Mysterious Pyramids in China

Shrines of China

In China, there are many monuments of history and shrines of religious direction. And although access to them has long been open, the pyramids in China are still shrouded in mystery. It should be noted that there are about 16 such monuments, and many of these giants have not seen or heard anything about them.

Pyramids in ChinaThe government is hiding the pyramids

The pyramids in China were created for a long time, but they were only mentioned in 1912. This discovery was made by traders from Australia, who saw the mysterious objects resembling the Egyptian pyramids, but the size exceeded them. After such discoveries, great controversies on the part of science should have flared up, but the government of the country decided to hide the information about the existence of these monuments. Thus, they became the great mystery of the planet.

The oldest pyramids of the planet

Pyramids in Antarctica

Pyramids in China are located on the plains of Sichuan, with the height of these structures ranging from 25 meters to 100 meters. It should be noted that among them there is a higher one, while its height is about 300 meters. It is located in a valley where the Jia Lin River flows.This tetrahedron is called the Great White Pyramid. It should be noted that the pyramids in China have an older age, in contrast to the monuments of Egypt. And the pyramids in Antarctica are also much younger than the Chinese. During the construction process, a strange building material was used, but not stone, as usual, but clay and earth were used. This composition after careful tamping gradually turned into a material similar to concrete. After China began to disclose information about its discoveries, the government banned excavations near the White Pyramid, and the area that surrounds this structure is completely closed to all foreigners. The reason for all this, according to the Chinese government, is that all investigations will be passed on to the next generation. But another factor preventing the further existence of these pyramids is coniferous and fast-growing trees, which can destroy their destruction, and, accordingly, the next generation will have nothing to investigate. Chinese scientists have used sensor technology and found that the creation of pyramids carried out using a stepped architecture.It should be noted that the Chinese authorities hide the existence of the pyramids, while there are many different versions. The first version says about anomalous phenomena, and do not disturb the pyramids, the second reports that these pyramids were built by aliens, and they are used for the benefit of nanotechnology. But such versions have no reason for themselves.

Pyramids of ChinaThe riddle of the Chinese pyramids has not yet been solved

In this case, you can put forward a truthful and strong version that the pyramids of China have the graves of the great emperors of the country. This method of burial gives the possibility of exaltation after life. The form of the structure is built in such a way that it represents a wall-defense, both from real enemies and, probably, from spiritual ones. The mystery of the Chinese pyramids has not yet been solved.

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