Ranks in CrossFire - how to get?

Virtually all modern shooters are introduceda certain system of ranks or titles that allows the player to achieve new heights in the game so that other gamers can notice it. Naturally, in each project such a system is implemented in different ways - sometimes this is a rather complex mechanism that is understandable only to developers, and players continue to speculate about how it functions, but sometimes it's all very clear. For example, as in the game "Crossfair", the developers of which never concealed the principle, according to which the ranks are being charged. However, there are still enough gamers who can not understand this system and understand it, so in this article you will learn all about how to rank ranks in CrossFire, what you need to do for this and so on.

Gaining experience

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In some games to get a new rank to youit is necessary to perform quite narrowly specialized tasks in terms of the number of hits to the head, killed opponents per round, and so on. But the ranks in "Crossfair" are calculated quite simply - from the experience that you get. The more you play and win, the more experience points you get. Accordingly, the higher the rank, so there is no need to think much about how the rank rises - everything is fairly transparent and does not require deep investigation. Well, now you know what the experience in this game is and how it affects your development - it's time to look directly at what kind of titles are in CrossFire.

Global titles

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It should be noted right away that the titles in "Crossfair"are divided into global and local - the first much smaller than the second. But do not rush - it's better to consider everything in order, then you will understand. So, there are only nineteen global titles in the game, and they mostly correspond to the real ones (except for the first rank of "salad") - these are already mentioned salads, rank and file, corporal, junior sergeant, sergeant, senior sergeant, foreman, lieutenant, lieutenant , a senior lieutenant, a captain, a major, a lieutenant colonel, a colonel, a major general, a lieutenant-general, a colonel-general, an army general and a marshal.

You get them through a fairly large gaptime for one reason. The thing is that they are followed by local titles, which will be discussed later. Thus, you do not need a cheat for ranks in "Crossfair" to move forward. As mentioned earlier, you will only need excellent performance in combat, as well as understanding a fairly simple system of ranks.

Local titles

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So, now you understand what constitutesglobal titles in the game "Crossfair", and you know that they are followed by local ones. But how can this be understood? In fact, everything is extremely simple - just take an example. If you got the rank of sergeant, then you have every right to expect that the next for you will be the rank of senior sergeant. But not in this game, since here the rank obtained has three more divisions, which differ only by the number next to the title of the rank. Thus, you will have to increase your sergeant's rank three times to get to the rank of senior sergeant. As you can see, it's far from the most complicated system, but you need to know about it, in order to understand why the path from sergeant to senior sergeant takes so much time.

Bonuses for titles

In many games, ranks are only badges thatDo not give you anything except information about the game level. But in "Crossfair" everything is quite different - almost every global rank brings certain bonuses. For example, when you become a private, you earn ten thousand game points, and when you are promoted to a corporal, you get a helmet. Naturally, for higher ranks, impressive bonuses are prepared, but they still have to grow up. Naturally, no one will give you three top trunks, which are present in the rank of captain, if you spent only a couple of hours in the game.

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