"People in the swamp": a summary of the chapters

The most popular work of the author Ivan Melezh is the novel “People in the Swamp”. A summary of the structure of the text will allow you to understand the plot and issues of this work. The article will highlight the main points with a description of the main features, so that the reader has the right impression about this story.

First chapters

According to the novel “People in the Swamp”, the summary is divided into 3 parts: 5 chapters each in accordance with the original. The plot begins in the village of Kureni, which stands in the middle of the marshes. Due to this peculiarity, the residents are cut off from the outside world almost the whole year and are locked in their community.

A character named Basil set off for the first time for haymaking, and on the way he decided to overtake his neighbors named Chernushka. Because of the sudden movements, the supone broke, and therefore the whole idea failed. He stayed in the meadow with Anna and her younger brother Khvedka, his parents and neighbors went home. The second chapter describes the beauty of this girl and how all the guys paid attention to her.

people in the swamp summary

Love and hardship

A summary of "People in the swamp" will tell about the love of Vasily and Anna. When August came, they did not have time for love affairs, but continued to meet at night. The action took place near the house Chernushkov.

In the autumn, they continued to meet, and at one of those moments, three unknown people with weapons forced Basil to show the house of a local activist named Ahrem Gribka. The man did nothing, only frightened by the order of Ataman Maslak, and Basil was arrested the next day.

Anna worries about her boyfriend, loves her, but at the same time she feels hostility, as demonstrated in the fourth chapter of the first part. The girl wanted to talk to her friend, but she was not at home, and instead met with a company of youth. When spending time with them, Efim Glushak appeared - the son of the first rich man in the village. Between them there was a short skirmish. In the morning after that, Anna and Khadoska went to work to father Efim.

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The end of the first part

About the novel “People in the Swamp”, a brief content on “Bepelor” will tell you that after past events about how Anna worked for two days on the Glushakovs.Efim all this time looking at the girl, for which he received from his father, who made him go away. The young man did not give up and, if possible, decided to kiss Anna, but the heroine managed to escape.

Having received a refusal, he immediately began to care for Khadoska. She loved a pampered guy with a rich family, and he received everything he wanted for himself with the promises of a close marriage. Basil at this time was transferred to prison, where for him a simple sitting was incredibly painful. The sentry did not allow her to go to any work, and her mother, when she visited, told about Efim's attention to Anna.

A day later, the character was summoned to work, and soon Kostik Tail, a resident of Kureny, who worked in the city, vouched for him. Upon returning home, Vasily hears the voice of Anna, who is walking along with Yefim. Resentment with jealousy captivated his heart.

people in the swamp a summary of the chapters

The first chapters of the second part

According to the story "People in the swamp," a brief summary continues with a meeting of residents of Kureny near Nicanor. The main issue was draining the marshes, even though no one believed in it. Basil was only worried about taxes, but when Anna arrived, all thoughts turned in her direction.

The girl did not even look in the direction of the former lover.Thanks to convincing facts, the chairman of the executive committee decided to build a dam with the onset of spring. After the end of the council, Vasily waited for Anna, greeted him and received a nasty answer. They walked in silence until Yefim caught up with them.

In the second chapter of this part, Nicanor prepares the village for the construction of a dam. Christmas came, the children began to walk in the guests with songs in praise to God, the family came to him at that time. In the same period, a fight began in Kureni with the guys from Glinisch, who were not welcome here. One guy from the village was threatened with death from beatings, but everything worked out.

people in the swamp a summary

Continuation of the second part

The summary of “People in the swamp” in Belarusian and other languages ​​in the continuation of the second part will tell about the works of Nicanor. He began to gather people and quarreled with Vasily, since he had no time to build because of his business.

For the construction of the dam it took a long time to persuade the villagers to work, but the process moved. Nikanor first dug a ditch, and therefore was sent up to watch over the work. On the first day, during the holidays, people felt the strength in teamwork, and therefore they worked hard for two weeks.

