Mosaic in the bathroom: photos and design ideas

For those people who have ever done repairs in the bathroom, the concept of mosaic decoration is familiar. This is an excellent facing material that not only looks beautiful, but it is also very practical. Mosaic is perfect for rooms with high humidity, because it is able to protect walls from moisture. At the same time you will be able to develop a brilliant design solution and bring it to life without much effort.

Material classification

It is considered that all designs in the bathroom are faced with ceramic tiles. But if you want to make some changes, you can resort to using a mosaic that will perfectly decorate the room and give the bathroom a special zest. Mosaic for the bathroom can be of two types:

  1. Traditional ceramic option. It is suitable for the device and finish a flat surface Usually it is such a tile that is chosen for the bathroom.Recently, quite an interesting option, which is used by many in the repair, is the combination of tile and mosaic elements.
  2. Ready option. Such material is not sold on separate plates, but in whole modules. It consists of parts that are glued on a flexible base. With this material you can decorate any interior items, as well as hard-to-reach areas of the walls. The material is recognized as the best, in quality characteristics it surpasses the usual tiled masonry.
mosaic design

If we talk about the diversity of forms, the mosaic tile in the bath is divided into the following types:

  1. Round.
  2. Oval.
  3. Square and rhombic.
  4. Rectangular.

If we talk about size, then there are usually widely used square shapes with dimensions of 10 x 10 mm, 20 x 20 mm, and so on. The smaller the mosaic in the bathroom (photos are presented in the article), the better the image will be transferred.

mosaic tile for bathroom

Small tile forms a fairly clear image. This finishing option gives the room an original and unique look.


Today, the mosaic is used in many styles of interiors, but more often it can be seen in the classical style. Mosaic is perfect for finishing various columns, niches, arches and other decorative elements.If you want to give a certain streamlining of surfaces and smooth corners, then you need to create smooth lines with the help of this material. The main advantages of the mosaic are:

  1. Aesthetics. Thanks to the use of mosaic you can embody any ideas for decorating the bathroom.
  2. Protection. Mosaic prevents the penetration of moisture into the walls. In addition, she "calmly" responds to cleaning with detergents.
  3. Practicality. When you coat a surface with a mosaic, you get a strong, durable and wear-resistant surface. Even small elements made with mosaic can correct the deficiencies of the room.
mosaic bath design

Bath in a mosaic of glass

This is one of the most popular types of finishes. The glass material is waterproof and can be used for rooms where there is a high level of humidity. Most often it is used for finishing pools, baths and showers for general use.

bath mosaic picture

Thanks to a wide range of mosaics can be chosen for any bathroom interior. It looks great and will be durable in operation. After all, glass undergoes heat treatment during preparation and is distinguished by increased strength.Such a mosaic will perfectly transfer various temperature drops, as well as resist mechanical damage. Lifetime is unlimited and maintenance is fairly simple. The range of this material is represented by different textures, levels of transparency, as well as color solutions.

From smalt

A bath in a mosaic of smalt is a manual version of the mosaic, which is intended for drawing up a panel. This material is formed by pressing small particles of densely colored glass with the addition of oxides. The advantages of the material include saturation of shades, high strength, durability, resistance to detergents and the effect of luminescence from the inside. In addition, smalt is usually used for lining the floor, bath and washbasin. And all because it is characterized by increased resistance to abrasion. As disadvantages, it is possible to note the unevenness of the elements, the presence of stabbed edges and the complexity of the installation. The smalt mosaic is very expensive, it is an attribute of expensive interiors.

Ceramic option

This is a natural material that is used to repair toilets.Perfectly tolerates temperature extremes, high humidity, has good wear resistance and resistance to chemical environments. Thanks to a wide range you can choose finishing materials of various textures and a wide range of colors.

bath design

Natural stone for mosaic

This moisture-resistant and durable material that is popular for finishing in the bathroom. Marble and many other materials are used, which are distinguished by easy processing during production.

mosaic photo

The stone is polished, polished and given the desired shape. Thus, you can create an exclusive interior, and if you use the material for laying the floor, you will also get a massage effect.


This is a budget option that is not inferior in quality characteristics to natural materials. The plastic coating is resistant to damage and moisture, can not cause allergies, and it is also quite wear-resistant. There are many shades and textures that are not very expensive, while still easily mounted.

Other materials

This may include porcelain, wood mosaic and much more, but these materials are used in the decoration of bathrooms rarely.

Mirror tile is a rather original variant, which will visually smooth out the uneven surface of the walls, expand and brighten the space.

Bath in a mosaic of metal. It is made of steel or brass, which are mounted on rubber or plastic. The mosaic looks interesting, but for the bathroom the use is rather limited due to possible corrosion.

Some ways to create an interior

At present, quite interesting ways to use this material can be noted. It is perfect for finishing absolutely any designs. You can lay out a mosaic room partially or completely, you can make inserts, focus on bright details, as well as create unique compositions. For small rooms, it is best to choose a mosaic and tile in a single color scheme, but with different textures. In addition, fragments can be made from shades that will create a smooth transition from light to dark color. Thus, the bath in a mosaic will get a harmonious look.

photo design

But there are two basic finishing technologies that are widely used:

  1. If the budget allows you to purchase a large amount of material, then it is worth decorating the entire room with mosaics.
  2. Interior options with a combination, in the form of partial decoration of the walls to a certain level, as well as the use of tiles to decorate the room in different functional areas.

With the help of the combined option, you can easily divide the room into functional zones, as well as make the interior both original and unique. In this case, you can mosaicate:

  1. Screen under the bath. It happens both monophonic, and laid out by various patterns.
  2. Mirror frame. There is better to use contrasting shades that will be combined with the color of the walls.
  3. Apron for any zone. This may be the space between the sink and mirror, as well as part of the sink to the ceiling.
  4. Niches in the bathroom or built-in shelves.
  5. Window hole. You will be able to frame the structure around the perimeter, as well as with the help of mosaic finishing of slopes. This will increase the window opening visually and the design of the mosaic bath (there is a photo of examples in our article) will become exclusive.
  6. Finishing floors with pieces.You can alternate a tile in the form of a chessboard, as well as framing it from different sides.
  7. Zoning premises. Mosaic bath design (see photo below) is always a very interesting design solution.
  8. Facing various designs of complex shape. These include columns, arches, partitions and more.
bath mosaic photo design


So, we found out the features of the bathroom mosaic and considered the options for using the material. As you can see, with the help of this material, you can significantly decorate and change the design of the room, as well as make the appearance of the bathroom more original.

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