Rice with cabbage: recipes for every taste

When you hear from the chef a combination of the words "rice" and "cabbage", you realize that they offer something tasty. Recipes from similar products very much. The article will offer you a few of the most interesting and delicious dishes. You can add any ingredients to the recipe for rice with cabbage, creating both a meat dish and a lean vegetable. There are options with mussels and shrimp. Eat such dishes can people of different faiths and nationalities. Almost every culinary book in the world has a recipe for rice with cabbage.

White cabbage with rice

For this dish you need to take a small head of cabbage, long-grain rice (1 cup), onion and carrot, a couple of spoons of tomato paste or half a cup of juice, black pepper, and salt and spices are taken to taste. At the end you need to add a couple of sprigs of fresh parsley. Rice with cabbage according to the recipe should be eaten hot.

Getting started. Put chopped cabbage into a saucepan and put it on fire to simmer, pre-filled with a glass of water.Separately, boil rice until cooked, drain the water and set aside temporarily to the side, covering the container with a lid.

When the cabbage stops crunching, add onions and carrots browned in vegetable oil, put tomato or juice, add salt, pepper, spices to taste and stew for another 5 minutes, stirring all the ingredients thoroughly. Then lay out the rice and allow the dish to infuse for at least 15 minutes.rice with cabbage recipe

After extinguishing, turn off the heat, but do not immediately fill it. Add the parsley and cover with a lid so that the dish is saturated with the smell of spices.

Shrimp Dish

Such rice with cabbage according to the recipe becomes in a wok. First, chopped shallots and garlic are added to the vegetable oil heated on the stove. After extinguishing just 30 seconds, spread dry shrimp. Hold on the fire for 60 seconds, add thinly sliced ​​meat, sausage, mushrooms. Stirring all the time, extinguish all the ingredients for another minute. Everything is cooked over high heat. Meat does not need to be stewed to readiness, it will reach the desired condition in the process of further action.cabbage rice mince recipe

Cut the cabbage into large chunks and send it to the wok. Then pour all the soy sauce. White pepper and (if desired) any other spices are also added.When the cabbage is mixed and acquired a shade of soy sauce, then you need to remove the container from the heat.

Then rice with cabbage according to the recipe is cooked in a double boiler. First, washed rice is thrown into a container, filled with water and cooked until half cooked. Then add all the ingredients from the pan. Mixing ingredients is not necessary. Cover the lid and continue cooking. If rice requires more liquid, then you need to add. But keep in mind that the cabbage, too, will put some juice. Stir all ingredients before serving. Optionally, you can add herbs or salt. Be careful with the last component. Consider that soy sauce is also salty. So do not overdo it.

The recipe for lazy cabbage rolls with cabbage, rice

You will need: 400 g of pork, the same doctor's sausage, 1 head of white cabbage, onions, bell pepper, a glass of rice, tomatoes, salt and pepper to taste. The meat should be ground in minced meat. Finely cut the sausage into slices. Add vegetable oil to the pan. When it warms up, add the chopped onions, minced meat, sausage and bell pepper, cut into pieces. Excess oil needs to be drained and poured the ingredients into clean dishes.cabbage recipe with cabbage and rice

Next, cabbage, rice, and minced meat are cooked in a pair. For this you can use a special technique. In the container, washed rice, tomatoes, cut into slices or dried (also tasty), stewed ingredients, as well as salt and pepper are mixed. Then all the ingredients are placed in a double boiler and add a little water. Cook until done. When serving add greens.

Traditional cabbage rolls

Before you start cooking stuffed cabbage with a recipe with cabbage and rice, you need to buy food: meat for mince (pork) - 600 g, cabbage (broad-leaved and flat), onion, carrot, tomato or juice, spices and salt. The leaves are removed from the cabbage carefully so as not to tear. Thick central veins are cut off. Prepared leaves are immersed in boiling water for a couple of minutes so that they become softer. But do not digest them in any way.

Separately cooked mince and stew in a skillet with onions and carrots. This dressing is mixed with lightly cooked rice (10 minutes after boiling water), add salt and spices to taste. Then begins the process of wrapping envelopes.Lazy cabbage recipe with cabbage rice

The prepared mixture is placed with a spoon in the middle of the steamed cabbage leaf and wrapped in a tight envelope. All spread in a container in dense layers. Then stuffed cabbage poured water. You can add tomato juice.The container is placed on the fire or in the oven. Very tasty stuffed cabbage are obtained after the Russian oven. Salt and a spoonful of tomato are added to water (if no juice is poured). Cooked until tender. Tasty with sour cream.

Beef Recipe

In a frying pan in the heated butter we lower the beef, cut into pieces. You can use and stuffing. After excess liquid has come out, add chopped onion, salt and pepper. After a couple of minutes, add 1 spoon of tomato and pour 2 tbsp. l red wine, mix. Cover and simmer for another 5 minutes. Pour all in a clean bowl. And in a pan, put the rice, sliced ​​cabbage, salt, pepper and add the broth. With the lid closed, stew the contents for another 5 minutes. Then open the lid and wait 2 minutes for the liquid to evaporate a little.rice with cabbage recipe with photos

All the ingredients are poured out on a baking sheet, wound with foil and sent to the oven until the cereal is fully cooked (20-30 minutes). Serve cooked rice with cabbage according to the recipe described above, with finely chopped greens.


In the article, we introduced readers to simple rice and cabbage recipes, a photo of which is attached.You can add them in different ways, adding new ingredients as you like. In any case, the dish will turn out delicious, and most importantly - healthy. As can be seen from many recipes, making them is easy, and very quickly. Such dishes can be used in everyday life as well as cooked for a large company on the occasion of a celebration.

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