Pokemon Ash Coach Ash Ketchum and his Pokemon best friends

The legend of "Pokemon" is a long story about a man with a dream who lives in a fantasy world inhabited by unique creatures. This is an adventure story where fate confronts many people with different goals. Some of them help each other, but others - regularly fight with rivals, trying to achieve the set tasks by any means.

Ash Ketchum is the main character of "Pokemon". From ten years old a boy goes to the only goal in his life - to reach the title of Master. In order to win, Esh needs to overcome all sorts of difficulties, train the Pokemon hard and meet satellites. Ketchum went to a rain forest for an excursion and got lost. Frightened to tears, he hid in a hollow tree. He was joined by a group of local Pokemon. The little animals really liked the teenager. After that, he had a desire to become their coach.In the article we will talk a little about Ketchum and what Pokemon Ash has.

Appearance and character

At the beginning of the cartoon series, the boy appears before the audience in a white and blue jacket with gold trim and short sleeves, a black T-shirt, blue jeans with light cuffs, black and white sneakers with red dots, a cap with a symbolLand green gloves without fingers. In the following series, the outfit changed. Although the style remained the same - gloves, sneakers, jeans, T-shirt and cap.

As a personality, Ash Ketchum plays a positive role. He is a kind, determined and determined boy. In his travels, he helps companions and supports the encountered Pokemon. Ash seeks to prevent cruelty and does not like coaches, tormenting their creatures. For friends, Ketchum is a role model - kindhearted, honest, stubborn and sporty. In battles, the boy never changes his strategy, trying not to harm his own pokemon. His principle is that it is better to lose than to make a bad pupil.

Ketchum travels to different regions, meets companions: Iris, Dine, Tracy, Max, Serena, Misty and others, fights against opponents,gets experience and collects new Pokemon. All this he does to translate into reality his own dreams.

pokemon ash

Good coach

Deciding to engage in the preparation of Pokemon for the battles, Ash received from Professor Duma his first pet, electric Pikachu. His character was very similar to Ketchum. Pikachu did not carry out commands of the owner and did not obey. This made the guy even harder to work on training methods.

Ketchum is a good mentor. During the rest between workouts, he tried to make friends with his pet. And he did it. Seeing how the owner was seeking to ensure his safety, Pikachu answered Ash to reciprocate. From that moment on, they became best friends and constantly cared for each other. The animal really wanted to Ketchum received the title of Master. Therefore, he even secretly trained to improve his skills.

Ash did not seek to collect a huge collection of Pokemon. The boy considered each new animal as a close friend. He never forced the pet to serve him. It is for this reason that Ash pokemons are so numerous. The boy collected more than sixty different animals. Below we list the main ones.

Pokemon Ash: List

  • Pikachu;
  • Froaki;
  • Dodger;
  • Gudra;
  • Noivrn.

Here are the main pokemon Ash, which he used to travel and battles. Now we will tell about them in more detail.

pokemon ash list


Electric Pokemon, which became Ketchum's best friend. He is the leader of the Ash team. He is friendly, intelligent and curious. The most noticeable feature of Pikachu is the determination and desire to complete the work begun, even in the most difficult situations. Despite his stubbornness, the animal fulfills the orders of the boy in battle and, in very rare cases, leaves his side.

ash ketchum


This animal can manage water. Ash got it in Kalos after the hardest battle. Ketchum improved the creature to Greninja. Pet seems unfriendly and cruel. By nature, Froaki is a loner, but, like the other Ash pokemon, happily executes orders from the boy.

what pokemon is at ash


Flying animal The third pokemon that Ketchum found in Kalos. Pet has a strong will and sense of honor. Always protects loved ones from danger. Many Ash pokemons told Hoach about their good host. Therefore, the animal itself came to the tournament and voluntarily joined the Ketchum team.

Tackle is very collected, calm and serious. During the battle, he never loses hope of victory.Despite courage, the pet is shy and embarrassed in front of the audience. Also, Holucha does not like to lose his brothers in battles. The animal participated in both single and team competitions. His abilities were regularly improved and new ones appeared.

strongest pokemon ash


The fourth dragon pet caught by Ketchum in Kalos. Gudra is the strongest pokemon of Ash. When the boy's friends met this pet, he was calm, friendly and a little cowardly. But shyness did not prevent Guder from performing powerful attacks like “Waiting” and “Rain Dance”. Pokemon has durability and high physical activity.

Gudra hates being criticized or insulted. Against those who say bad words, Pokemon uses the “Rain Dance”. This forces foul language to apologize. Also, the animal was resourceful in the application of their own abilities. Gudra very competently used them to repel enemy attacks.

pokemon friends ash


One of the few pokemon Ash, hatched from the egg. Became the fifth pet of the Kalos region. Before turning into a flying dragon, Noavern was a tearful and inexperienced pilot. However, the animal really wanted to learn how to fly at a high level.Noiven loves Ketchum. After all, only the coach reassured him when the pet was crying.


Ashe's Pokemon, the list of which was presented above, loved Ketchum and carried out his orders. The guy answered them in return, guarded and persistently trained. Thanks to Ash's kindness, the pets also became friends. This made the Ketchum team strong in spirit. The animals bravely fought in tournaments and overcame troubles. In the course of the release of the seasons, all the boy's pets improved, mastered and gained new abilities.

In conclusion, it remains to note only one feature of the series. The fact is that the anime characters almost never get old. Although the 800 episodes have already been released, Ketchum is still 10 years old. The creators of the animated series explained this feature. According to them, Ash does not grow up because the main audience of Pokemon is teenagers. In the plot of the picture, the writers laid down a childhood dream, to which absolutely all travelers aspire. Cute, kind and unique creatures help them to achieve goals in the fantasy world. Perhaps that is why, after so many episodes, Pokemon, Ash's friends and the boy himself remain the same.After all, if they were growing up, they would strive to realize completely different tasks.

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