Migraine with aura: symptoms, treatment and prevention of seizures

Those who have never experienced a migraine with aura, believe that it is not even a disease, but the whims and pretense of pampered кис бар. But, despite this attitude, this ancient disease not only delivers a lot of discomfort, but can lead to a loss of several days working ability and even disability.Migraine symptomsHemikrania suffered from well-known historical figures, such as Isaac Newton, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charles Darwin and many others, who suffered from a migraine, or hemikrania.

What it is?

Periodic attacks of a sharp, intense and throbbing headache that engages one half of the head, doctors call hemicrania, or migraine. Most often, the pain is localized in the orbital-frontal-temporal region and may be accompanied by a whole complex of such symptoms:

- hypersensitivity to sounds and smells;

- photophobia;

- nausea;

- general weakness;

- “goose bumps” all over the body;

- tingling sensation in the face or hands.

A migraine attack can affect not only adults, but also children. The earliest occurrence of this disease was observed in a 5-year-old girl.


All types of migraine can be divided into two main types:

  • ordinary;
  • with aura, or classic.

Migraine attack

From the usual classic migraine differs complex precursors, individual for each person, signaling for 10 - 30 minutes about the approach of an attack. It can manifest itself in the form of partial loss of vision, “flies”, “lightning”, “veil” before the eyes, hearing and smell, and in some cases speech functions and coordination of movements. Depending on the department in which the blood supply was disturbed, certain signs of migraine appear and its gradual development and growth takes place.

Precursor forms

The aura preceding the onset of an attack can be very different and manifest itself:

  • partial loss of vision or blind spots;
  • seeing bright color or light flashes, wavy or jagged lines;
  • distortion of the perception of the shape, size and position of the surrounding objects;
  • ringing in the ears or perception of unusual sounds;
  • numbness of the face or part thereof;
  • vagueness and slowing down of speech, difficulty in the selection and pronunciation of words;
  • tingling sensation or goosebumps running down;
  • dizziness.

Migraine with visual aura

There is a hypothesis that the artist Pablo Picasso had a migraine with a visual aura, and he imprinted on canvases the images seen before the attack.

What can provoke an attack?

There are many factors, including food, which both individually and in various combinations can cause a migraine with aura:

  1. Long stay in a state of psychological or physical stress.
  2. Being in stuffy and poorly ventilated areas.
  3. Excessively bright or flickering light.
  4. Frequent crossings and flights, accompanied by a change of time zones.
  5. Sudden change in weather conditions.
  6. Sharp and strong odors.
  7. Failure after long-term use of caffeine or nicotine with insufficient water intake.
  8. Reception of alcohol.
  9. Hormonal changes.
  10. Insomnia or a long period of sleep deprivation.
  11. Hypersensitivity to food, especially here includes:
    • caffeine-containing beverages;
    • tomatoes;
    • cheeses;
    • smoked meat and canned food;
    • spicy hot sauces

12. Strong individual reaction to the content in food or drink additives such as aspartame and monosodium glutamate.

migraine provocateurs products

Risk groups

All suffering from classical migraine are wondering why, in fact, they have bouts of this disease twice a month, while others do not have a headache.Signs of migraineThe risk group for hemicrania (migraine) includes those who:

  • resides in the metropolis and is exposed to many stresses daily;
  • ambitious careerists and workaholics who do not respect the work and rest schedule;
  • excitable, emotionally vulnerable and unstable, depressed people;
  • diabetics;
  • smokers and regularly taking alcoholic beverages;
  • people who, for various reasons, are receiving high doses of estrogen;
  • children whose both parents show signs of migraine or have such a diagnosis;
  • patients with impaired blood circulation and blood supply, brain injuries.

