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Taissa Farmiga is a young American-Ukrainian actress who became famous and popular after her appearance in the TV series American Horror Story, as well as in the full-length film This Dark World. These works brought the young beauty the first success, laying the necessary basis for her entire future career.
At the moment, Taissa Farmiga is considered one of the most promising actresses in the history of the American film industry. They predict a great future. That is why we decided today to talk about her life and work in more detail.

The early years, childhood and the family of Taissa Farmigi

The future star of American cinema was born in Whitehouse Station, located in New Jersey. This significant event took place on August 17, 1994. Thus, our today's heroine became the youngest child in a large and close-knit family of Ukrainian émigrés who moved to America as early as the eighties of the twentieth century.
The father of the future actress - Michael Farmiga - worked as a computer engineer. Mother - Love - worked as a teacher in a private school in New Jersey.In total, their family had seven children. However, this situation has never disturbed the Ukrainian couple. Peace and tranquility always reigned in their home. The children themselves looked after each other. That is why the Farmig family has always been very friendly.
Actress Taissa Farmiga - star of horror filmsActress Taissa Farmiga - star of horror films
The only thing that the parents insisted on was knowledge of Ukrainian culture and language. As noted in some sources, Taissa and her numerous brothers and sisters have repeatedly visited Ukraine. In addition, according to the actress herself, in the Ukrainian language, she and the other members of her family speak fluently.
As for her acting career, she started for Taissa at the very moment when her elder sister, Vera Farmiga, decided to become an actress. Because of the large difference in age, Taissa always knew her as one of the established Hollywood stars. She followed the course of her older sister's career, and also, crossing her fingers, prayed for her on that very day when the name of Vera was among the Oscar nominees.
Looking at how a sister’s career develops, our today's heroine began to think about the acting profession.However, for a long time, Taissa still did not take the creative craft seriously. She loved sports and snowboarding. In addition, the girl sometimes also thought about the profession of the model. Thus, the acting profession has always been for her something of a fallback. Taissa did not make her special rates. But at one point, her older sister intervened.

Career actress Taissa Farmigi, filmography

The thing is that in 2011, Vera Farmiga decided to try herself as a director. She thoroughly worked on the script, found the producers and selected the necessary actors. Lacked only one link - an actress who could fulfill the role of the main character in her youth. At this very moment, Vera turned her attention to her younger sister.
Taissa Farmiga - a message to fans
Taissa was perfect, however, despite this, the young beauty had long thought about whether to accept the offer. In the end, unable to withstand the pressure of the older sister, our today's heroine still gave up and yet appeared on the set. So was the acting debut of a young American-Ukrainian actress.
The painting "This dark world" (also known as - "Above the ground) came out on screens in 2011.The tape received quite high reviews from film critics, however, it didn’t cause the biggest stir among viewers. As a result, the film paid off at the box office, but still did not become a true masterpiece.
Despite this, Taissa never considered this acting experience unsuccessful. On the contrary, having played her first role, the girl decided to develop in this field and very soon went to acting classes and found a personal agent for herself. In parallel, she appeared at various contests and festivals, in which her elder sister’s film screenings took place. At the famous Sundance Film Festival, jury members praised the creative potential of the young actress. This view was supported by some well-known American journalists.
Stars of the American horror: Faith and Taissa Farmig / in English /
As a result, very soon Taissa Farmiga became quite famous in the world of cinema. Filming in the new and then still unknown series “American Horror Story” helped to consolidate its popularity. The premiere of the first episode took place in May of 2011 and aroused great interest among the audience.
As a result, the television project became a real hit, gathering a rich harvest from various awards and nominations. Because of this, Taissa Farmiga, who performed the role of one of the main characters in the first season, became a real celebrity. She gave interviews, starred for glossy magazines, and at the same time searched for new interesting roles for herself. And those were not long in coming.

Taissa Farmiga is currently

Taissa was shot frequently, and already in 2013, she managed to present the audience with several of her new tapes. During this period, the drama “Elite Society”, the melodrama “Middleton” and the thriller “Psychic 2: Labyrinths of Mind” appeared on the screens. In each of these films, the young beauty played the main roles, thus establishing herself as the self-sufficient star of Hollywood. She worked on the same site with such actors as Mark Strong, Brian Cox, Indira Varma and others.
Taissa Farmiga has not yet arranged her personal lifeTaissa Farmiga has not yet arranged her personal life
At the moment, the American media called the actress one of the most promising celebrities of the new wave. Directors throw it with new proposals.However, for the time being it is known for certain that Taissa Farmiga has given her consent to shoot only in one new tape - the James James crime drama, in which Mary-Louise Parker, the owner of two Golden Globes, will be her screen partner. In addition, according to rumors, the actress should also return to the series "American horror story." However, this information is not confirmed.

Personal life of Taissa Farmigi

Currently, the beauty does not bother with intrigues and novels. She devotes all her free time to work, and in rare moments of tranquility she prefers to go snowboarding and other active sports. In addition, the celebrity also loves traveling. However, to find time for a long trip is not always obtained.

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