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The modern system turned everything upside downhead, and today progress not only opens great opportunities for humanity, but inevitably drives us to the limits of our own demands. Now the use of technical novelties has become not so much a whim, as a necessity. The need to stay in touch, have constant access to the Internet, geolocation is incredibly high. Without this, it becomes difficult for many to fit into the familiar framework of their environment.

Electronic devices can bring their ownowners have a lot of joyful emotions and work for their benefit. Given all this, the vast majority of those who are planning to buy a new gadget pay great attention to where to buy it, what quality it will be, and whether it is guaranteed, this is the very quality. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to find a trading platform that would meet the numerous requirements of potential customers. Nevertheless, the number of offline and online electronics stores is skyrocketing.

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Among the latter,resource "Doctor Techno." What are the advantages of using it? Why do so many people choose it? What is included in the range of products? How can I pay for the purchase? What additional services does Doctor Techo (an online store) have? The address of the office or representative office in Moscow? What do real buyers say about cooperation with the resource? The answers to all these and some other questions will be described in detail later in this article.

About company

There are a lot of electronics sellers today. Why should you prefer the "Doctor Techno" shop?

  • Prices are pleasantly surprised. The store does not have to pay for rent and utilities of numerous offices and provide salaries for a large number of staff. That's why margins there are always minimal, and you get the opportunity to save a lot on buying.
  • Save time and effort. You can make purchases without leaving your house without spending hours searching for the right model.
  • Professionalism of employees. The staff of the store consists of serious people, set up to work and striving to provide quality services to their customers.
  • Speed ​​of work. Delivery of goods will be carried out the next day after registration and payment of the order. There is no longer any need to wait for your purchase for weeks.
  • Quality of service. Buying in the store "Doctor Techno" phones, rest assured that you are ready to provide all the necessary certificates of quality, as well as provide after-sales support.

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Positive reviews

About the store "Doctor Techno" they say different things. However, the majority of consumers are satisfied with the excellent service, the operational efficiency of the staff, the lack of imposing additional services. Also pleases wide assortment which allows to satisfy desires and requirements of any, even the most tempted buyer.

Negative feedback

About the store "Doctor Techno", of course, leave andnegative feedback. What are they related to? As a rule, buyers remain unhappy with the fact that the equipment sometimes breaks down after a certain period of its use. However, as customers say, this happens even during the validity of the purchase guarantee, and the store staff readily responds to a request to help and repair the damaged device. Practice shows that all gadgets are fixed in the stated time and after that function well.

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What is included in the range of goods thatoffers its customers "Doctor Techno"? Smartphones of various brands (Apple, Lenovo, Asus, Blackview, Al Gee, Meise, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft and others), tablets ( Apple, Lenovo, Samsung and others), as well as various accessories (virtual reality glasses, adapters, cables, cases, bags, monopods, protective films, headsets, bumpers, batteries, gloves, replacement panels, docking stations, car holders, chargers and others). Such an assortment will not allow anyone to remain without a purchase.

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Payment Methods

Reviews about the store "Doctor Techno" report on several possible ways of paying for purchases. So, there are the following methods:

  • Cash. Cash is transferred to the courier at the time of delivery.
  • Cashless payments. A commission of 3% of the purchase amount is charged. This is a particularly convenient method of payment for legal entities. It is important only to indicate the desired method of depositing funds when placing an order. The manager will issue an invoice that can be paid in any branch of any bank within five days of its formation. If the buyer delays payment, the account will be canceled. The purchase will be delivered to you the next day after the receipt of payment.
  • Purchase on credit (interest is charged at a rate of 10% per year). You can register it directly on the website, without contacting the bank.

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Shop of mobile phones "Doctor Techno"cherishes its customers and does everything in order to win their loyalty. That is why the resource seeks to do everything necessary to correct the consequences of all unpleasant situations (finding a marriage, the need to exchange the model in a timely manner). The store does not try to find an opportunity to deceive the buyer, but, on the contrary, wants to go forward at every opportunity.

Shop of mobile phones "Doctor Techno"works on weekdays from ten to eighteen hours and on Saturdays from ten to fourteen. It is at this time you can directly contact the store staff for help.

The purchase of each unit of equipment guaranteesAvailability of service within one calendar year. During this time period, you can contact the store to have its employees correct any malfunction that has arisen. However, it is important to first familiarize yourself with the warranty service rules that are contained in the instructions for the purchased product. Also, it is mandatory to have a special ticket that is correctly filled at the time of purchase.

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There are several ways to deliver goods,which offers "Doctor Techno" (online store). Customer feedback confirms that the resource does everything to ensure that customers are comfortable using its services.

One way to transport purchasesis courier delivery. This method is no longer considered a whim of wealthy people. Now it is, rather, a vital necessity, which allows you to save your own time substantially. The staff of the courier service will contact you in order to specify the period and the exact place of delivery. This will help you feel most comfortable. All couriers are friendly, neat people who are professionals in their field.

Within the limits of Moscow delivery is carried out infor twenty-four hours. It is noteworthy that transportation through the territory of the Moscow region is carried out in a large number of settlements. The cost of such delivery will depend on the specific distance from the office to the destination.

Also you can evaluate all the advantages of one moreservices offered by Doctor Techno (online store). The reviews say that it is incredibly comfortable to pick up the goods yourself from the office of self-transportation. This will allow you to check the purchased gadget for efficiency, get professional advice, do not pay for the extra shipping.


The only office of samovyvoz, which hasshop "Doctor Techno" in Moscow, located at: Pyatnickoe highway, house 14. It is near the metro station "Volokolamskaya". It is there that customers should be contacted in case of any kind of misunderstanding, and also to pick up the goods you purchased.

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Choose an online store that would offerquality products and was famous at the same polite service, it is extremely difficult. However, this is the resource under consideration. As the reviews on the Dr. Techno store show, it is here that you will be able to discover an electronic device that will not only meet all your requirements, but will also work at a cost. The acquisition of a new smartphone will no longer provoke the appearance of a hole in the family budget.

Buy electronics at the most acceptablecost is better in the online store "Doctor Techno." Do not forget also about its other advantages, such as the ability to purchase equipment on credit, fast delivery (already the next day), an abundance of methods of payment for a purchase, a reliable guarantee and quality service. All this is appreciated by his regular customers in the "Doctor Techno" store. Take advantage of all the benefits of such cooperation.

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