Mushroom places in the Yaroslavl region. Are there mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region?

South of the European part of Russia, namely YaroslavlThe area is very rich in a variety of mushrooms growing here. Many of their species are listed in the Red Book (steppe morel, mushroom-shaped champignon, brown-red umbrella). Naturally, the local population is interested in the main question - where and how to find mushroom sites in the Yaroslavl region.

mushroom places in the Yaroslavl region

Quiet hunting

"Quiet hunting" is a gathering of wild mushrooms, which makes this kind of active and useful recreation incredibly popular with local residents, but visiting visitors like to join this leisure.

Are there mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region? Residents of cities and surrounding villages respond to what is, and in large quantities. They spend a "quiet hunt" a lot of their time, which allows them to harvest from 10 to 30 kg per year per person. Collection of berries is equally popular, but in quantitative terms it is much inferior to fungi.

Mushroom places in the Yaroslavl region attractpeople of any age and generation. In this area, just an abundance of all their edible types: chanterelles, whites, honey agarics, boletus, mushrooms, champignons and others. Most often Yaroslavl collect them for their own consumption, but there are cases when the collection goes for industrial purposes, that is, for procurement bases and wholesale distributors.

In the Yaroslavl region a huge numberwild mushrooms, since the forests here occupy most of the terrain. Mushrooms in the forest, growing in this area, are highly ecological, which is important for the consumer.

mushrooms of the Yaroslavl region

Harvest season in Yaroslavl region

The fungi of the Yaroslavl region grow very rapidly and inlarge quantities, so from summer to deep autumn, their season lasts. Reds begin their active growth in July, and continue the season of white mushrooms. In the middle of July there are russules - one of the most common specimens of mass gathering and consumption. In coniferous and mixed forests in the second half of July there are mushrooms, as well as chanterelles and pigs, preferring to grow on forest edges and glades.

Edible mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region should be looked for in the forest in August. At this time, there is a peak in the yield of almost all of their species.

Popular places to collect

Not for one lover of "quiet hunting" is not a secret where the places of greatest growth of mushrooms, but for beginners you need to know how and where it is better to collect them.

43 kilometer

Are there mushrooms in the west of the Yaroslavl region? The answer from the local population is yes. The most common and fruitful is the route from the platform "43 km" to the west of the village of Mitropolie. If you follow in this direction, you can find deciduous forests rich in various mushrooms. The route is long, so you will have to drive along the highway or forest paths to the village itself, then you need to walk from it along the banks of the Vyaz River leading to the village of Eldigino. From here the forest road will lead you to the southeast to the village of Darino. Further the route will lead somewhere in 3 kilometers to the Zelenogradskaya platform. The length of this route is about 16 kilometers.

mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region 2014

Village of Sharapovo

These mushroom sites in the Yaroslavl region are localresidents call "rows". White mushrooms in those places are hidden in the swamp under the moss. These lands in August are also rich in wild raspberries. The route is as follows: from Yaroslavl station it is necessary to get to Sergiev Posad, then by bus to Sharapovo, get off at the "Cemetery" stop. Then go down to the lake and go around it on the left and continue your route to the forest.

76 km

The longest campaign for mushrooms in Yaroslavlregion is the road from the station "76 km". It is necessary to follow the route 5 kilometers to the Yaroslavl highway. It is best to get there on foot, admire the local beauty of nature, breathe in fresh air, but do not forget to look under the spruce. There are many Podišinoviks growing here. Then you should go to the shore of Lake Torbeevskoe. A pleasant surprise awaits here, you can swim in the pond, ride a catamaran or a water motorcycle, and have lunch. On the shoreline there are shashlik, cafes and restaurants. At night, you can comfortably stay in the hotel complex. Then you need to move north parallel to Yaroslavl highway. After 5 kilometers the highest and picturesque waterfall of the Moscow region - Gremyachom - will appear. There are a lot of mushrooms on this earth.

are there any mushrooms

Semhoz station

"Quiet hunting" can start right away, mushrooms hereset, they are located on both sides of the railway. Follow the route is necessary in the direction of the villages of Morozovo, Vysokovo, to the west - along forest trails to the village of Shapilovo.

