Plastic kitchen apron: review, installation features and reviews

Finishing an apron - one of the main stages of work in the kitchen. It is important not only to give the wall an aesthetic appearance, but also to make it functional to the maximum. We must not forget that the material used for finishing the apron in the working surface area and cooking should be selected taking into account the fact that the apron will have to be constantly washed and cleaned from accumulations of dirt, food residue trapped on it, fat and bloom .

Plastic kitchen apron

The kitchen apron from plastic perfectly is suitable for such purposes. Using such a “tool”, you not only modernize the interior, giving it new colors, but also make this zone more functional. Most buyers who have made such an acquisition, say that a plastic apron is easy to install with your own hands.

You can choose the picture at will and choose any of the available materials for production.With the help of a plastic kitchen apron, it is easy to decorate the surface, creating an imitation of masonry, apply any image by means of photo printing, and make the apron monochromatic, dull, and mother-of-pearl.

Kitchen aprons from plastic with a photo printing

Species variety of kitchen aprons

The apron is a canvas made of plastic lightweight material, attached to a portion of the wall in the area of ​​the working surface of the kitchen set. This coating performs a protective function, protecting the wall from the negative effects of temperature, accumulations of dirt and grease. In addition, the plastic kitchen apron acts as an independent element of the decor. It can be mounted not only in the "working area", but also at the stove, washing.

Plastic Kitchen Aprons Image Catalog

Aprons and their features

In the area of ​​the working surface often install an apron of a more dense material: ceramic tiles, marble, wood panel or refractory glass. But recently, kitchen plastic aprons with photo printing have been popularized. This option is an alternative to more expensive products: it costs much less, but in no way inferior in functional characteristics, reliably protecting the wall.

In total there are three types of plastic aprons, which differ in the material used for the production of products.

Plastic aprons image catalog

ABS lists

Consider ABS kitchen panels. Plastic aprons are made in the form of plates that are suitable for cutting. So from the ABS panel, you can cut an element of any shape. The use of such sheets mainly in the planning of photo printing. You can pick up plastic with an already printed image from the catalog or order kitchen aprons made of ABS plastic with an exclusive image selected by the client personally.

Kitchen aprons from plastic the price

PVC panels

This type of apron is sold with an already printed pattern. Often they are decorated with small ornaments or make monotonous. PVC panels with imitation of stones and natural minerals, wood, and mosaics are popular. There are several types of panels that differ in thickness.

Kitchen panels aprons from plastic

PVC lining

This type of material, like the previous one, is available in variations with different thicknesses. It is made with a monochromatic color or in unobtrusive pastel colors.

Kitchen panels aprons from plastic the price

When choosing ready or ordering a plastic kitchen apron, pay attention to the material.It must correspond not only to your personal preferences as a customer, but also to correspond to the technical characteristics.

Important! The thicker the plastic used to manufacture the apron, the higher its strength characteristics, resistance to temperature effects.

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic aprons

Today, a plastic apron is mounted on almost every modern kitchen. Buyers note that such popularity of the material is due to its positive characteristics, namely:

  • cost of material that is much cheaper than others;
  • ease of care: it will be enough to regularly wipe the plastic with a soft sponge;
  • resistant: this apron is not afraid of moisture, vapors, temperature drops;
  • no need for additional surface preparation when installing a plastic apron;
  • simplicity in installation;
  • a wide range, allowing you to choose any color;
  • the ability to create an individual design apron, by printing the selected personal image;
  • the image applied to the material is not amenable to fading and does not tarnish over time;
  • durability in use at the appropriate level of operation;
  • easy disassembly, characterized by simplicity of the process.

