"Mandarin", Adler. Rest in Adler: reviews of tourists and photos

Entertaining complex "Mandarin" (Adler)is one of the most popular among all tourist institutions in the south of Russia. The main reason for this is a highly developed infrastructure, quality service, as well as the ability to visit the seaside every day, swim and receive positive emotions.

Where is?

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Hotel Mandarin (Adler) and the SEC, to which hebelongs, territorially belongs to the part of the resort city of Sochi, which until 1961 was a typical urban-type settlement. From here only 5 kilometers to the railway station and the airport, which take daily flights from different parts of Russia. Several thousand tourists come to Adler every summer to enjoy a wonderful holiday.

Among other things, Adler has a largethe number of health resorts and sanatoriums, the services of which are used by patients suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, digestion, and the cardiovascular system. Doctors from all over Russia are constantly sending their charges to the south of Russia for health care. Many of them stop in the "Mandarin", which is located at the address, st. Bestuzheva, house 1/1.

"Mandarin" - what is this?

Mandarin Adler Hotel

Shopping and entertainment complex "Mandarin"(Adler) is one of the novelties in the entertainment industry. It is the only mall in Russia, which is located in the open air. In European countries, such shopping and entertainment complexes have long been a common thing, in Russia such objects are not yet common.

The structure of the SEC includes not only countlessnumber of shops, but also a nightclub, a hotel and even a private beach. The favorable location of the complex makes it even more convenient for vacationers. According to tourists, "Mandarin" fits perfectly into the general architecture of the settlement, its visitors can not only enjoy the complex of services provided, but also fully immerse themselves in the local atmosphere of magnificent nature and mild climate.

Shops TRC

The SEC "Mandarin" (Adler) is nineThe buildings are connected by bridges and terraces. This design of the complex allows its visitors to freely visit all the stores here. Owners of local outlets never sit around, thanks to low prices, this is where 40% of Adler's population go shopping.

It is here that you can find shops famousprestigious brands: "L`Etoile", "Basic Instinct", Moncasa, which have long established themselves in the world market as suppliers of high-quality goods. In addition to shops, there is also a food court, where shoppers who are tired of shopping can dine in comfortable conditions. For fast food lovers, the McDonald's fast-food restaurant operates around the clock.

Where can I stop?

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Hotel Mandarin (Adler) has only threestar, but it is in demand at any time of the year, as it is located not far from all the most important infrastructure facilities of the city. In total, the hotel offers 58 rooms, among them there are single, double and triple rooms, there are also family and low-budget rooms, so it is not difficult to rent accommodation here.

All rooms have TVs, refrigerators,air conditioning and everything necessary for living. Holidaymakers can use Wi-Fi, parking, banquet and conference rooms, if necessary, hide the jewelry, you can use the safe, just inform the duty administrator. For an additional fee guests can live even with their animals, this service is very in demand, because not all hotels allow guests with cats and dogs.

If you want to dance ...

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For lovers of nightlife here functionsclub "Mandarin", Adler in general is famous for a large number of similar institutions, because tourists come here first of all to relax and relax. The club is located on two floors and is divided into a large number of recreation areas. Lovers of delicious food can choose the restaurant Provence, where you can try several dishes at once.

For those who want to relax in a quiet environment,and who is satisfied with a quiet atmosphere, will like the "Chateau" - a green veranda that blooms and pleases the eye all year round. Those who can sing or just like to do it are best to go to the Versailles karaoke bar, where a professional team of backing vocalists and sound engineers will help you feel like a star of the stage.

If you go to Mandarin (Adler),be sure to visit the "Vogue" - a terrace for parties, which offers a magnificent view of the mountains. The management of "Vog" often holds holiday events to order, so if you are engaged in their organization, you can safely go there. For gentlemen, the men's club "Bordeaux" is functioning here, where professional dancers will allow you to forget about everyday routine and get real pleasure by watching the art of erotic dance.

Guest House

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Guest house "Mandarin" (Adler) - one morean institution where tourists can stay and enjoy the rest. The institution is located next to the sea on Honey Street, it is very convenient. Its visitors can get here vouchers for not less than nine days, such is the accommodation condition, which does not include food. The house has its own dining room, which will feed the holidaymakers for an additional fee.

If we talk about the cost of living, "Mandarin"(Adler) in this case offers a rest at quite democratic prices. The price of 9-day residence here ranges from 11 to 20 thousand rubles for an adult and from 10 to 19 thousand - for a child under 14 years. These prices are valid if you occupy the main places. You can also purchase additional space, its cost ranges from 7 to 14 thousand rubles.


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If you come to the south and are looking for the most environmentally friendlyclean beach, Mandarin (Adler), reviews of which are especially positive - the best option. And in fact, the owners of the beach try to keep it in perfect order, daily several times cleaning it. The beach area is constantly updated with new attractions and infrastructure facilities, and equipment provided for rent is high-quality.

If we talk about the whole complex "Mandarin"(Adler), reviews about him are mixed. First of all, guests are dissatisfied with the services that are provided in the local hotel, it is a question of service, which, in their opinion, leaves much to be desired. Negative impressions of the hotel are mitigated by the opportunity to soak up the sun, to buy in the warm sea and pass the time in local entertainment establishments.


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The SEC "Mandarin" (Adler) is also famous for its largethe number of projects that are implemented there every season. This is primarily about the ultramodern laser show "Argonauts", which is built on popular myths about the travels of the ancient Greeks on the ship of the same name. Despite the fact that the performance takes place only on Tuesdays, it is very difficult to get a ticket for it, sometimes you have to book tickets 2-3 months in advance.

Another highlight of the complex is a concert hall,which was opened in the autumn of 2013. The hall can accommodate 1180 spectators, the space itself is located opposite a large pool, equipped with a stage, as well as all the necessary infrastructure for the performances. Some of the stars of show business hold their concerts here when they come to Adler and Sochi. In addition, it is here that corporate parties of various local enterprises are often held.

One of the main differences of the complex is the availability ofa playground that even children with disabilities can use. When creating children's attractions used high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, made in calm tones. Animators, teachers and psychologists work constantly on an area of ​​800 square meters, with their help, children are much easier to get used to in a new place.

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Mandarin, Adler. Rest in Adler: reviews of tourists and photos Mandarin, Adler. Rest in Adler: reviews of tourists and photos Mandarin, Adler. Rest in Adler: reviews of tourists and photos Mandarin, Adler. Rest in Adler: reviews of tourists and photos Mandarin, Adler. Rest in Adler: reviews of tourists and photos Mandarin, Adler. Rest in Adler: reviews of tourists and photos Mandarin, Adler. Rest in Adler: reviews of tourists and photos Mandarin, Adler. Rest in Adler: reviews of tourists and photos Mandarin, Adler. Rest in Adler: reviews of tourists and photos Mandarin, Adler. Rest in Adler: reviews of tourists and photos