Luntik costume do it yourself

At all times, children of different ages for holidays loved to wear fancy dresses. And if earlier they were costumes of chanterelles, a hare, a wolf or snowflakes, now they are replaced by cartoon characters. Modern kids want to try on a suit of Luntik or cars, the older guys are happy to put on a ninja or knight's combat uniform. It all depends on the hobbies of the child and the capabilities of the parents.

We sew a suit Luntik do it yourself

Children 2-3 years old love to watch cartoons about Luntik. Luntik is a cartoon character created by the national studio "The Mill". Luntik was born on the moon and fell to the ground one night. This is a very cute and kind character, he has many friends, and various interesting stories happen to him all the time.

luntik costume

Tools and materials

To make a Luntik costume you will need:

  1. Faux fur with a short nap or plush fabric of lilac and white. Also for the manufacture of a suit suitable fleece, velvet, tight knitwear.

  2. Purple satin ribbon.

  3. Children's lilac tights or trousers.

  4. A piece of artificial leather.

Making a pullover

In any magazine on sewing or on the Internet you can find the pattern of a pullover with a hood. According to the specified recommendations we sew a pullover with an extended bottom in order to subsequently add volume. You can also take a finished elongated jacket lilac color. At the bottom of the pullover, we make a drawstring and insert the gum.

We carry out Luntik's ears in the form of a rhombus. The back should be made of faux fur, and the front - from satin. We sew blanks to the hood. We supplement the hood with an appliqué made of lilac velvet. From the inside of the pullover from the side of the abdomen and buttocks we sew synthetic pillows of a small size.

luntik costume do it yourself


To make a beautiful Luntik costume, we need mittens of lilac fur or plush. We use for this the standard patterns of mittens. Sew on appliqués from white faux fur at your fingertips.


To decorate the legs of Luntik, we need ordinary children's boots. We decorate the socks of the shoes with white fur, for the decoration of the feet and tops we use lilac fur.It is best to use unnecessary shoes, and glue applications with glue for better bonding.


The last detail of the suit Luntik - pants. You can buy lilac tights or pants at the store or stitch it yourself on ready-made patterns.

Making a suit Luntik for an adult is similar, only the patterns should be made in accordance with the size. An animator in such a suit will greatly delight all the children at the festival.

Luntik costume adult


Another version of the costume - manufacturing on the basis of overalls. To do this, choose the pattern of overalls with a breast or with sleeves. To create a pattern, you can use factory things, turning them inside out and folding them in half. Do not forget to leave side seam allowances at least 1.5-2 cm. The sleeveless version is simpler to manufacture and will require less material cost. Under the jumpsuit you can wear a white or lilac jacket with a sleeve. The front is also sewn appliqué.

For a little girl, you can make a sarafan and little pants in the same way. The result is a very cute suit that you can wear in the summer for a walk.

Ears can not be sewn on the hood, and put on the bezel. In this case, and the ears will look good, and the child will not be hot and comfortable. Inside the ears it is better to insert a wire or a thick foam rubber to keep their shape.

When all the elements are ready, you can go to a masquerade. The child will be pleased and very grateful to you. After all, we all waited in childhood miracles. In your power to become a real wizard for your child!

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