Nokia 5130 XpressMusic: review of the model, specifications. Customer feedback on the model "Express Music Nokia 5130"

The basic set of delivery of the phone Nokia 5130XpressMusic »includes the following: phone, USB cable, stereo headset WH-102, user manual, microSD memory card 1GB, charger AC-3, battery for 1020mAh Li-Ion. "Nokia 5130" even today, despite its age, can serve as a good replacement for a pocket music player.

Manage the functionality, size and design of the phone

Nokia 5130

The brand colors of the XpressMusic line areRed and blue. The front panel of the Nokia 5130 phone is black with a glossy finish. The side edge is very bright and gives the device a certain charm. As for the back cover, it has a dark color. And the quality of assembly of the device does not cause any complaints: the creaking and backlash of the elements are completely absent. The speaker "Nokia 5130 XpressMusic" is made in the form of a decorative hole and does not attract attention. The weight of the phone is only 88 grams with a size of 107.5 × 46.7 × 14.8 mm. This makes it possible to hold it securely and comfortably in your hand without fear of dropping during a conversation. On the top side of the phone is a hole for the microSD card with a plastic cap. Nearby there is a connector for headphones (3 mm) and a charger (2 mm). On the left side of the device there are 3 buttons for controlling multimedia functions. The keys are illuminated with bright diodes. Manage them in the darkness is not difficult. On the right side there are keys for setting the speaker volume during a call. It seems that the designers of the phone for a long time thought over the convenient arrangement of control elements, so that users do not experience discomfort during operation. On the back of the device is the lens of the video camera, which is hidden behind a special circuit and will not be scratched during use.


Nokia 5130 xpressmusic

2-inch screen device «Nokia Express Music5130 "has a resolution of 240x320 pixels. It is capable of displaying up to 16 million colors. All the shades are bright and vivid, the camera resembles the module installed in the Nokia 7210. Tinted glass makes it easy to view all the information on the screen even in bright sunlight. In some situations, it also happens in another way. Direct sunlight can cause users to look for a good angle of the phone to view information, but this is rare, and it is not a serious problem. A total of 9 lines of text can be displayed on the screen at the same time, while the font looks beautiful enough. Users are given the opportunity to independently choose the size of letters.


nokia express music 5130

The buttons on the Nokia 5130 phone are plastic,convenient at the touch and located at the minimum distance. But this does not create problems when entering text. The glossy cover of the buttons makes them noticeable. The keys have a tight move, but this is not a disadvantage, because such an organization is popular with many users. Even white illumination looks beautiful both day and night, so there are no complaints. A large central navigation key is very convenient and is in an accessible location. The OK button is located at the center of this control.


firmware for Nokia 5130

Lithium-ion battery for 1020 mAh providesthe uninterrupted operation of the Nokia Express Music 5130 phone in standby mode for 290 hours. When talking, it lasts for 6 hours. For 3 days, the power of the battery will be enough in case of constant use of a music player and listening to tracks. The battery is charged up to a full level of about 2 hours.

Built-in memory, microSD card

themes for nokia 5130

The internal memory is 17 MB. It supports hot swapping of the microSD card, on which you can store musical compositions, as well as themes for Nokia 5130 and other information. The phone supports removable media up to 8GB.


2-megapixel camera "Nokia 5130"works fine, given the age of the model. Users are additionally offered the opportunity to make color changes to the received pictures. The firmware "Nokia 5130" opens a number of pre-installed filters to the owner. The music player is controlled by side keys and is understandable even for beginners.


nokia 5130 xpressmusic phone

Phone «Nokia 5130 XpressMusic» is activeis discussed by users, and now we'll see what the owners say about this model. Strengths of the device include: reliability, good sound, battery performance, design, light elements, which added keys, camera, support for any Java-games. It is noted that the housing is resistant to damage. The player is recognized as convenient, praised for the ability to work in the background. Users recognize the relative flexibility of the equalizer, which is enough to configure the device for a certain type of headphones. Side switches and central buttons are recognized as very comfortable. The screen is also mostly mentioned in a positive light. The keyboard is called moderately stiff and dense. A number of reviews emphasize that synchronization with a personal computer is very fast. It is noted that the autonomy of the device practically does not decrease with the passage of time. Some users, if you believe the reviews, managed to connect the device to the home theater, and at the same time the sound quality remains at an altitude. Among the shortcomings, as a rule, the lack of memory is called. Let's sum up. "Nokia 5130" is a mobile phone on the Series 40 platform in the classic case. The device is made of plastic. The control is carried out by means of the navigation key. There is one SIM card of the usual type. The weight of the device is 88 g and its dimensions are 47x108x15 mm. The diagonal of the screen is 2 inches. It supports 262.14 thousand colors and has a resolution of 320x240 pixels. The image density is 200 dots per inch. Supports 64-voice polyphony, as well as MP3 format. Preset 40 melodies. There is a vibration alert. The 2-megapixel camera is capable of creating images with a resolution of 1600x1200 pixels. A four-time digital Zoom is supported. You can record video at a rate of 15 frames per second with a maximum resolution of 176x144 pixels. The following formats are supported: 3GP, MP4, WMA, AAC, MP3. Also there is an FM radio and a voice recorder. Implemented Java-applications, as well as games. There is a 3.5 mm jack for headphones. Communication is carried out according to the GSM standard. Internet access is provided through GPRS and EDGE. Among the interfaces are available Bluetooth 2.0 and USB. The HTML and IMAP4 protocols are supported. The phone can be used as a modem. The device is easily synchronized with the computer. The phone has a single-core processor and 30 MB of internal memory. You can also use removable media to store information. The text in the SMS is entered with the dictionary. Supports MMS. Battery Li-Ion at 1020 mAh. The phone is capable to work 6 hours in a mode of conversation and 288 in expectation. Speakerphone is provided through the built-in speaker. The auto redial function is available. The mode of flight is provided.

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