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Maria Selyanskaya - an actress, a native of Moscow, has a daughter Evgeni Evstigneeva and Elena Zhurkina. Works in the theater "Contemporary". The first time personally met with the world of cinema, being on the set of the movie "Nylon 100%", where she played a cameo role. One of the most significant films in which she took part can be called the action movie “Fan”, where Alexei Serebryakov became her partner. In recent years, the cinema is practically not removed, paying all the attention to theatrical work.

Maria Selyanskaya


Maria Selyanskaya was born on May 13, 1968 in Moscow in the Evstigneev family. She spent her childhood in Nizhny Novgorod with her grandmother. After graduating from the Moscow Art Theater School, she got a job at the Sovremennik 2 Theater Studio. She starred in several theatrical productions.


She became known to a large audience after participating in the movie "Talisman", where she played Lena Mareeva. Then there was one of the main roles (the daughter of Baba Yaga) in the musical fairy tale "She is with a broom, he is wearing a black hat." According to the plot of this story, the children of Kashchei the Immortal and Baba Yaga should become husband and wife.But by chance, the bride meets a young man - Alexei, a novice doctor, with whom she begins a romantic relationship ...

It is worth noting that in this picture a brilliant cast assembled: Nina Ruslanova, Mikhail Kononov, Mikhail Svetin, Andrei Sokolov.

It must be said that in the 80s of the 20th century, Maria Selyanskaya as an actress was quite successful. The most famous of her work can be called the role of Lucy in the adventure film “Fan”. In 1989, this picture of the twists and turns of the fate of a martial arts connoisseur Egor, nicknamed Malysh, became one of the leaders of the Soviet film distribution of the time, which contributed to the unprecedented growth of the popularity of young actors who starred in it.

After this sensational film, Maria Selyanskaya was approved for the main role in the movie “Trash”. The young actress played in this action movie with elements of social drama, the sister of the protagonist Valentina (Oleg Fomin), who has a drug addiction. The brother enters into confrontation with local mafia structures that sell drugs.

Then Maria starred in the films The Murder of the Witness and The Recruiter as Inna Kosheleva.In 1991 there were works in the films "Luke" and "Masha". In recent years, the actress has rarely been where to see. In 2014, she played Raisa Gulina on the television series “Forester”.

Maria Selyanskaya actress

Personal life

Was married twice. Her first husband was Andrei Selyansky, who worked as a sound engineer. Now he is married to director Maxim Razuvaev. There is a daughter, Sophia, who followed in the footsteps of the famous grandfather and mother, having entered the Moscow Art Theater School.

Interesting facts from life

Maria Selyanskaya, whose photo can often be seen next to a photo of her illustrious father, in her few interviews tells about her life, about her youth, about Yevgeny Evstigneev.

Maria Selyanskaya actress

About father

The actress said that they had an old foreign car, which all time pierced detractors tires. According to her, Evgeny Evstigneev, who drove around by car, sat behind the wheel for the first time in forty years.

Maria Selyanskaya claims she was ashamed of her father’s fame. Therefore, when receiving her first passport, she took the mother’s last name. Talking about the daily life of his father, notes that he often watched football and cooked.

About mother

Lilia Zhurkina tragically died when she was not yet 50 years old. Talking about her last years, Maria Selyanskaya notes that she had a serious chronic disease.

Maria Selyanskaya does not like to advertise. She behaves quite apart from the beau monde. However, sometimes she participates in television programs, sometimes gives interviews, after reading which, you can learn a lot about her life and understand her philosophy.

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