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Despite the fact that many people, using the old habit in the kitchen, use only one, ordinary knife for performing all sorts of work, nevertheless, one should not neglect the highly specialized accessories. Moreover, today there are many varieties of kitchen tools that are able to cope with almost any task: from cutting various vegetables to cutting fish and meat. Thanks to their special form and structure, they significantly simplify daily cooking processes. One of the most useful specialized kitchen knives is boning, designed for cutting meat.

Professional Boning Knife

Boning knife

As a rule, no kitchen of the world can do without meat, therefore there should be a special tool that would be most convenient to cut this product. This is exactly what a boning knife is. This is a professional tool that is used in the processing of meat (its separation from the bones). It is equipped with a durable handle, a relatively thick butt and a long blade with a sharp end.The tool enjoys considerable popularity not only in meat processing plants, but also in ordinary kitchen. For cooking meat dishes better than a boning knife, tools simply do not exist.

boning knife for meat boning


Boning knives have a long narrow blade, slightly expanding at the handle, and curved arcuate shape, which greatly facilitates sliding on the surface. With this tool, you can quickly separate the meat from the bone, easily cope with tendons and taut fibers.

The length of the blade depends on the manufacturer. Standard size - 13-15 cm for small kitchen knives, and 20-30 cm for tools for cutting carcasses.

The blade is made of special types of high-carbon stainless steel, which has a sufficiently large flexibility. The blade, made of such a metal, smoothly bypasses the bones and cuts off the meat from their surface. Its sharp end can pierce even strong enough tendons.

Blades of boning knives are characterized by the necessary hardness, anti-corrosion properties, high wear resistance and elasticity. In addition, they practically do not oxidize, they keep grinding for a long time and do not lose color.For such a tool as a professional boning knife, such properties of the metal are especially valuable, since during operation the blade always comes in contact with meat juice, the chemical environment of which is quite active.

meat knife


This is a very important part of the tool that is responsible for safety and usability. When choosing a boning knife, she needs to pay special attention. The convenient handle is made taking into account the anatomical features of the structure of the hand, sits firmly in the palm of your hand and does not slip out of the load. It must be ergonomic and reliable. Most often, the handles of knives are made of wood, micarta and thermoplastic. Metal options among boning knives are quite rare, as they give the product extra weight, and in general, they are simply not adapted to perform long and monotonous work. The handle must always be equipped with a mini-guard, which protects the arm from slipping on the blade. In addition, a small bolster may be present (this is a part that protects the front end of the handle and improves knife balancing).For comfortable use and safety, the knives for a meat knife are often slightly roughened, but without rivets that protrude and can cause rather unpleasant sensations during long work. The dimensions of the handle should correspond to the size of the palm. A large pen will deliver some discomfort.

boning knives

How to use a boning knife?

Bone is removed as follows:

  1. In a piece of meat are bone.
  2. Make a cut through the meat to the bone.
  3. A knife with a knife is placed between the bone, the fat in the meat or the muscle tissue.
  4. The knife is held at a slight inclination to the bone, so that it can slide around and along.
  5. The knife is turned slightly so that it can pass under the bone. Curved blade should help him pass around the joints.
  6. With a knife, sawing movements are lightly carried from side to side until the meat is completely free.

When working, remember that the boning knife for meat boning is very sharp and can cause injury, so it must be used properly.

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