Means "Fungerbin" (ointment). Instruction

Ointment "Funterbin" refers to antifungal external agents, included in the group allylaminov. The tool has a wide range of effects. The active ingredient is terbinafine. The component disrupts the ergosterol biosynthesis process in fungi at an early stage. This provokes the death of microbes. In small concentrations, the active ingredient has a fungicidal effect on dermatophytes, mold, dimorphic fungi. Depending on the type of yeast-like bacteria, the action of the drug can be fungistatic or fungicidal.fungotherbin instruction

The drug "funterbin". Instructions. Indications

The drug is prescribed for both prevention and treatment of various fungal infections. These include mycoses of the feet, groin athlete, lesions, provoked by dermatophytes. The medicine “Funterbin” (ointment) is recommended in case of infections caused by Candida yeast. The drug is indicated for multi-colored lichen, seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp.

Dosage regimen


Patients from the age of 12 means "Fungerbin" (ointment) instruction recommends applying 1-2 p / day. Before use, the affected areas are cleaned and dried. Drawing is carried out by a thin layer. The drug is slightly rubbed into the problem area and adjacent areas. In the presence of diaper rash (in the folds, between the fingers and buttocks, under the breast, in the groin area), it is allowed to cover the treated areas with gauze, especially at night. In the treatment of ringworm of the legs, torso, and feet, the preparation “Fungerbin” (ointment), the instruction recommends using once a day. Duration of application is one week. When candidiasis on the skin is prescribed for 1-2 p / day for 1-2 weeks. The drug in the form of a spray is sprayed onto problem areas in an amount sufficient to moisten them. In addition, the area next to the affected area is treated.

The drug "Funterbin" (ointment). Instructions. Adverse reactions

In rare cases, on the background of treatment, allergic manifestations may occur: generalized rash, urticaria, burning at the site of application, angioedema. Cancel therapy is required in rare cases.

Fungotrebin ointment instructionMedication "Funterbin" (ointment). Instructions. Contraindications

The drug is not prescribed until the age of twelve, with intolerance to the components. The expediency of using the means for pregnant and lactating is determined by the doctor. Caution is used in alcoholism, renal / hepatic failure, inhibition of bone marrow formation, pathologies in metabolic processes, tumors, vascular diseases in the limbs of an occlusive nature.

Means "Fungerbin" (ointment). Instructions. special instructions

Decrease in intensity of clinical symptoms is observed, as a rule, in the first days of therapy. With premature discontinuation of therapy or irregular use of medication, the risk of recurrent infection is high. In the absence of a result of treatment for two weeks, you should consult your doctor for additional advice.

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