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Pablo Picasso — 7 Tips for Living


1. To do, you must believe

Maybe the one who thinks he can. But the one who believes that he cannot cannot. This is an immutable, undeniable law.

Beliefs control the outcome of actions. If you think that you will not succeed, there is a large proportion of the likelihood that you will become nervous or even unconsciously make mistakes. On the other hand, if you think you can do something, your brain will start working in a different direction and look for solutions, rather than whimpering and complaining about life. As a result, solutions and opportunities will begin to appear from all sides, like mushrooms after rain.

2. Push the boundaries of your knowledge and skills.

I always do what I do not know how to learn it.

For development, you need to push yourself forward. It can be scary. The best advice I can give about this is to be present in the present moment as much as possible when you are doing something that you do not know how. This can seriously reduce possible negative experiences.And when in your mind and body there are no these feelings, it becomes easier to concentrate, achieve good results and eventually learn what you want.

3. Do not wait for inspiration, start

Inspiration exists, but it comes during work.

Yes, there is inspiration, but it should catch you at work. Do not waste a lot of time waiting for the "right" moment. If inspiration comes down - fine, create! But do not limit yourself to the duration of this magic component. Sometimes you have to force yourself to do work that does not imply special skills, and it is foolish to expect such support for this. Inspiration is like a spice, it needs very little, but it can change everything.

4. Act more and more

Set aside for tomorrow only what you do not want to complete until death. Action is the key to success.

Without action, any information is useless. This is a part of personal development that is often forgotten or ignored. Sometimes it may seem difficult to start acting, or that the “wrong” moment is now. But the habit of doing more can change a lot. This is the most effective means to achieve results.In the process of action, you will better know yourself, form your vision and learn the features of your industry in practice.

5. Ask the right questions.

Others saw what was and asked why. I saw what could have been, and asked why not.

Easily ask yourself the wrong questions. Questions whose answers will only confirm that you are incompetent, stupid and wrong. The questions that will sink you instead of exalting. Ask positive questions that open - and not close - the door of opportunity. In almost any situation, you can ask yourself: what is good about this experience? This is a quick way to change your mood and thoughts with a sense of gratitude.

6. Do not judge, and you will see the hidden beauty

If only it were possible to get rid of the brain and use only the eyes.

Live in the present moment - and you will less analyze, judge and bother the brain by putting labels up right and left. In the present moment, the familiar world becomes more unusual. You see more vitality and color in trees, nature, people. What often seems to be taken for granted and everyday becomes delightful and valuable.As if you are looking at the world with greater clarity.

7. It's not too late to enjoy life.

Youth has no age.

Do not allow public opinion to dictate to you what you can and what not, just because of your age. In most cases, age is just a mark in your brain. If you look at your life in a linear way, as if for a period of time, then it’s really late to change something. If you learn to be more present in the "now", most of these thoughts simply disappear. You understand that you are able to consciously choose and do what you want.

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