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Ivan Alekseevich Bunin - the famous Russianwriter, winner of the Nobel Prize. In his works he reflected the impoverishment of the Russian village after the revolutionary events (1905), the oblivion and loss of the moral foundations of people's lives. The author was one of the first to understand what changes are coming in Russia, how they will affect her society.

The brutal face of the Russian village draws in itsworks Bunin. "Village", whose theme "life and life of peasants after the abolition of serfdom" - a story about the fate of the two brothers. Each of them chose his own way of life. They were descendants of serfs. Here is a brief summary.

"Village". Bunin-acquaintance with the brothers Colorful

The time of the story is the end of the 19th century andthe beginning of the 20th. The main characters are two brothers, Kuzma and Tikhon, who were born and grew up in the village of Durnovka. Once they had a common cause - they were engaged in trade. Then there was a quarrel, and the ways of the brothers dispersed. Tikhon rented out an inn, opened a shop and a tavern. He bought up land and bread from the landlords for a pittance and soon became a fairly wealthy man. Rich, the merchant bought a manor house.

The second brother, Kuzma, went to work for hire. By nature, he was very different from his relative. Since childhood Kuzma gravitated toward reading and writing, reading books. He dreamed of becoming an educated person, he liked to take part in literary disputes. Gramotey dreamed of becoming a great writer and poet. Once he even took up writing and published a simple book of his creations. The work was not in demand. Kuzma did not have any money to further develop his writing career. For many years he spent in fruitless search of work. Life did not add up, and he washed it down.

Brothers again together

bunin village summary

After several years of long separation Tikhon decidedfind your brother. His life also can not be called happy. Wealth did not bring him joy. My wife was sick and gave birth only to dead girls. He had no one to leave his own big farm. He found consolation from the village bytovuha in a tavern. Tikhon began to sip quietly. At this time, he looks for his brother, and invites him to take over the management of the estate.

In a difficult time for Russia wrote his storyBunin "The Village". The summary can not convey the tragic fate of the former peasants who could not find themselves in a new post-revolutionary world.

Kuzma's life in Durnovka

Kuzma accepted Tikhon's invitation and movedto live in Durnovka. During the day he read the newspapers and took notes on everything that was happening around him. And at night he went with a rattle-he guarded the estate. Tikhon now appeared rarely. At first Kuzma liked such a quiet life.

But, soon he was seized with boredom by the fact that not withwho even had a word to say. The only living being in the house was the cook Avdotya. But she was always silent. And even when Kuzma fell ill, she went to sleep in the people's room, leaving him in a helpless state. We are not destined to understand the loneliness and abandonment of Kuzma, having read only a brief summary. "Village" Bunin shows us a deep image of a sympathetic but useless person.

bunin village theme

Tikhon "cares" about the fate of Avdotya

As soon as Kuzma recovered from the disease, he went to his brother. He accepted him in a friendly manner, but he showed no interest in his brother's life.

The fact is that Tikhon's thoughts were occupiedthe device of destiny cook Avdotya. Many years ago he had taken possession of it by force, thus disgracing the whole village. After that the girl got married, but her life did not ask. Her husband brutally beat her, most likely in revenge for her disgrace. When the tyrant died, Tikhon decided to help Avdotya marry again and identified Deniska as a disreputable and cruel muzhik, who even beat his own father. Thus, the master hoped to pacify his youthful sin.

All the futility and stupidity of this ridiculous idea can convey even a brief content. "Village" Bunin demonstrates to us the destruction of age-old moral principles in the post-revolutionary society.

Wedding Avdotya

Kuzma, hearing about the intentions of his brother, triedto dissuade Avdotya from this venture. She herself was not in a hurry to get married, but it was uncomfortable to refuse it. After all, Tikhon Ilyich has already incurred expenses. Nobody needed a wedding. Kuzma blessed the woman to the crown with tears. Avdotya sobbed bitterly, mourning her unenviable fate. Drunken guests at the wedding sang and danced. And outside the window, the February blizzard was howling and raging.

Here is a brief summary. "Village" Bunin IA written more than 100 years ago. Since then, much has changed in our lives. But moral values ​​remain the same. Therefore, the story does not lose its relevance in our days.

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