Lukyanova Valeria V. - live Barbie: biography, personal life

Everyone has his own path to fame, but usually it is thorny and not at all covered with roses. For some, happiness is something to give, to benefit society, for others to live for yourself and decorate the planet with their appearance. Valeria Lukyanova belongs to the second type of people, her photos are shot down on the spot.

People react ambiguously to her appearance: some call her insane, others admire her. But Valeria has achieved the result - there is simply no indifference to her person.

The images of Valeria Lukyanova - "Odessa Barbie", which probably does not know, only those who have just been born, change with the speed of light and sound. Because of her doll face and miniature figurine, the girl has gained incredible popularity, which has already gone beyond the borders of Russia. Her life goal is to improve her image, body and appearance. She focuses only on herself, devotes almost all her free time to herself, meditates a lot, studies esotericism and is happy from herself.We all come from childhood, and of course, it is not difficult to guess what kind of dolls little Lera played in. Today's outfits lively "Barbie" also resemble those in which the favorite toy of all the girls in the world is dressed.


Valeria was born in 1985 in Tiraspol. Her birthday is August 23rd. Later, she moved to Odessa, where she graduated from the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

live barbie valeria lukianova

By nationality Valeria Lukyanov Ukrainian. With her future husband, Lera met at the age of sixteen, at this time he was twenty-four years old. She hardly believed in the feelings of a man, because due to unhappy love in her teens, Lera swallowed Dimedrol and almost died.

Unexpected facts in the biography of Valeria Lukyanov turned out to be smoking, alcohol abuse and bad companies. Looking at this fairy, you can’t say that she was capable of it.

She is silent about what happened to her mind and because of what she drastically changed her attitude to life. Well, thank God that she gave up bad habits! In the future, she would like to eat solar energy and only her. She practices daily training and sports - for two hours, without the right to indulge. If this is true, then Lera really has an iron will, she is great!

Plain Valeria Day

Valeria Lukyanov Barbie

Nothing like a normal day ordinary person. In the morning, Lera records her dreams and plunges into meditation. Then he goes for a run. In the middle of the day, she also finds time to meditate. During the day, she necessarily communicates with her relatives - via social networks or via Skype, and then her favorite gym is waiting for her.

Today Valery Lukyanova is writing a book under the working title “Echo from the Past”. Before her, she had already written one epic, dedicating it to stories about astral travels. During the day, Barbie compiles programs for her seminars and even composes some music in the style of dark electro.

The plans of the Ukrainian Barbie relocation with her husband in China, where she plans to work, signing lucrative contracts with influential people. She wants to further build her career in show business, without abandoning her studies and not giving up educational activities. Other areas of creativity, according to Lera, she is also interested.


Valeria Lukyanov's husband

Valeria Lukyanova categorically denies that she has done any operations to optimize her appearance, calling herself an alien creature Amatue (Amatue). The only thing that she confirms is a two-size breast augmentation in order to feel confident and look harmonious.She says that due to the fact that she has lost weight, her chest has shrunk - disorder, it is necessary to restore beauty.

Specialists in plastic surgery in one voice say that, in addition to mammoplasty, the girl was fond of Botox injections and corrected the shape of the nose. There is information that Valeria Lukyanova’s nose before the operation was distinguished by a small little bump, which had completely disappeared, judging by the latest photo of the star.

About Botox, everything is very simple: Lera's face does not express any emotions, the mimic "deadness" of the face can be evidence of numerous injections. The girl herself believes that to achieve the goals all means are good. Therefore, there is an opinion that Valeria Lukyanova, most likely, corrected the eye section, changed the shape of the eyelids and cheekbones. The girl herself stands firm on her own: she just strenuously trains, eats properly and is spiritually enriched - from this the result.

Valery Lukyanov Biography

The effect of doll appearance can be achieved in the photo by applying graphic editors and skillful makeup. In his native city, Valeria willingly shares with cosmetic fans a lot of fans and recommends the choice of a particular cosmetic line.But how to achieve a waist of 47 centimeters without removing the ribs?

The weight

Valeria Lukyanova believes that her former weight of 45 kilograms was incredibly huge for her, since her build and narrow bone cause a dystrophic 40 kilograms in which she feels comfortable. And the truth is an unearthly creature ...

