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Osteopractic in gynecology: how to restore femininity

Osteopractic - a method of atraumatic gentle correction of gynecological problems.

Almost every modern woman at least once in her life faced with various gynecological problems. And certainly everyone knows that some diseases are considered incurable, and that infertility can be detected even in a healthy, chaste woman. Endless examinations, taking various medications and surgical interventions do not guarantee the restoration of women's health. And pregnancy and childbirth are turning into a ordeal, the consequence of which are various injuries. The most common damage to the coccyx and sacrum. Unfortunately, these very injuries by traditional methods are not eliminated, which significantly impairs the woman’s quality of life and, in old age, in fact, leads to her disability.However, there are methods that allow correction of the pelvis and the coccyx, and thus eliminate the root cause of various gynecological diseases.


Gynecological problems - a reason to turn to osteopractic


Often patients do not understand the relationship of genital disorders with osteopathic correction, and even more so with the correction method of osteopractic. The holistic approach used by osteopaths allows us to consider the body as a system of interconnections, where the spine is directly connected with internal organs and other structures. That is why when identifying functional disorders in women, the state of the musculoskeletal system is of paramount attention. The main organs of the female reproductive system are located in the pelvic region, which is a system consisting of bony structures, diaphragm, complex of ligaments and muscles. Any change that occurs in this system has a direct impact on the functioning of the genitals. In addition, the state of the hormonal background is regulated by the pituitary gland, located in one of the brain regions.This means that the displacement of the bony structures of the skull or vertebral structures in the neck area is also related to the occurrence of female problems.


Causes of gynecological problems


From the point of view of osteopathy, the main causes of gynecological diseases and disorders of the genital area in women are:


Violations of the anatomical structure of the spine (displacement, dislocations resulting from injuries or congenital malformations, osteochondrosis).

The formation of adhesions due to the growth of connective tissue between the internal organs in the abdominal cavity. As a rule, it is a consequence of surgery (abortion, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, cesarean section, intrauterine devices).

Hormonal imbalance arising as a result of violation of the craniosacral rhythm.


Injuries sustained at birth or in older children, difficult childbirth, difficult working conditions and a hypodynamic lifestyle - these are factors that provoke a violation of the nervous regulation of the organs of the reproductive system in women. Due to the displacement of the vertebrae and pelvic bones, the nerve endings and canals coming from the spinal cord are clamped.This leads to poor circulation, congestion, lymph buildup, and fascia and muscle spasm. Gradually, the internal organs are displaced, provoking the appearance of associated diseases: varicose veins, hemorrhoids, dyspareunia, neuralgia, lymphomas.


The use of osteopractic gynecology - a chance to avoid infertility and operations


The high efficiency of osteopractic correction in the treatment of gynecological diseases is due to three postulates:

  • Careful diagnosis using special active and passive tests.
  • Monitoring the work of the whole organism, taking into account individual characteristics.
  • Use of soft targeted palpatory therapy.


Correction methods

Throughcraniosacral osteopathyrecovery of the nervous regulation of hormonal processes is achieved:

  • Normalized movement of cerebrospinal fluid in the meninges

  • Nutrient uptake is activated.

  • Recovery of decay products is restored through the removal of lymph.


Gentle manipulations on viscera:

  • Elasticity and mobility are returned to the ligaments and muscles.

  • Contribute to the elimination of fibrous formations

  • Normalize the activity of internal organs.

Improving peristalsis, the elimination of stagnation leads to increased blood circulation and slow inflammation. Due to this, it is possible to avoid surgery to eliminate adhesions or other neoplasms, which often cause infertility.

Structural engineeringpromote the restoration of mobility of a woman’s bone, vertebral and articular structures, which stimulates the elimination of spasms at the level of the spinal muscles, upper and lower extremities.


To learn osteopractic is to be able to give health


The cumulative use of all the necessary techniques and techniques, selected specifically in each individual case, ensures the effectiveness of therapy using osteopathic correction, soft manual therapy techniques, and the principles of Chinese traditional medicine.

The safety and the possibility of excluding the use of radical treatment methods for gynecological diseases justify the need to teach the basics of osteopathy of doctors and patients in order to improve the quality of life of women and improve their reproductive function.

The optimal training parameter is the combination of the presentation of the basics of classical traditional medicine with the teaching of the principles of the osteopathic approach and the obligatory familiarization with the current developments of foreign specialists for the treatment of diseases and disorders of various etiologies. Taking into account this parameter, a 3-stage training program was developed. The predominant aspects of training are mastering and staging an effective skill of palpation, perception, practicing the studied techniques in practice under the guidance of leading experts from Europe, England, USA, Russia.

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