Despite a wide range of positive characteristics of a plastic apron, as noted by buyers, sometimes the disadvantages of such a product also appear. These include:

  1. Despite its high resistance to temperature, plastic still has flammability. Therefore, it is not recommended to install plastic trim elements near open sources of fire. Such negligence can cause a fire. Plastic ignition occurs in a few seconds, and complete melting in just 5 minutes. Burning plastic releases toxic compounds that are deadly to humans. Therefore, it is recommended to mount an apron with a minimum distance from the stove of at least 20 cm. In general, it is recommended to separate the gas stove from the wall with a metal cover.
  2. The market is filled with cheap and low-quality raw materials, the cost of which is lower than the average market prices for aprons, but the technical indicators are also low. Require a quality certificate before purchasing, because cheap panels even in free use emit toxic compounds that poison the body.
  3. The plastic apron is not shockproof.Large objects falling or colliding with a surface can leave small scratches on it, chips. Sometimes dents and cracks are formed, the pattern is deformed.
  4. In the process of exposure to abrasive substances plastic is deformed. Therefore, the use of household chemicals, which contains acetone, is not recommended. Wash plastic with a metal sponge also adversely affects the quality of the surface.

Kitchen aprons from ABS plastic

The plastic apron, naturally, has more positive features that prevail over the negative qualities. By caring for an apron properly and seriously considering the choice of material, you will be sure that you will always be neat and cozy in your kitchen. Plastic apron can be a bright point of emphasis kitchen in the house or apartment.

Price policy

Kitchen aprons from plastic, the price of which differs depending on the type of material, are becoming more and more popular today. It is a loyal pricing policy that makes this type of apron decoration preferable.

Kitchen panels aprons from plastic the price

The most expensive option - ABS panel. Differences in price for ABS sheets are also formed in the necessity of applying a personal pattern on plastic.Such an apron will cost 3000-5000 rubles, while the finished product from the catalog will cost on average up to 5000 rubles.

PVC-kitchen panels occupy an average position: plastic aprons, the price of which varies within 1,500 rubles.

PVC wall paneling is a budget option for finishing a kitchen apron. Such a panel will cost only 500 rubles.

Overview of plastic apron models

The market provides a variety of plastic kitchen aprons. The catalog of images selected by the latest innovations, we bring to your attention.

Kitchen panels aprons from plastic the price

It looks interesting apron, made in the style of mosaic. This decor perfectly emphasizes the style of the kitchen, regardless of the style of the interior. A wide range of mosaic panels allows you to choose any stylistic solution in any color scheme.

Kitchen panels aprons from plastic

Blue shades in combination with sea motives set up a calm mood. This finish goes well with marble, stainless, glass textures in the kitchen. Having picked up an apron in tone of a kitchen or having added bright accent, for example, in the kitchen executed in white color, you will want to spend in this room as much as possible.Blue color adjusts to harmony and gives peace and tranquility of the soul.

Kitchen aprons from ABS plastic

Such an apron can easily serve as a bright accent for a light pastel kitchen, a wooden or furniture set with a stainless facade. Abstractions, ethnic motifs, painting - all this is in the trend of 2017 in the world of interior design.

Plastic Kitchen Aprons Image Catalog

Floral motifs, as always, in trend. This kitchen has. In the relaxed and light atmosphere, which gives a floral apron, in the form of unobtrusive decor, it is nice to be there, drink coffee, make breakfast, lunch and dinner, and kitchen matters do not turn into a routine when the interior promotes good mood.

Kitchen aprons from plastic with a photo printing

Bright color scheme will serve as an expressive element of decor. The accent point in the interior is a screaming kitchen apron. Catchy colors have always attracted attention. For the kitchen, choose not aggressive, but at the same time bright colors, they will fill you with energy and motivate you to take action. So, the cooking process will become even more desirable and more interesting.

Kitchen aprons from plastic the price

Wooden apron for the kitchen looks extravagant and concise. Perfectly fit into the bachelor kitchen.

Reviews of plastic apron

As you already understood, a plastic apron for a wall located near the work surface area is a practical and irreplaceable product. So speak about the element of finishing customers who actively leave recommendations and reviews about the purchased goods on the Internet. Some say that sometimes, in the course of operation, the disadvantages of a plastic apron become more pronounced, but in general this idea of ​​finishing has been satisfactorily evaluated. It is inexpensive, profitable, beautiful. In general, cheap and cheerful.

Kitchen apron with photo printing is a modern solution for finishing the apron, which will serve as an exclusive addition for your kitchen.

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