Russian cheese: calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates

One of the most popular types of dairy products is Russian cheese. Its caloric content is very high, but universal love and affection is due not only to this, but also to a large number of other reasons. I would like to note the fact that this variety is one of the most basic and constantly existing stores. But the truth is, as long as you remember, so much time and you see this cheese on the market. Starting from the time of the USSR and ending with our days. It is also worth the attention and a large range of this type, depending on its manufacturer (in which at the moment there is no shortage).

Russian calorie cheese

Product features

Rossiysky cheese, whose caloric content is quite high, has a certain taste difference from other species that can be aimed exclusively at a narrow circle of consumers (for example, with mold). It has a rather tangible sourish, but traditionally recognizable taste.Plus, its value is at the democratic mark, thanks to which everyone can allow themselves to be pampered, which has been quite relevant lately.

This type of dairy products is produced in Russia and in some CIS countries. Pasteurized milk is taken as the initial raw material for its preparation. It belongs to rennet semisolid cheeses. This enzyme is added to cow's milk along with a special ferment, which contains lactic acid bacteria. Rossiysky cheese, whose caloric content at the end of production rises several times, is also distinguished by its yellowish color, and at the cut you can see small eyes and white lace.

Despite the high level of fat content, this product is not inferior in its taste to other varieties. As for cooking and cooking different dishes, it is even more popular than other cheeses. Special relevance can be emphasized for the preparation of casseroles, salads, pizza, hot dishes and snacks.

Russian cheese 50 calories

Composition, vitamins, minerals

One of the most useful products can be called Russian cheese.Its caloric content is very high, as a third of this product is pure protein. On the other hand, because of this, it can be used instead of meat products in some vegetarian dishes. In this cheese there is one necessary element, which is called milk fat, which is very well perceived by the body. Despite the fact that this product contains almost no carbohydrates, it has a rather large and impressive list of vitamins B12, AT6, B9, C, PP, A. And thanks to the fact that cheese contains vitamin B12It helps in the treatment of diseases associated with hepatitis, anemia and anemia. It should be noted the positive effect of the product on men's health due to the zinc content. Naturally, there is calcium and phosphorus, as in other dairy products, which is important for the structure of bones. Therefore, cheese is recommended to those patients who have had joint disease. Thus, the product became not only tasty, but also useful, having a sufficiently large mineral and vitamin composition, so that it is recommended for inclusion in the diet.

Russian calorie cheese 50 fat

Useful properties of "Russian" cheese

Many doctors and nutritionists argue that one of the most useful is Russian cheese 50%. Calorie content may indicate its satiety, but with it it contributes to:

  1. Strengthen teeth, bones, hair and nails.
  2. Enhance energy balance.
  3. Improve metabolism.
  4. It activates the brain.
  5. Quickly restores strength not only after mental, but also after physical exertion.
  6. Promotes proportional development and growth of the body.

Russian cheese calorie per 100 grams

Russian cheese: calories per 100 grams

  • Protein: 23.2 g.
  • Fat: 29.5 g
  • Carbohydrates: 0 g.

Incredibly nutritious “Russian” cheese (caloric content / protein / fats / carbohydrates: 364 kcal / 25% / 73% / 0%), so you need to keep track of the amount that you eat. Since everything is good in moderation and they should not be abused. Naturally, for true connoisseurs, these words mean nothing.

Cheese hurt

With all the positive qualities of this product, there are still a few negative points that need to be said, because this can cause problems in the future. Due to the fact that this cheese has a very high percentage of fat and calorie content, it is still necessary to abandon its use to the category of persons who have some problems with overweight and obesity, and those who have been prescribed a low-fat diet.If you follow all the recommendations and common sense, do not overeat it, then the product will only benefit.

Naturally, improper storage of cheese can cause a lot of damage, in this case diarrhea is not the worst option. Some consumers continue to use the product even after a mold peel appears on it, thinking that there is nothing bad in it, but in fact it can create many problems.

Also, due to the diuretic effect inherent in cheese, people who suffer from urolithiasis may experience discomfort.

Russian cheese caloric content proteins fats carbohydrates


It is difficult to argue with the fact that the high calorie content of Russian cheese (50% fat) comes to the fore. This makes it careful to add it to various dishes. This is due to the fact that any salad or snack, in which it is used, becomes a third-calorie. At the same time, there is a certain circle of nutritionists, who nevertheless opposes the mass production of cheeses, where pasteurized milk is taken as a basis. The described type, in fact, is produced. This is due to the fact that such a product does not contain a small fraction of what such cheeses actually contain (these are useful properties).Because of the maximum amount of saturated fatty acids, coconut and palm oil, it is so harmful to the body that it can cause Alzheimer's disease.

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