Motobots FLY Maverik: features, reviews, prices

It is difficult to overestimate the role of good motorization. Experienced bikers do not skimp on spending solid amounts on quality protection of the back, neck, chest, legs. In hard races and at high speeds, a human life can depend on a helmet or boots in the literal sense.

Among the huge variety of professionalfootwear for enduro, motocross, BMX and ATVs deserves attention production of the new, but rapidly developing American brand "Fly Maverick". The company managed to prove itself well. A number of its fans are replenished and beginners, and real professionals.

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FLY Motobots, due to relatively lowprice, can afford many pilots, and each will choose the model that will satisfy his requirements in the best way. The manufacturer took care not only of the strong half of the motos, he paid attention to the girls-racers and teenagers with a smaller size of shoes.

Our review will be useful to those who are planning to purchase the Motobots FLY Maverik. Reviews, specifications, features of all popular models - all this you will find in our article.

Brand History

Sales of this company started in 1998. Among the first wave of the assortment were some details of sports moto equipment, over time the list only expanded. In the current catalog "Fly Maverick" for 2017, you can count about 85,000 varieties of goods, including shoes, clothing, helmets, accessories.

It is worth mentioning the personnel policy of the company. The absolute majority of employees know about motorcycle races not by hearsay and are themselves amateurs to drive. Therefore, they not only know how to distinguish the main thing, designing and creating the next model of equipment, but also personally participate in presale product testing. Motors of FLY are no exception. Before the model gets into mass production, it is, as they say, run by the manufacturer himself.

Currently, the company produces 4 differentmodel. They are created in a single concept, but each of them is different from the others. To choose your ideal pair, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the entire model range.

The FLY Motors are periodically upgraded, and twopairs of one model of different years of release may differ from each other. But global changes should not be expected. The company's price policy is aimed at avoiding a rise in price, which means that the prime cost should remain at the same level. Modernization mainly concerns design, increase of durability of a sole and reliability of knots, improvement of waterproof and ventilating properties, increase in a dimensional range.

Main Features of All Motors of FLY

The footwear of this brand is recognized as one of the best inworld. For production, high-quality cast plastic, natural rubber and leather are used. Bots are available in different colors. We can note the following features that are typical for all brand products:

  • reinforced toe;
  • cast pad and steel layer on the front;
  • reinforced panels on the sides;
  • the possibility of replacing the fasteners (and in some models also the soles, inserts and insole);
  • anti-slip sole with flexible arch support;
  • corrugated cuffs, firmly covering the lower leg;
  • removable orthopedic insoles;
  • reliable fasteners-fastektsy with a special mechanism to prevent the belt from coming out of the groove even when it breaks;
  • inner plate for ankle protection.

Motobots FLY Racing Maverik MX

This model was published in 2012. The shoe is fixed on the foot, absolutely exactly repeating all the anatomical curves. Inside the rubber sole is a steel rod that provides protection to the foot.

The height of the back line is 38 cm. These are the highest motorbikes FLY Maverik.

motorbikes fly maverik reviews

Reviews about the model are contradictory. While most racers note numerous pluses, some complain about the inconvenience of walking. Legs preyut and quickly begin to sweat. However, during the ride this does not happen. In rainy weather, shoes can flow, but thanks to a high, dead bootleg, dirt does not get into the boot.

Unequivocal approval was given to the option that allows you to replace the lock, insole and sole as wear and tear. Legs do not heat up from the exhaust pipes due to the overlays.

If you like this model, prepare to part with about ten thousand rubles. Boots weight 3450 g.

Model FLY Racing Maverik ATV

These shoes are lower than the previous one by a whole decimeter. Motors of FLY Racing Maverik ATV will like not only motorcyclists, but also fans of four-wheeled off-road vehicles, which can easily be guessed by the abbreviation ATV in the title. Of the features worth noting 3 simple but reliable locks, thick rubber sole, reinforced ankle protection, performance in a purely black color and a lower price. For this model, the dealer will ask about 8,000 rubles.


Motobots FLY Racing Maverik MX F4

The manufacturer took into account testers' reviews andperfected the first model of the ruler. Externally, the MX and MX F4 bots are similar, but the second version has many problems that the pioneers had to face. Downpour and a short ride on fords they do not care, there will be no leaks. The pilot who has gotten off the saddle will not feel any discomfort either, he will not have to sweat his feet. Burns from overheated pipes are not terrible.

motobots fly racing maverik

It is noteworthy that this model is produced inseveral size options, taking into account not only the length, but also the completeness of the foot. The size of the quantity depends on the magnitude of the fasteks, they can be 4, 3 or 2. The heel, ankle and tibia are protected in the best traditions of the company.

On the shelves, these bots appeared in 2015. The price was 8,700 rubles. The buyer can choose not only the right size, but also the color performance.

FLY Racing Maverik MX MINI - mini format shoes

This model is designed specifically fora growing generation of fans of enduro and motocross. It is available in sizes up to 32nd. Motors of FLY Racing Maverik MX MINI have a small height (only 2 fasteners), fireproof inserts and laconic design, which combines inserts of natural black leather and black plastic.

motorbikes fly racing maverik mx

Such bots will cost 8 400 rubles. But the future fan of extreme sports needs to be accustomed to spending on decent equipment from childhood, is not it? And the safety of the child for any coach and parent is simply priceless. Testimonials indicate that these bots are worth their money.

What to look for when buying

Motobots FLY, as well as any special shoes formotocross, quad bikes and enduro, are primarily designed for driving, not for walking. You need to choose a model end-to-end. But too tight shoes should not be. Do not expect that when you wear a motorbike, "Fly" will disperse. This shoe should sit tightly on the leg, but squeezing the vessels can do a disservice.

Never draw conclusions by trying onbuttoned up boot. Be sure to close all the locks, adjust the leg, squat and sit on your toes. Professionals recommend the first couple to buy in a stationary store, taking advantage of the possibility of fitting. In the future, you can save by ordering shoes on the Internet.

Most reviews indicate that the motorbikes from this manufacturer fully justify their average price.

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