Abramtzevo station

Near the villages of Okhtyrka and Zhuchki west of the platform in 4-5 kilometers you can find many mushroom places.

Kalistovo station

Mushroom places in the Yaroslavl region are located in theforests near the village of Artemovo west of the platform at 3-4 kilometers. The route to the East will also lead to mushroom glades - in the direction of the village of Golygino, as well as along the banks of the river Vori.

Ashukinskaya station

It is necessary to cross the rails and move to thedense forest. According to the local population, there is a diversity of the Podisinovites. With empty baskets, surely none of these places will return. A halt can be made on the bank of the river Vyazi. The water in it is crystal clear, so you can swim. Then you need to follow the route to the villages of Martankovo, Novovoronino.

Sofrino station

Move should be in the direction of 3-4 kilometers to the west in the direction of the village of Mitropolie.

Zelenogradskaya station

The route should be chosen towards the village of Darino west of the platform at 2 kilometers.

mushrooms false

Sokolskaya station

To get from the metro station "Schelkovskaya"bus number 349 to the final stop "Schelkovo-7". Then you can catch a passing car and go to the south-west. After passing a little, you need to get off and move in the same direction along the forest. This route can be made from the Yaroslavsky railway station. Take the train to the village of Monino or Fryazevo to Sokolovskaya. The trip takes 40 minutes. Then by bus or bus to the village of Krasnoznamensky, then walk 2 km north to the river Klyazma.

Pushkino station

This area is recognized as the most environmentally friendlydistrict of the Moscow region. On these lands, many forests. Local residents claim that there are a lot of mushrooms, especially russules and chanterelles. Everything depends only on perseverance and desire.

Station "Pravda"

Collect mushrooms you can go on both sides of the railway in 1-2 kilometers. To the west - towards the village Stepankovo, to the east - to the village of Nazarovo.

Considering the territorial location of the regionit is necessary to be very careful, since mushrooms are false in the south, poisonous in a larger amount than in the northern part of the country. Collecting forest delicacies is a very fascinating activity, but it is better if for the first steps in the "quiet hunt" an experienced person will help you in this matter.

mushrooms in the forest

Dangerous specimens

Very often when harvesting in this region there are poisonous, what are they different from edible ones?

The most dangerous fungi of the Yaroslavl region -pale toadstools. A distinctive feature of them is the ring under the bonnet and the thicker base of the leg. Any part of the pale toadstool contains toxins. The most dangerous are amanitine, phalloin, phalloidin, these substances are not affected by heat treatment and are well preserved during drying.

Memo for fans of "quiet hunting"

How often inexperienced people, neglecting the simplest rules of collecting and processing mushrooms, pay for it at a high price, sometimes with life.

Looking for mushrooms in the forest, you must strictlyobserve precautions when collecting them. It is noticed that lovers of collecting with experience approach to this issue much more responsible and behave more cautiously than novices.

Basic rules for collecting

The main rules of "quiet hunting" are concluded in observance of three main "never":

  1. Never collect false mushrooms that you do not know or doubt about them.

  2. Never collect old ripe specimens, they accumulate environmental toxins.

  3. Never collect mushrooms in the vicinity of the highway, railways, in the vicinity of contaminant plants.

edible mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region

Undoubtedly, for the local population it is a pleasure to collect mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region. 2014 was pleased with an excellent harvest of mushrooms. Residents of the region should now think about their conservation.

Gribnikov is often compared with sappers, who can not be mistaken. But they are even more responsible - they risk not only their own, but the health and lives of their loved ones.

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Mushroom places in the Yaroslavl region. Are there mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region Mushroom places in the Yaroslavl region. Are there mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region Mushroom places in the Yaroslavl region. Are there mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region Mushroom places in the Yaroslavl region. Are there mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region Mushroom places in the Yaroslavl region. Are there mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region Mushroom places in the Yaroslavl region. Are there mushrooms in the Yaroslavl region