Is it possible to look like this without the use of plastic surgery? Hard to believe. The girl's figure, according to her, after hard training in the gym looks just perfect. For the doll. Parameters of the young lady are miserable 86-47-87. Specialists in plastic surgery claim that such a thin waist is naturally difficult to achieve, for this you will need to remove a pair of lower ribs. Sometimes, looking at Lerina's photo, it becomes scary: there is no fat layer at the waist ...

Valeria Lukyanov before surgery


The girl claims that she owes her appearance to spiritual practices, excellent genetics (Lera's mother is a charming blonde, also very much like a doll) and hard, hard work on herself. Lera has repeatedly stated that obese people are simply weak, unable to control themselves. These are her words in very mild form, in fact, she said everything much sharper. An wasp waist, for example, Lera, according to her, received while working in the gym and following a diet.Probably from nectar and air. Her favorite dish is apples, and her drink is ice water.

A long time ago, doctors announced that, with the parameters of Barbie, no woman could give birth. Lukyanova is not necessary.

Who is she - Amatue?

There is information that Valery Lukyanov didn’t want to learn in her youth, from her young nails she was busy only with herself. Inspired by the esoteric as a way of knowing herself, she began to write poetry, traveled a lot and took part in beauty contests in her country, winning the title "Miss diamond crown of Ukraine".

Lukyanova Valeria Valerievna

Lightning came to her popularity, the girl began to be invited to the federal channels. Valeria went on a clever way, realizing that any popularity passes with lightning speed, declaring that she is an alien, interrupted personal communication with the press, banning any photography. Thus, throwing firewood into the fire of interest in Valeria Valerievna Lukyanova, Barbie of our time named Amatue. A wise decision.

Love to yourself, family and children - by

She is not interested in family and home, life and children. She believes that above all of this, and for her personally, family values ​​are not an important thing. Nevertheless, she married a rich businessman, the owner of a large construction company, who, obviously, realizes all the fantasies of Valeria Lukyanova.

When they try to shame her for such a position, she rightly answers that everyone has the right to their own opinion - well, how can you argue with that? Why should she be like everyone else? Her appearance is the result of hard work, and if there is something to show and how to motivate girls to take care of themselves and improve, then why not? Looking at her waist, you conclude that the girl has iron will power.

Lukyanova says that she is not interested in men, as she has a loved one. She positions herself as a bisexual person, and she likes girls.

Nearly half a million people follow the life of a blonde in the virtual space.

She categorically does not want to become a servant for the child, so she does not want to have children. Another thing - taking care of a beloved man.

At the same time, she is firmly convinced that if she had ventured to have children, she would not have resorted to the services of a nanny. After all, the mother must bring up the baby. Otherwise, it is not a mother. Why then baby? With his care you instill the soul and part of yourself. You have to be honest to the end: if you want a child, take care of him yourself, but no, it’s better not to have him at all.

Mentor and teacher by the name of Barbie

Valeria Lukyanov nationality

Valeria Lukyanova sees her mission in sharing with people the knowledge and experience of how to live correctly, that self-improvement is the most correct way for each person, and she wants to talk about this in her seminars and lectures. Lukyanova travels around the world today, working as an "inspirer." She is a teacher at the Michael Raduga World Astronomical School. Teaches the same people as she, "people in search" of a travel technique in a dream.

Each lesson has its own program written by Leroy. The trainings provide special exercises, analysis of difficult life situations is carried out, Lukyanova draws up for each participant their own nutritional program.

The personal life of Odessa Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova’s husband is a businessman, one of the owners of a large construction company in Ukraine. It is thanks to his funds and investments that we see such Leroux today. He does not mind what she does, and they say that he spent 800 thousand dollars for his wife’s cosmic procedures.

Spouse Lukyanova enjoys motor sports. But in general, he prefers to remain in the shadows and not to spread about himself.


Amathue enjoys syroedenie, eats liquid food and dreams of absorbing prana (get energy from the water and the sun).

Lera and her husband love to travel, they have already traveled half the world. America and Mexico, Europe and Asia, Elbrus, the Himalayas and Everest - and this is not a complete list, of course.

Living with a live Barbie Valeria Lukyanova is quite expensive. Cosmetics, travel, outfits ... But they have no children, no worries. Therefore, such expenses of the spouses do not burden at all, because they go only to them and nowhere else.

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