Mikhail Shirvindt: biography in the shadow of his father

In the understanding of many people, Mikhail Shirvindt,whose biography abounds with all sorts of successes, remains only the shadow of his eminent father. The desire to repeat his father's way would be normal for a young man, but the circumstances were different.

In the theatrical family

Now Michael allows you to call yourself unsuccessfultheatrical. Once when he entered the Shchukin school he believed that he could do it again. So said himself Michael Shirvindt - biography, family and evaluation of observers of his career later it will be confirmed. The gift of the boy really was.

The talent and love of Mikhail's theater remainedindisputable, and in favor of this fact speak from the work book. His first job was as a loader and a fitter of decorations. Even without a theatrical specialty in the status of a simple worker, he still remained in art. Moreover, the authority of his father allowed Shirvindt Jr. to get acquainted with eminent people in the theater, even in his youth. In his biography, friendship with Andrei Mironov is marked by an amusing episode.

Once, right at the play, the actor was readypounce with his fists on Michael for a stupid and funny thing. But later the men will make friends and become cronies, Andrei Mironov will accept from Shirvindt an offer to become a godfather for his son. Soon, with the theatrical education Shirvindt Junior falls into the disposal of the legendary Arkady Raikin in the "Satyricon".Mikhail Shirvindt biography
To the surprise of his friends, Mikhail Shirvindt, whose biography points to great opportunities in a theatrical career, easily leaves his own stage voluntarily.

Leaving the stage

At some point the actor's bread no longer attractedhim, and the guy directed his efforts to television. Mikhail did not submit to the big stage. Guessing about the reasons for such a failure is not necessary, Shirvindt Jr. himself clearly understood and explained why he left the theater for television. It's all about his personal independence and freedom-loving nature, Michael Shirvindt is endowed with such qualities. Biography, personal life and the track record of this man do not allow at least to present him in undisputed submission.

In the acting profession, a born rebel would have to follow unconditionally the directions of the directors. And for a long time to bear this attitude to himself, he simply could not.Shirvindt Mikhail biography


The rebellious independent character of the futureTV presenter and actor appeared in his youth. For a schoolboy named Shirvindt Mikhail, the biography began without much success in training and behavior. Later on a student's bench, the guy nurtures the idea of ​​the most iconic act in his life. At age 18 with accomplices, he decides to remove the Soviet flag from the roof at an architectural university (perhaps this choice of the object is related to the profession of mother Natalia Belousova, who worked as an architect). Later, the TV presenter will evaluate the idea as stupidity.

The act eventually cost the young man deductions fromtheatrical school for a year, and only after the restoration he successfully receives an acting education. Earlier at school age, curbing its complex character was even more difficult. Horrible assessments of the child often forced parents to blush at the director in the office. Outbursts of the rebel rattled firecracker explosions in the school toilet and repeated as they grew older, more often, such was Mikhail Shirvindt. Biography, family and colleagues indicate that even now in his character there is a lot from that rebel.

Forced Labor

For such a strong and independent personality asMikhail Shirvindt, the biography could not be connected with the forced labor of a theatrical actor under the direction of power directors. Even the legendary for those times Arkady Raikin did not become an absolute authority for him in his work. He was given a lot of freedom by working on television as a presenter, but it's also worth mentioning the career of a producer of television projects. In this case, Shirvindt Jr. could fully feel himself the master of his success.

Almost all of his projects remain on hearingviewers and gather a sizeable audience on the leading channels. Among the most famous programs under his producer's supervision is the "Plant life with Pavel Lobkov", "Hunters for recipes" with the legendary Love Polishchuk as the leading one, as well as "Live news with Tatyana Morozova" and others.Michael Shirvindt biography private life

For a public person named Mikhail Shirvindt, the biography and track record on television remain the main indicators of success in life and career.

The special way of Shirvindt

A person like Mikhail Shirvindt, a biography,personal life and individual actions indicate its independent nature. And he values ​​the same quality already in his children. And he never imposed his opinion on them in choosing a profession.Michael Shirvindt biography family

Similarly, he was treatedparents. In the family of actor Alexander Shirvindt in 1958, a son, future actor Mikhail Shirvindt, is born. The biography of this man, in addition to the legendary pope, will still cause envy among his colleagues in the shop for many more episodes. The boy grows up in the Moscow bohemian atmosphere. Mom is a hereditary architect, and the father, beloved by millions of spectators, determined the successful future for this man. But they could not repeat their path in the profession to the younger Shirvindt. The same happened with the children of Michael himself.


Neither the son nor the daughter are eager to follow the footsteps of the pope,moreover, the way of the eminent grandfather also did not attract the younger generation. The daughter linked her life with art, but she does not create herself - now she is a respected art critic in the organization of exhibitions. The son in his 32 years was not inspired by any of his relatives when choosing a profession. Andrei turned to the intricacies of jurisprudence as a teacher at Moscow State University.

The only trace of the acting family in the biographyson Andrew is shooting in one of the small children's roles for the film "Composition to the Victory Day." In the rest, in the family of the Shirvindt it is customary not to follow the parental example in choosing a profession.Actor Mikhail Shirvindt biography And to the blat, in the usual sense of the word,they are treated indifferently with an understanding of the importance in a person of such quality as independence. In a man named Mikhail Shirvindt, the biography consisted of personal independent decisions and actions.

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