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Jeans from America is always topicalclassics and style. The brand thing has a perfect appearance and emphasizes the figure. After washing, these jeans will not break. The one who once bought American jeans, will not be able to exchange them for the quality of another level.

What is Fashionsale?

Fashionsale is a group of people who think in onedirection and are professionals in the matter of wholesale and retail sales. Company Fashionsale for 10 years, organizes the sale of clothing in Russia. These are famous American brands for men and women. Fashionable and stylish things are sold at reasonable prices. The firm specializes in wholesale and retail sales, at the opening of stores throughout the country.

reviews about fashionsale

The company's activities are based on several principles that its employees have taken for themselves as rules and are strictly observed. These include the following:

  1. High quality and variety of assortment, it allows you to easily choose what is right for you.
  2. Fashionsale covers a variety of styles: classic, youth and trendy clothing.
  3. Personal approach to all partners in wholesale and retail.
  4. Service high-quality, eager to serve the client politely and quickly.
  5. The best brands of denim clothing at good prices in Russia.
  6. If it's jeans, then the best American brands. Fashionsale sells clothing brands that have passed the test of time and millions of customers. It offers reasonable prices, favorable conditions in wholesale. The main goal is to make real jeans really affordable for an ordinary client.

About the company

Supplies of clothing are carried out by Fashionsaledirectly from factories in North America and warehouses, where the well-known manufacturers are consolidated. Wholesale sales of brands are carried out taking into account their real value at the "right", not inflated prices. Quality control of products is carried out in several stages. All offered assortment is original models from the catalogs made in the USA for the American buyers. Wholesale sales are organized by the company for consumers of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

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The company helps partners not only to openshops, but also to think through, and also to embody ideas in life. These are entrepreneurs who want to stand out in the general mass of the clothes on the market. They give an opportunity to introduce to the consumer a high quality product line from Fashionsale. Businessmen who plan to receive profits from their stores, rather than compete with neighbors, are eager to cooperate with this company.


Models of clothing presented in the online storeon, are diverse. A huge selection of jeans, knitwear, top and sportswear, jackets, blousons, skirts, pants, sweaters, T-shirts, shirts, pullovers, sweaters, sweaters, accessories, belts, handbags. The company implements casual collections, "military". What brands would you like to purchase? The company can offer collections from American Eagle, Dkny, Antik denim, Levi's, NewYork & Company, Lee, Old Navy, Wrangler, ECKO, Banana republic and many other brands. clothes and accessories are not only popular, but also new, original brands.


A bit of the history of the company

Since the beginning of the work Fashionsale promotes wholesaleknown brands of denim and other clothing, making them more accessible to a wide range of consumers. Many brands that were previously unknown in the Russian Federation passed through the company. Fashionsale took part and received awards from a variety of exhibitions organized in Russia and abroad. In 2005, she became the leader among denim firms, and in 2006 - the winner of the "Jeans" fashion show of the international level. The company has never chased fashion trends, and sold clothes in bulk. Many businessmen, thanks to the support of Fashionsale, created their own business, opened stores with a brand assortment.

customer reviews of fashionsale

Advantages of Fashionsale for entrepreneurs

Purchase without competition in bulk from Moscowwarehouse of all size series or selectively without changing the value. Purchases of at least 30 thousand rubles. Affordable prices for wholesale. Possibility to place advertising on the official site In addition, the benefits of working with Fashionsale include:

  1. Discount of 4% at the beginning of cooperation.
  2. On the offered assortment it is recommended to set the mark-up from 100% (taking into account the location and popularity of the store).
  3. Fashionsale-Moscow is always favorable conditions for entrepreneurs. Implementation of free delivery to the capital when ordering from 30 thousand rubles.
  4. Receiving an order in 24 hours. Order can be issued at any time of day.
  5. Delivery to all regions of the Russian Federation, free of charge with the purchase of 100 items or more. Registration of remote procurement - on the site
  6. Grid dimensions expanded to 5XL. The dimensions are complete, have nothing to do with Asian youth.
  7. The opportunity to choose the wholesale price. With the increase in the volume of the purchase, the price of the commodity unit falls.
  8. The marriage can be exchanged within a month.

Customer Reviews of Fashionsale

Working with customers and customers in Fashionsalebased on an individual approach to each. Feature of service is the quality, speed and courtesy of managers. The company's employees are professionals working in the field of sales and wholesale for many years, constantly opening new retail outlets.

Reviews about Fashionsale from wholesalers and retailersconsumers are mostly positive. The buyer, especially in the outlets of Moscow, it is difficult to find the desired quality at an affordable price at retail. Mostly offer Turkish and Italian brands with a large mark-up, but the quality is not much better than Chinese ones. About Fashionsale they say that the price of jeans is like in the markets, and the quality is simply gorgeous.

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Buyers note from the company's employees suchpositive qualities, such as high professionalism, thorough knowledge of the goods, the ability to work out the sale for 100%. It is no accident that reviews about Fashionsale always contain words of gratitude to the company's consultants. People are attracted by attentive attitude towards wholesalers as full partners. Often customers are grateful for the clear work, timely delivery and careful preparation of documents. In addition, wholesale buyers value the company for a variety of models.


Mark consumers in addition to the merits andlimitations. Some reviews of Fashionsale indicate a rapid increase in wholesale prices (almost double). Not everyone believes that the company should be the main partner for the supply of models to the store. Many are inclined to believe that it should be only one of the suppliers to provide a diverse assortment.

Instead of concluding

In general, positive reviews of Fashionsale indicate a good potential of the company, professional work with wholesale customers and retail buyers in stores.

The company managed to stand out among other wholesalefirms, to occupy the niche in the market. Its peculiarity is a skillful combination of such positive aspects as personal approach to partners, excellent service and service, availability of a strong and high-quality product, a wide range of products, flexible prices. Fashionsale makes available quality clothes and jeans for the retail buyer.

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