Rest on the river Bityug in the Voronezh region

The Bityug River is located in the Voronezh Region, in the midst of beautiful landscapes spread out in endless open spaces. There are often townspeople fleeing from the hustle and bustle, coming to spend their weekends and get a little healthier.

Some tourists prefer to have a rest with a tent on the Bityug river, but most tourists prefer to stay at a well-equipped recreation center, where there are all conditions for more or less comfortable living.batyuzh river

Location and Summary

The recreation center on the Bityug River is located near the residential village of Anna Voronezhskaya in the midst of greenery of mighty and old oaks. This recreation center occupies a very large area - about 10 hectares, on which grows a huge number of uniquely beautiful plants and shrubs. The total area of ​​this place of rest is designed for the resettlement of 250 people. Its area is closed, it is guarded round the on the river Bütyug with a tent

Why you can visit this place

Base on the river Bityug (Voronezh), first of all, you need to visit for a good rest and recovery. Many come here to arrange a family holiday. Also this place is very fond of fishermen. It is rumored that the Bityug River is a reservoir in which a huge amount of fish lives. For such classes, guests come here at any time of the year. You can also visit the recreation center to collect mushrooms. Mushroom pickers claim that a huge number of them grow in local plantings.

As for the time of year, which is optimal for visiting the recreation center on the Bityug river in the Voronezh region, you can come here absolutely in any season. In the spring, nature is only beginning to bloom here, in summer it is a great place for fishing and swimming, in the fall the golden time for mushroom pickers begins, and in winter fishermen rest here.

On the territory of the base, everything is arranged in such a way that tourists are comfortable here at any time of the year. There are several VIP cabins in which vacationers will not freeze even during severe frosts.


Tourists who rest on the coast of Bityug have the opportunity to live in very comfortable conditions.The whole number fund of the recreation center is located in small houses and cottages, which are located at a certain distance from each other, which allows vacationers to feel comfortable even if noisy neighbors live nearby. All apartments are designed for a certain number of guests, except that they are divided into two categories, based on their level of comfort ("Economy" and "Suite").Bityug river of the Voronezh region


Economy class rooms are located in small wooden cottages, which are designed for the number of guests from 2 to 5 people. Each of them has the required number of beds, as well as a table and chairs. In these houses there are no individual bathrooms, so guests are forced to use the amenities that are located on the street. There are several houses of the class "Economy", which are two-story buildings. Each of them has a small balcony on which guests can on the river Bityug


Luxury apartments are designed for a larger number of guests - from 4 to 8 people. They are located in the cottages, which are located in a quiet place, some distance from the houses with numbers "Economy".

Guests staying in them are provided with the conditions of superior comfort, there are several rooms here, including an individual bathroom with a shower room. In addition, tourists here have the opportunity to use the kitchen, which is equipped with everything necessary for self-catering (dishes, electronics, oven). There is also a sleeping and living area. The cottages are equipped with modern furniture, as well as televisions with the ability to watch satellite channels.

In the cold season, such houses are heated, and in summer you can use air conditioning, with which you can create optimal temperature conditions.


One of the favorite activities of tourists who arrange rest on the Bityug river in the Voronezh region is fishing. Here all year round, even in winter time, a huge number of fans come to this class. Here, according to the fishermen themselves, a large number of individuals are found, with the most interesting species: rudd, ide, bream, crucian carp, tench and pike.

In order for this hobby to be the most effective, the administration of the complex recommends bringing with them the necessary equipment, since nobody rents it here.recreation center on the river Bityug


On the territory of the recreation center on the river Bityug there is a private dining room in which tourists can dine. Comprehensive food here costs 500 rubles per person. Many tourists prefer to use just such an offer, because, according to them, chefs can cook excellent dishes that can conquer the heart of any gourmet. Special attention is paid to the preferences of babies who rest on a base with their parents - individual dishes are regularly prepared for them.Bityug river Voronezh

Tourists can also engage in cooking on their own, from provisions brought with them. To do this, well-equipped cottages have a kitchen, and on the street - barbecues. Guests who are settled in the rooms of the category "Economy", in this case have only barbecue. A favorite pastime of many fishermen who rest here is cooking fresh, freshly caught fish on an open fire. According to many, there can be nothing better than soup with black pepper, which is made from fresh fish.

Vacation with children

The recreation center on the Bityug river is oriented, by and large, to rest with the whole family.There are conditions for living of representatives of different age categories. For younger guests, there are playgrounds and outdoor activities, in the dining room they regularly prepare special dishes.

As for entertainment, in the evenings there are shows designed for children. Often take part in them and adults. Here can spend the traditional day of Neptune, competitions of drawings on asphalt, as well as the day of the fisherman.


Guests of the recreation center, located on the banks of the Bityug River, also have the opportunity to have a lot of fun. Every evening there are noisy discos under the catchy music. Also for them are constantly organized various entertainment shows with competitions.

Fans of outdoor activities can play sports on the volleyball court, and there is also a billiard room, where everyone can also have fun. Bath lovers can visit the local steam room, which is designed for a maximum of 8 people.


The cost of living in the base "Bityug" is relatively low, especially considering the level of the conditions provided and the beauty of the surrounding nature.The price for a room is calculated from the level of its comfort and the number of guests for which it is designed. So, renting the smallest house with the conditions of the class "Economy" will cost 1200 rubles per day, and the most luxurious cottage of 120 sq.m. will cost 9000 rubles per day.

In this tourist area there are several types of additional features that are charged separately. First of all, it is a daily complex food, the cost of which is 500 rubles per person. In case there is a need to install an extra bed in the rooms, the price for it will be 200 rubles, and a set of removable bed linen will cost 350 rubles. It also provides the opportunity to rent pleasure boats, where you can go down by water - the cost of this service will be 100 rubles per hour.river bityug photo

Guest reviews

Tourists who rest here often share on social networks and on thematic sites their photos from the Bityug River, which reflect all the surrounding beauty. Also, they often leave comments about how the rest went and share their impressions.

Very often, guests in their reviews mention that the Bityug river is a truly unique natural object, around which there are extraordinary natural riches in the form of forests and plants. Fans of "quiet hunting", who came here after heavy rains, are amazed by the huge amount of mushrooms that grow in the forest area. As for fishermen, many of them often share with friends and familiar photos of their huge catches.

Tourists who prefer to relax with the whole family, note that Bityug is a place that is ideal for such purposes. Caring parents constantly notice that on the territory of the base they always attentively treat small guests, making their stay the most comfortable. The parents themselves, according to them, at a time when their children are having fun, do not waste time in vain - they can relax with them, taking part in some interesting entertainment program.

Guests of the recreation center also very often leave a lot of positive comments to the cooks who work in the local canteen. According to them, real culinary geniuses work in the kitchen, who are certainly able to feed tasty food, and, moreover, for a very reasonable fee - just 500 rubles a day per person.

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