Mushroom soup with potatoes: cooking recipes

Mushroom soup with potatoes is great for lunch. Tasty and fragrant mushrooms add to the soup of refinement. Having tried the dish once, you will surely become a fan of it. Moreover, it is prepared quite quickly and simply.

Mushroom Soups

Champignons are a great alternative to forest mushrooms, which rarely appear on our table. But champignons are available to customers at any time of the year and are always commercially available. Mushrooms have a wonderful aroma and taste. They are very easy to prepare, and therefore there are many recipes with their use. A special category consists of mushroom soups with potatoes. There are a lot of recipes. Soups are popular because they always turn out tasty and fragrant. It is about them that we want to talk.champignon soup with potatoes recipe

After all, there is nothing easier than to cook a wonderful soup with mushrooms. Mushrooms cook very quickly and, moreover, are completely safe for health.Mushroom soups can be cooked in chicken and meat broth, vegetables and just on the water. No less interesting option are cream soups, which are boiled in milk or cream.

A simple recipe for champignon soup

We offer to start experiments with soups with the simplest recipes. They are all worthy of attention and good in their own way. The recipe for champignon soup with potatoes is so easy that you do not need to have any skills to make it. This dish is perfect for lunch. In addition, it is fairly easy and dietary. If you prefer more rich options, you can add chicken or beef to the soup.

Ingredients: potatoes (330 g), mushrooms (530 g), one onion and carrot, a bunch of dill, salt, parsley and black pepper.

As you can see, we need the simplest products for cooking. We clean the potatoes, wash them and cut them into pieces, then send them to simmer over low heat. In the meantime, proceed to cooking zazharki. To do this, clean the onion and cut it into cubes, send it to fry over low heat in a frying pan. For cooking will need vegetable oil.Next, peel the carrot, grind it on a grater and send it to the pan. Stew the components for about five minutes, until the onions become a golden hue.champignon puree soup with potatoes

While the vegetables are fried, you can begin to prepare the mushrooms. Mushrooms clean, wash and cut into thin plates. It makes sense to pre-fry the mushrooms in vegetable oil. It is enough to process them within three to five minutes. After that, they can be sent to the potatoes in a saucepan. After a couple of minutes, you can add fried vegetables. Next, the soup must be cooked for fifteen minutes, adding salt and spices. As soon as the soup of champignons, potatoes, carrots and onions is ready, it can be poured into plates. The dish can be varied by adding fresh dill and parsley. In addition, sour cream or mayonnaise can be added to the soup.

Champignon and chicken soup

Soup from fresh champignons can be varied by adding chicken fillet. This dish also turns out very tasty and, moreover, more satisfying due to the use of meat. For cooking, we buy the simplest products: chicken fillet (580 g), champignons (430 g), carrots, onion, black pepper, some salt, small noodles (4 tbsp. L.) And tomato paste.

Cooking a classic mushroom soup is not at all difficult. To begin with, we wash the chicken fillet, cut it into pieces, pour it with cold water and bring to a boil. Next, prepare it for about forty minutes.fresh champignon soup

Mushrooms clean, wash and cut into thin plates. Also cut carrots and onions. Remove the meat from the pan and shift it to another dish. Put vegetables in broth and cook them until ready. Onions should be soft. The cooking process takes about twenty minutes. Then you can add tomato paste and fillet pieces. We cook the soup for another five minutes, then add the noodles and turn off the fire in a couple of minutes, remembering to salt and pepper the dish. Before you serve the soup on the table, it is better to give it a little brew.

Mushroom & Potato Soup

Cheese soup with mushrooms - an incredibly tasty dish that is worth trying. For its preparation, we take: fresh broth, champignons (230 g), potatoes (4 pcs.), Two curd cheeses, greens, onion and carrots.soup with mushrooms and potatoes and cheese

Delicious mushroom soup with potatoes and cheese is prepared no more difficult than the options considered. First, prepare the vegetables: peel and chop the potatoes and onions, grind carrots on a grater, cut the mushrooms into thin slices. Soup can be prepared both on the basis of water, and on broth.Pour water into a saucepan and put potatoes into it. Bring to a boil and cook for about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, we begin to fry onions and carrots in vegetable oil. Then add mushrooms to vegetables and cook another fifteen minutes.

Finished champignons with mushrooms are put into the pan, then just a few minutes before the end of cooking we add grated curds to the soup. Intensively stirring the dish, you need to achieve their dissolution. The ready dish must be seasoned with greens before serving. Such a recipe for champignon soup with cheese is definitely worth a try, as it allows you to cook a delicious dish with a delicate creamy taste.

Gentle champignon soup

In order to prepare a delicate soup of fresh champignons you will need: mushrooms (530 g), parsley root, carrots, celery, two spoons of sour cream and butter, a tablespoon of flour, spices, lemon juice.delicious champignon soup with potatoes

We clean roots and mushrooms, we prepare broth on their basis, having added an onion. Next, cut the mushrooms and put in butter, pour over it with lemon juice. Also add salt and a glass of broth. Boil the products for five minutes.Then rub the flour with butter, add a few spoons of broth. The resulting mixture should boil for about twenty minutes, then add the sauce in the broth. Add mushrooms and spices to the soup. We fill it with sour cream or lemon juice.

