Republic of Ireland: capital, sights

Ireland is located on most of the island of the same name. Having been dominated by Great Britain for seven centuries, it gained independence only in 1921, and in 1949 it began to be called the “Irish Republic”. Northern Ireland, with which it borders, however, is still part of the UK. What is she, the Republic of Ireland? What is its nature and attractions? Read the article below.

Ireland's climate and nature

Since Ireland is a country located on an island, the climate here is temperate maritime. It is comfortable enough for living and tourism. Winters are mild. The average temperature is + 7 ° С, and in the warm summer period - about + 20 ° С. True, the weather is very capricious. On the island a sunny day quickly turns into a rainy. Heavy rain can hit several times a day.Republic of IrelandThe Republic of Ireland is most suitable for visiting from July to September.Nature in the country is very diverse and beautiful. No wonder Ireland is called the “Emerald Isle”. Due to the mild climate, almost the entire surface of the earth is covered with greenery. The shores of the island are rocky, with a large number of picturesque bays. The surface of the island itself is a plain, not counting the Central Lowland, covered with peatlands and lakes.

Republic of Ireland: attractions

Ireland is an ancient country, so there is definitely something to look at. Medieval castles and wonders of nature will delight both adults and children. The capital of the Republic of Ireland is Dublin. That it is worth a visit first.republic of ireland sightsDublin is an ancient European city, which amazes tourists with streets, cathedrals and squares, which seemed to have come down from old postcards. St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin Castle, O'Connell Street will not leave a tourist indifferent.

Worth a visit and small towns near the capital. Visit also Cork with its cathedrals and fascinating museums, Waterford, glorious because it formed its real severe Vikings in the distant past. Donegal is famous for heartbreaking stories of a headless horseman.

If you are a lover of natural attractions, then go to the Bridges of giants, to the mounds of Newgrange, Naut, Daut and to the Aran Islands, where the ancient tribes left their mysterious trail.

Flag of the Republic of Ireland

Irish people love and respect the symbol of their state. The flag of this country because of the delicate colors many associate with the world. What does it symbolize? First, it is necessary to understand that the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are completely different states. Consequently, they have different flags. The flag of Ireland consists of three vertical bars of different colors. The delicate green color is a symbol of the 1970s republicanism. Orange represents the few supporters of King William III.flag of the republic of ireland

The colors on the national flag symbolize an attempt to reconcile the various participants in the struggle of the Republic of Ireland for independence. The white line in the middle is the strength of the truce of the two cultures.

Do not confuse the flag of Ireland with the flag of the State of Cote d'Ivoire, which consists of exactly the same vertical stripes of the same color. True, there is an orange band near the pole.By the way, before the modern flag of the Republic of Ireland used a green flag with the image of the harp.

Irish cuisine

Any tourist visiting the country for the first time wants to get to know her better, including through the national cuisine. The Republic of Ireland is famous for its simple and hearty cuisine, the basis of which are meat dishes. Getting to know it must begin with traditional beef stew.republic of northern irelandStewed lamb, potatoes, onions, spices will leave the most pleasant impression. Other popular dishes of national cuisine are stew (lamb breast), Gaelic steak with the addition of whiskey (another symbol of Ireland), double codel (stew of potatoes, bacon pieces and sausages).

Respected in Ireland and seafood. You can join the national culture by tasting young herring and red algae. Popular in the country are dishes from potatoes and cheese, which is added to almost every meal.

Entertainment in the country

The Republic of Ireland is a multi-faceted country where everyone can find entertainment for their own taste, corresponding to wealth. In any city in the country you will find museums and art galleries, night clubs and excellent restaurants.If you are looking for cultural support for the soul, then visit the State Concert Hall in Dublin. Here you can always listen to classical music. Street performances of dancers and actors can be seen almost every evening. For those who want to truly immerse themselves in the culture of Ireland, you must visit the pub.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Ireland has prepared a lot of surprises. The gulfs abound here with excellent places for water sports and fishing. Golf clubs and racecourses are another hallmark of this beautiful country. Tourists love and holidays, festivals, which is proud of Ireland. These are festivals of oysters, jazz, blues, theater. Tourists love St. Patrick's Day, which is celebrated on March 17 every year. This holiday will not leave you indifferent. After all, there is always noisy, fun and bright.

Travel Tips

Ireland is a safe country with a low crime rate. Despite this, you should not forget about security. After all, pickpockets are found in any country. Safe country and in terms of health. Special vaccinations for arrival here are not required. Irish people are kind and welcoming, but one should not forget about local traditions. For example, in a pub you should not give a tip, but the entertainment of drinking the people present is of the republic of irelandDo not talk to local people about religion, relations with the UK, do not smoke in public places, and nothing will spoil your vacation! You can settle in any hotel, and the stated "star" always corresponds to reality. Most often, the room rate includes breakfast buffet. Most hotels have their own pubs and free parking.

Ireland is a fantastically beautiful country, having visited it once, you will definitely want to return. The unique nature, antiquities and incredibly beautiful ocean are finding more and more admirers around the globe.

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