"Microderil": reviews, instructions for use, analogues

In the article proposed to your attention, we propose to consider a number of interesting and quite popular questions about the drug “Micoderil”:

  • reviews;
  • indications and contraindications;
  • instructions for use;
  • analogues and so on.

The main component of such a broad-spectrum antifungal agent is naftifine. In total, you can find two forms of release "Micoderil" with the fungus. Customer reviews are positive in both cases. It may be in the form of a cream or solution. As you know, such a tool has very good advertising support, but many people are interested in the question, does this drug actually work? Customer reviews and the manufacturer's statements are the same - the drug has proven itself as a high-quality antifungal agent with few side effects. In more detail about all this you can read in the given article.


mikoderil reviews

As mentioned earlier, the active ingredient of this drug is naftifine. It is applied externally for fungal infection, which belongs to the class of allylamines. How does "Micoderil"? The active substance is able to inhibit the squash - 2 and 3-epoxidases. All this leads to the fact that the formation of ergosterol is reduced. The latter is part of the cellular structure of the fungus. It is effective against the following infections:

It is known that gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms are capable of causing secondary bacterial infections, and the active ingredient "Micoderil" shows antibacterial activity against the listed microorganisms.

The instructions "Micoderil", reviews of which are very pleasant, said that the drug has an anti-inflammatory effect, which has a beneficial effect on the rate of disappearance of symptoms (inflammation and itching).

At this point it is important to note that the tool is able to penetrate into different layers of the skin, which creates a stable antifungal shield of different concentrations. The absorption is partial, and the drug is excreted by the kidneys and intestines.

Indications and contraindications

In this section, we will consider the issue of indications and contraindications for the use of "Micoderil" for nail fungus. Reviews contain the following information: the tool copes very well with nail fungus. This is due to the fact that "Micoderil" is able to be absorbed into solid tissue. Due to this property, the drug penetrates the solid layers of the nail and thickening of the hardened layers of the skin.

mikoderil reviews for fungi

Here we also pay attention to the fact that dandruff is a fungus with which the considered agent can cope. As mentioned earlier, "Micoderil" is available in two forms. When dandruff is better to use the tool in the form of a solution. Also, the drug is able to cope with interdigital fungus, pityriasis, candidiasis of the skin.

Contraindications include:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • children's age (this is due to the fact that the tool was not tested on certain categories of people);
  • hypersensitivity to naftifine.

Please note that "Micoderil" can not be applied to damaged skin, that is, wounds or scratches, and mucous membranes.

Cream use

Regarding ease of use, what are the "Micoderil" reviews? Instructions for use states that the tool is intended to combat fungal infection.So, Micoderil cream is an auxiliary and protective measure that prevents the spread of the disease to the soft tissues surrounding the nail. That is, people who used a similar drug, argue that the solution and cream should be used together. The latter is applied to dry and clean skin around the nail. If you use it once a day, you can prevent the spread of infection, relapse and relieve irritation and itching.

microderil reviews for nail fungus

If you have a mycosis of the skin, then you can treat the affected area as a cream and a solution. Apply means you need 2 times a day every day for 4-8 weeks. If the problem has disappeared in a shorter period, is it worth continuing treatment with “Micoderil”? User reviews and manufacturer's recommendations state that the course must be completed in order to achieve a lasting therapeutic effect.

Use solution

How to use the solution? To begin with, let's look at the case of nail fungus. If you encounter such a nuisance, then follow the instructions below:

  • prepare the nail, that is, cut as much as possible or remove a sore nail with a nail file;
  • on top of the prepared nail put a piece of gauze, cotton wool or cotton pad moistened in the solution;
  • wind the preparation as tightly as possible to the nail and try to do it so that the medicine does not evaporate (it is most convenient to do this with electrical tape);
  • in the evening, repeat the procedure with a new pad.

This application twice a day will help to quickly get rid of the problem. Note that you have to be patient. After all, nail fungus can be treated for up to six months. After all symptoms disappear, continue treatment for 14 days.

If you are faced with mycosis of the skin, then the tool is enough to apply once a day. Also, grab and healthy skin. On average, treatment takes up to 4 weeks. But after the symptoms disappear, continue therapy for another 2 weeks.

Side effects

Just as with all medicines, there are side effects with “Micoderil”. Reviews and warnings of the manufacturer speak of the following possible reactions:

  • dryness;
  • hyperemia;
  • burning;
  • redness.

According to users, these reactions are extremely rare. The manufacturer warns that all side effects are reversible, you should not cancel the use of the tool.

Of course, if you notice that the situation is worsening, then refuse treatment and go for advice to your doctor. A visit to a professional should not be postponed even if you have side effects that have not been previously listed.


In this section, we propose to talk about what analogs of “Micoderil” are. Reviews of patients emit some high-quality drugs:

  • Nitrofungin Neo, sold as a solution. Immediately pay attention to the fact that it will cost less (about 260 rubles).
  • Solution "Exoderil" can also be replaced with the tool considered in the article. But the price of the analogue is higher - about 500 rubles.
  • Another remedy is “Terbizil” cream, which will cost much less - 350 rubles.


mikoderil reviews analogues

We briefly reviewed the instructions and feedback on the "Micoderil". Now let's talk more about effective counterparts. One of them is Exoderil solution. Immediately, we note that the drug is designed to combat fungal infection with naftifine.

The active ingredient, like that of Micoderil, is able to overcome gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms.In addition, naftifine has an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps to very quickly relieve inflammation and itching. Given that the tool is well absorbed in all layers of the skin, it can be applied only 1 time per day.

"Nitrofungin Neo"

mikoderil instruction reviews

This analogue is aimed at getting rid of:

  • interdigital dermatomycosis;
  • plantar ringworms;
  • superficial athlete's sweat;
  • trichophytosis;
  • candidiasis;
  • mixed skin infections.

The only contraindication for use is hypersensitivity to the active substance of the agent (tridecanamine undecylenate). It is worth using until the complete disappearance of symptoms of the disease, and to prevent recurrence, apply the solution 2 times a week to the site of injury within a month.


mikoderil instructions for use reviews

This analogue is a local therapeutic drug with antifungal action. Ointment has absolutely no effect on healthy skin, and destroys the membranes and other necessary components of cells infected with fungus. The tool is quite effective, as it not only clears the epidermis from spores, but also prevents the spread of infection.

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