Phases of development of an attack

In its development, a migraine with aura goes through the following, successively developing stages:

  1. Prodrome. It comes a few hours before the attack and is expressed in a sharp change of mood, decrease in the general tone and increased sensitivity to external stimuli. A person aggravated reacts to ordinary smells, sounds, light and everyday events.
  2. Harbingers (aura), it occurs 10-30 minutes before the attack, when disorders occur that are directly related to the area of ​​the brain where the failure occurs. They can be expressed in the form of various visual impairment, smell, hearing, speech and coordination.
  3. Headachewhich can last from 3 hours to three days and is localized on one side of the head in the region of the eye or forehead. Increased pain occurs under the influence of strong odors, harsh sounds or during exercise. During this period, the patient is sick, but vomiting brings relief. Intolerance of light, especially bright and flickering, appears.
  4. Resolution phasewhen both migraine, symptoms and pain pass, and the person is plunged into a deep sleep.
  5. Recovery, occurring at the end of an attack, is associated with a feeling of deep physical and mental exhaustion, and can last from several hours to days. The functions of sight, smell, hearing and speech are gradually normalized.

Migraine with aura

At the first sign of an approaching attack, you can stop it by taking migraine pills. If time is missed, and the attack has already begun, it is possible to relieve it, using natural means and some alternative methods.

Migraine with aura: treatment

Today, there are two main areas of treatment for migraine:

- emergency assistance during the outbreak of the attack;

- a set of preventive measures aimed at preventing new attacks.Migraine with aura treatment

Knowing that you have a migraine with aura, and it can catch you anywhere, you should always carry with you the drugs chosen by your doctor. Usually help nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It should be noted that if medications are taken at the time of the appearance of precursors or auras, then it is possible to significantly alleviate the condition, or even avoid an attack. In addition, taking analgesics does not relieve pain and does not have any effect on the course of the attack.Earlier, until the 90s of the last century, migraine products were mainly used, containing codeine or caffeine, which effectively helped in this disease, but caused addiction. Today, more and more people are using anti-migraine drugs such as triptans.

How do modern medicines work?

At the end of the 20th century, new means for migraine appeared - triptans. Unlike previous antifungal drugs, they affect all causes and act simultaneously in several directions.Migraine treatmentDrugs such as Relpax, Nomigren, Imigran, Sumatriptan and several others reduce the sensitivity of the nucleus of the ternary nerve and contribute to the narrowing of the blood vessels of the brain, thereby reducing swelling and pain. These pills are taken for migraine in the phase of precursors or at the very beginning of an attack.

If there is no medicine

When precursors appear, you should not wait until the migraine unfolds in full force. Symptoms will help her to remove strong sweet tea that you need to drink with some sweets. Admission of glucose in the body will prevent the further development of headaches.

You can perform a point massage of the neck and occipital region of the head.To do this, the second, third, and fourth fingers of each hand need to push the back of the head quite hard. It is necessary to press on the exhale for 10 seconds ten times.Migraine drugs

If there is such an opportunity, then at the beginning of the attack you need:

  • go to a cool and dark room where no one will disturb you;
  • turn off all devices that produce sound;
  • it is convenient to lie down and put a cold wet towel on your forehead.

If the pulsating headache attacks are frequent enough, you should consult with a neurologist to eliminate more serious diseases and identify the cause of migraine.

Prevention of seizures

It is easier to prevent migraines, the treatment of which takes a lot of time and effort.migraine pillsFor the prevention of this disease, doctors recommend:

  1. Completely eliminate all types of artificial stimulation of the body.
  2. Give up bad habits such as smoking and alcohol.
  3. Normalize sleep.
  4. Observe the correct diet.
  5. Try to avoid psychological, physical, intellectual and emotional overload and stress.

If you run the disease ...

A lot of unpleasant feelings and impressions brings sick migraine. Her treatment does not always give the quick and desired effect.However, if you do not pay attention to it and do not carry out treatment, then complications can arise, such as:

  • migraine stroke, affecting parts of the brain;
  • migraine status, in which the headache spreads to the entire head and can last more than three days;
  • general weakening of the body's defenses;
  • alarm conditions;
  • depression.

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