, and a beautiful shape will make it look interesting, but appropriate.

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