Mushroom and Rice Soup

You can also make a delicious mushroom soup with potatoes and rice. For its preparation, we take: mushrooms (1.1 kg), potatoes (3 pcs.), Onion, rice (3 tbsp. L.), Sour cream (3 tbsp. L.), A tablespoon of vegetable and butter, pepper and salt.

Peel the potatoes and cut into pieces, then cut the mushrooms, but not very finely. Products pour boiling water and boil for about twenty minutes over very low heat. Before using the rice, rinse thoroughly, then add to the soup and cook for fifteen minutes. Next, fill the dish with butter, adding salt and pepper, as well as sour cream or milk.

Champignon puree soup

In addition to the standard version, you can also prepare a mushroom soup with potatoes. To do this, take: potatoes (7 pcs.), Mushrooms (380 g), onion and rich cream (230 g). You will also need salt, water, herbs, butter.champignon soup recipe with cheese

Potatoes cut into cubes and put on the fire to cook. While vegetables are being cooked, drown butter in a pan and fry onions. Then add the sliced ​​mushrooms and continue to fry. If the mass starts to burn, then you can add potato broth.

Ready mushrooms and onions are sent to the pan with potatoes and continue to cook a lot, do not forget to stir. Now you can drain the broth, and beat the mass itself with a blender. If it seems to you too thick, then it can be broken broth to the consistency you need. Send the soup to the fire, add cream and bring to a boil with constant stirring. After that, turn off the dish, it is ready to eat. Soup served on the table, decorated with greens. Sometimes people add boiled shrimps, slices of paprika and other ingredients to such dishes before serving. But this is a matter of taste.

The basic recipe for mushroom-mashed potatoes soup with potatoes can be easily changed by adding individual ingredients.

Soup with mushrooms and buckwheat

No less interesting is the recipe for champignon soup with potatoes and buckwheat. For its preparation we take: mushrooms (480 g), potatoes (320 g), buckwheat (half a cup), clove of garlic, carrots, onion, tomato, seasoning,vegetable oil.

The soup turns out incredibly tasty, light and at the same time nutritious. Preparing the dish is very simple. Chopped onion and garlic fry in vegetable oil. Next, cut the carrots into cubes and also send to the pan. There we also add sliced ​​mushrooms. We clean the tomato from the skin and rub it on a grating, after which we shift it to the rest of the vegetables. Stew all the ingredients in a pan. Next, peel and chop the potatoes, fill it with water and send it to the fire. Ten minutes later, we put the washed buckwheat into the soup, and after another five minutes - all the vegetables. Then you can put your favorite spices and salt the dish. Cook soup until cooked. On the table the dish must be served with sour cream.

Experienced housewives recommend using dried marjoram, nutmeg, pepper and basil for the soup.

Mushroom and Meatball Soup

The recipe for champignon soup with potatoes and meatballs is prepared as easy as other soups. The dishes will need: minced meat (280 g), a liter of water, mushrooms (250 g), potatoes (4 pcs.), Onion, semolina (tablespoon), bay leaf, rice (2 tbsp. L.), Pepper, salt, vegetable oil.

Cut the champignons into plates, wash the rice thoroughly in water. Next, cook the meatballs by mixing the minced meat with semolina. Put a pot of water on the stove, bring it to a boil and throw meatballs into it. Cook them for about fifteen minutes, then put the mushrooms and rice. After ten minutes you can add potatoes.

While the soup is boiling, prepare the roast. To do this, chop the onion and fry it in vegetable oil, then add to the pan. You can also add your favorite spices to the soup. The dish should boil for another five minutes, after which the soup can be served on the table.

Hearty Mushroom Soup

To prepare a delicious soup, we need: rice (glass), mushrooms (340 g), potatoes (3 pcs.), Greens, spices, salt.classic champignon soup

Before starting the preparation, it is advisable to wash the rice in advance and pour it with water. Groats should brew a little. In the meantime, you can chop the mushrooms and potatoes. Champignons are best cut into thin slices. Next, fry them in a pan with greens. Parsley and dill give a very special taste to the dish if they are fried with mushrooms. Potatoes pour water and send to the stove to prepare.Five minutes later add rice, and later the greens with mushrooms. Ready soup can be served with a delicious sauce. It is made from greens, sour cream and garlic. To do this, mix two tablespoons of sour cream with chopped garlic and greens. Add the sauce to each plate and send it to the table.

Instead of an afterword

Mushroom and potato soup is one of the most popular soups. In addition, the most budget, given the cost of products. Most often it is prepared in the form of a lean version. This soup is useful not only for those who stick to a diet, but also during fasting. Onions, carrots and even parsley root can be used with mushrooms and potatoes to make a liquid dish. Very often parsley is used for dressing, though it masks the scent of the mushrooms themselves a little. But in general, it turns out very tasty. For a richer taste, vegetables can be browned (onions and carrots).

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