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If the left arm is often numb, this conditionaccompanied by physical discomfort and emotional depression. Basically, the cause of this condition is the squeezing of the nerve endings and with a change in the position of the body. In case of muscle relaxation, numbness disappears. But in some cases, the left arm is numb for other reasons.

The most common causes of numbness

The state of discomfort can be caused bya long sitting with his hands tossed in the back of the chair. This position contributes to the transmission of blood vessels and nerve endings, which interferes with the normal blood flow of the limb.

Nemet left hand and because of prolonged wearing onshoulder of a heavy backpack or bag, and also because of wearing uncomfortable and cramped clothing. The limb can become numb when practicing sports, with hard work, when the hands need to be lifted above the level of the heart. In addition, the hands lose sensitivity and become cold in cold weather due to narrowing of blood vessels. Very often, the sedentary and sedentary lifestyle becomes the cause of numbness. Therefore, to improve the supply of blood vessels, try to walk more and do regular exercises.

Sometimes, in order for the numbness to pass,it is enough to change the position of the body and do some exercises to restore blood supply to the limbs. With an incorrect body posture, the hand not only loses sensitivity, but it can also become cold. For example, very often the left arm grows dumb, if you sleep on your stomach, putting your hand under you.

Diseases that cause numbness of the upper limbs

If the left arm is numb, this may indicatethe presence of a disease. In this situation, it is worthwhile to contact a specialist who will prescribe a medical examination. You will have to donate blood for sugar to determine if you have diabetes. X-rays are also prescribed to investigate the possible development of arthritis or if there is a suspicion of injury.

Cervical osteochondrosis is one of the diseases,at which the left arm grows numb, and the leg may also lose sensitivity. There is a lesion of the cervical disc of the spine, it causes the nerve clamp. Osteochondrosis can appear as a result of herniated disc of the spine or in connection with degenerative changes in the joint. The disease causes pain, which increases with the rotation of the neck, shoulders and arms movements.

Spondylosis of the cervical spine is characterized by sprouting of osteophytes along the edges of the spine. The pain at the same time concentrates in the occipital region and increases with the movement of the shoulders, arms and head.

Syndrome of stair muscle can also becomethe cause of numbness of the limb. With such a syndrome, the arteries under the collarbone and the lower roots of the brachial plexus are squeezed. At the same time, not only does the left arm grow numb, it becomes weak and partially loses sensitivity.

Various injuries of the brachial plexus: muscle ruptures, dislocations, sprains and other - often also cause numbness of the limbs, including the left arm.

Treatment of numbness

If the cause of discomfort is manifestationarthritis or osteochondrosis, then one must deal with the treatment of these diseases. Doctors usually prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, "Ibuprofen", "Diclofenac", etc. In some cases, the doctor prescribes a course of treatment with antidepressants. As an addition to treatment, it is worth doing morning exercises to prevent numbness in the limbs. For this you need every morning, stretching your arms up, unclench and compress your fingers. Exercise should be repeated at least 70-80 times. Then put your hands down and again continue to unclench and squeeze your fingers again as many times.

If you have neuralgia or sciatica, thenwill help grated fresh roots of horseradish, which should be applied to the affected area. Baths from young aspen bark are also effective for treating these diseases. Include in your diet ginger powder, which perfectly strengthens blood vessels and improves blood circulation.

But all of the above are options for helpyour body. To know exactly the cause of numbness of the hand, you need to turn to the neurologist. The doctor will give you an examination and, depending on the diagnosis, will prescribe the necessary treatment.

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