The hayfield interrupted this work, and in August it was necessary to start harvesting. Fields notably ugly.Anna and Vasily worked with their parents on their land plots. Yefim watched the work of the girl and caught the moment when she went to the forest. On the way behind her, he was met by Hadoska, who reported a pregnancy from him with a tear-stained face. The guy replied that it could not have happened from him, and later promised to reduce her to the sorceress in the Glinischi. Anger at herself and the girl was burning inside him.

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The fourth, fifth chapter of the second part

A summary of the “People in the swamp” chapter by chapter in the Belarusian language will tell at the end of the second part about the new attempt of Yefim. He went after Anna to the forest, where he tried again to secure her location. For touch, he paid strong blows to the face. In the evening, everyone in the village talked about them.

The father began to ask his daughter about the connections with Yefim, but she denied everything. Vasily believed the rumors and called Anna, and she in retaliation told him that she had contacted Yefim voluntarily. The fifth chapter describes the war in the house of the Glushakovs, which ended with the promise of matchmakers to Anna's house. She saw them from the garden and went out into the yard.

It was possible to agree on a wedding in two weeks at the request of Yefim. At the next meeting of the girl with Vasily, there was a desire to reconcile, but she did not do this, because she felt like a stranger to him.He, in turn, was very worried about the wedding and promised himself to become an excellent host.

people in the swamp a summary of the chapters in Belarusian

Beginning of the third part

Summary of the chapters of the "People in the swamp" in the third part begins with preparations for the wedding in the family Chernushkov. They are looking for ways to make money for celebrations. At the fair in Yurovichy, trade did not work, and the sheep can be sold only thanks to the intervention of Efim and Larivon.

The rich bridegroom picks up the bride for dinner, then leads to the store, where he buys a new handkerchief as a gift. During the fitting near the mirror, the whole mood disappears with a quick glance at the passing Vasily.

At the beginning of the second chapter, the Glushakovs have problems with the redistribution of land. A new commission has been assembled to deal with this issue. Efim Khalimon’s father was in a bad mood for a meeting, and the people only outraged the question of extra land. They decided to start the redistribution the very next day. Vasily spoke at the meeting. This was supported by his own grandfather. He instructed that when separating allotments be no less attentive.

Third chapter four

A brief summary of the sections “People in the swamp” in the middle of the third part continues with the fact that Vasily decided to plow a piece of land on the Glushakovs' lands.At work, they saw him Larivon with Bunny. Then the mother came with dinner for him, and soon the whole rich family came to visit.

In a dispute, Efim raised his hand first, Stepan tried to distract his brother, but the fight had already begun and for a long time the residents could not get up between the strong guys. The next morning, Basil discovers a black cross on the door, and the family insists on caution.

Hadoska, in the meantime, had caught up with Yefim and wished him suffering in the next world such as she is experiencing now. At the same time, the girl promised not to come across to her eyes anymore. In the fourth chapter, Hadoska is tormented in order to tell everything to Anna, she is tormented by thoughts of suicide. Very soon, she begins to feel weakness in the body, the doctor called an urgent order to take the heroine to the hospital.

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End of story

In the fifth chapter of the third part of the novel “People in the Swamp”, a brief content in parts will tell about the run-up to the wedding. At the sight of Anna, father felt trouble. Efim as a ransom bride presented valuable gifts to parents. On the way to the church, the cart had to be pushed out of the swamp. For Anna, the moment of donning the rings became the most touching.

The first treats in the bride's house were over, the father handed over his gift with a sad look, and the bride was taken to the groom's house. At the Glushakovs' house, everyone felt an awkward feeling, and therefore were silent. Only Dubodel congratulated the first young people and ordered Anne to sit between him and Yefim, after a moment she obeyed. On the third day after the wedding revels, the mother-in-law ordered the girl to be fed pigs.

The two villages again agreed on the construction of the dam, and on Sunday a rally was organized. There Vasily met again with Yefim. On the way home, Nicanor and Honya are talking to the guy. The first speaks about the loss of Anna, and the answer, filled with sadness with pain, made everyone wonder.

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