Personal development factors

Since the formation of personality is a complex and multi-stage process, it is necessary to consider the factors of personal development from the perspective of each stage of a person’s personal development, starting with his conception, and ending with a great age. Although even in old age, a normal, civilized person strives for self-knowledge and for the improvement of his character. As you know, the ideal person has not yet been born and will not be born, so each of us has something to strive for, to have something to develop and improve.

Factors of personal development in childhood

Childhood is the age of a person, when he demands a special relationship to himself, requires the care of parents and relatives, educators in kindergarten and teachers in elementary school. According to psychologists, only that child will be a full-fledged person who receives enough love from parents, their attention and care. Experts say that the development of a child begins not from the moment he was born, but from the moment of his conception.What kind of environment a pregnant woman is in depends on her psychological and physical health. And this means that all positive and negative emotions of a woman are transmitted to the fetus.

If the expectant mother listens to classical music, goes to the theater and attends literary evenings, then her child is likely to become after the birth of art. Therefore, pregnant women absolutely can not watch movies with bloody scenes, horrors and more. Thus, the main factors of personal development are laid in the intrauterine development of man. Then, after birth, the child begins to develop physically; he develops skills related to performing simple operations - holding a spoon in his hand, crawling, walking, holding a toy, etc.

In kindergarten

Having gone to kindergarten, the child begins to develop spiritually. Although, of course, parents should not rely solely on teachers in kindergarten, but constantly work at home, developing positive traits of their child's character - kindness, decency, empathy, etc. If the parents do not pay enough attention to the child, then he closes himself.Often enough cases when psychological trauma in childhood leads to irreparable actions of an adult. Therefore, caring parents will never sort things out among themselves in the presence of a child, protect him from all sorts of negative emotions, etc. Thus, in childhood, the foundations are laid for the character of the personality, the foundation for its further development. At the same time, experts do not reject that the main factors in the development of a child’s personality are not only the environment in which he is educated, the quality of upbringing and education, but also his hereditary qualities. Moreover, in most cases, heredity is the factor that is almost impossible to influence.

Personality development in adolescence

  1. Part of the youth of a person takes place in school, and some - in a different educational institution. At this time, a person begins to more consciously relate to his actions, he begins to be interested in the political and social life of society, he delves into the economic development of both the state and our planet as a whole. Therefore, with full responsibility it can be stated that society, and first of all, the media, has a great influence on its development.Since social factors of personality development are characteristic of a more adult person, then, starting from his youth, a person can no longer live without the influence of public opinion on him.
  2. No less active influence on the man in adolescence and adolescence, the company of friends. It is in their small community that teens learn what they will never be taught at school or at home. Therefore, it is very important that at this age street education does not exceed home and school. After all, as a rule, on the street, a young man or girl is taught absolutely not what they urgently need in adult life - these are bad habits and bad expressions.
  3. In adolescence, a person can be greatly influenced by the first sexual experience, since from that time a teenager considers himself fully adult, but he still cannot appreciate all the complexities of adult life. It is extremely important that during adolescence parents should give a teenager maximum attention, be interested in his life, both at school and at home, and even more so, be interested in what he does in his free time. This will help parents, if necessary, to correct the situation,to exert an influence on the child that will contribute to the further development and formation of his personality in an appropriate way.

Adult development

The problem of the development of the personality of an adult is almost immense. It is so extensive that in a nutshell it is impossible to describe. But still, an adult who works in a work team should not only dwell on what he has achieved at a certain age in his career, but also contribute to his further growth. An adult already has his own family, in which he acts as an older person who can pass on the experience to his children. The main factors influencing the development of a person at this age are society, work collective, family relations. In varying degrees, these factors can either contribute to the further growth of a person as a person, or vice versa, inhibit growth.

Throughout a person’s life, his development is also influenced by internal factors, which include genetic and biological, as well as physical factors. For example, if a person is physically healthy, he has some experience in the sports field, he will strive to develop these qualities further in himself.But, almost every person is born healthy, and it depends on him, whether he will play sports or he has a certain craving for the humanities, and sports activities and exercises are not important to him at all.

What does it mean to be an individual?

Each person is an individual who cannot be like a completely second person, therefore nature created all people with their own unique features, figure, gait. If at any stage in the development of one’s character, skills and abilities, a person strives to be completely similar to another person, then it is no longer possible to call him a person. Many factors in the development of a person’s personality make us look like our parents, our teachers, or our colleagues.

But at the same time, if a person takes his, individual features from his parents, and learns from his colleagues how to perform this or that workflow correctly, he cannot become absolutely similar, both with a colleague and with parents. In what environment a person lives, to what social status he belongs, such he will have characteristic features that manifest themselves not only in behavior, but also lay their imprint on a person’s world view.Thus, an individual is formed - a person who has certain knowledge and skills, has certain experience and skills, has his own character and facial features.

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