Rights and duties of the secretary-referent

Many do not fully know what the duties aresecretary. However, it should be clearly understood what exactly is included in the job description of this employee, before getting a job. Such a profession as a secretary first appeared in ancient Rome. And this post was considered important and endowed the person with great power, therefore only the man could perform the duties of secretary. Only by the end of the 19th century women were given the opportunity to do clerical work.

Thanks to modern cinema, manyit may be believed that the woman in this position is only engaged in their own appearance, the preparation of coffee and simple work with documents. However, the duties of the secretary are quite extensive, ranging from absolute ownership of computer programs, finishing with the rules of business etiquette and working with clients. If you decide to comprehend all the subtleties of the profession, you should be prepared for the absence of a clear working day and absolutely unregulated work schedule. After all, you have to fully adapt to the features of the company and the usual order of the boss.

Actually, the duties of the secretary-referentsuggest the presence of higher education, fluency in English, since the assistant manager is in some ways his person, the main component of the company's reputation. The common image of a sexual, but uneducated woman in life is completely useless, because no such partner or client will be serious about such a leader.

So, what are the functional dutiessecretary? First of all, you need to take incoming calls and give a qualified answer to all questions on this post. In order to be aware, you should clearly know the schedule of the chief, as well as understand the subtleties of the specifics of the company's activities. The answer to any phone call should be made using stable expressions, that is, you need to speak from a third party. People are different, and the secretary needs to be able to maintain self-control in every situation and not fall down to rudeness or tone increase. Thus, the culture of communication is considered one of the most important moments.

In addition, it must be understood that it is throughSecretary passes a large number of different documents relating to the main activities of the company and directly belonging to the management team. It is necessary to have the ability to systematize the flow of incoming documents in a short time so that you can find the required folder if necessary. Timely organization of effective coordinated work is also an important skill, as the secretary's duties include the reception of visitors, including the organization of unplanned meetings.

In some firms, on the shoulders of this employeeis responsible for monitoring the availability of office supplies that ensure normal work, not only in the secretariat, but throughout the office. And of course, you have to buy basic products, as to maintain the image of the company guests should offer tea, coffee and snacks. It is very important for a manager to find an employee who is able to follow his instructions accurately and in time, ensuring an efficient work of the office. A competent secretary should be competent in a number of financial matters, as it is very often necessary to fill out financial documents and send them to other instances. Naturally, if you make mistakes, the person of the company suffers.

Thus, an intelligent leader himselfconsiders every candidate for the post of secretary. During the interview, he tries to understand how educated a person is, communicative and able to make decisions in extreme situations.

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