List of cities in Canada by popularity and number

The list of cities in Canada is mainly formed bypopulation and economic development. About each city you can provide interesting information from different points of view. For example, the most ancient city, the most populous or cultural city.

Common Numbers

Canada is a country in North America, which ranks second in size and only 38th in terms of population, it is 34 million in 2010.

Canada is a federal state thatconsists of 10 provinces and territories. The list of cities in Canada includes over 100 cities with a population of more than 40 thousand people, where English-speaking citizens live, and separately it is necessary to say about the French-speaking population of the province of Quebec.list of cities in Canada

Officially this country is bilingual, where 57% speak English, the rest in French, many know two languages ​​at once.

Ottawa (Canada)

The list should start with the capital, the city of Ottawa, which occupies only the 4th place in terms of population and is 812 thousand people.

In the 1820s a camp of artisans was created andsoldiers who built the Rideau Canal. Thirty years later, this place received the status of the town of lumberjacks and was named Baytown in honor of the construction manager. But already in 1857 the name was changed to Ottawa, it became the capital of the province, and in 10 years the capital of the whole country. This city began to develop as an industrial and transport center. Often occupies a leading position on economic indicators and is awarded the title of "Northern Silicon Valley".Ottawa Canada

Due to the fact that there are manygovernment offices, as well as enterprises that are engaged in high technology, there is a very high level of education, as well as income per family. For example, in 2006, according to statistics, it was found that the income was 85,000 Canadian dollars, while in the entire province of Ontario - 69,000 on average.

In Ottawa, Canada is home to many immigrants who were born in the UK, China, Lebanon, India, USA, Italy, Vietnam and other countries.

It is interesting that in this city a larger placeoccupies agriculture than production, and the largest employers are the government and the city hospital. In the center of the city is an experimental farm, which is the only one in the world operating in the city.


The list of cities in Canada can be continued, mentioning the largest metropolis, home to 2.5 million people according to the calculation for 2010.City of Toronto

Some interesting facts about this wonderful city:

  • It is part of the cities and towns of the "golden horseshoe" - a region that is located around Lake Ontario, home to over 7 million people in the western part.
  • It is a city that is called the economic engine of the country and one of the largest and most economically developed cities in the world.
  • The city of Toronto is a multinational city where immigrants from India, China, Italy, the Philippines, Russia and Ukraine live. So 9.6% of the population are Hindus, and 8.2% are Chinese.
  • The exact translation of the name is still unknown. Some believe that it went from the Indians - "meeting place", others believe that the language of Mohawks, and translate as "a place where water grows trees."
  • The longest street of Young Street has a length of 83 kilometers, starts from the lake and leaves north beyond the city limits

Montreal, Quebec and Calgary

The list can be painted and referred to for a long timeeach locality, but you can tell about the most popular, where not only high economic growth, but also where millions of tourists come every year.Montreal Quebec City

One of the most popular cities in Canadais Montreal, home to 1.7 thousand people. This city is called French, since one official language is French, spoken by 59% of the population.

Montreal is considered one of the best cities to live in, one of the cultural places in Canada, although it is a business and industrial center.

The economically prosperous city of Canada isQuebec, as here engaged in biotechnology, tourism, industry, and therefore recorded the lowest unemployment rate. There are a lot of museums and cultural institutions, thanks to which Quebec received the nickname "city of theaters."

In the list of cities in Canada, you can make and thirdof the population - Calgary. Here, mainly engaged in the oil industry and agriculture. And in 1988 the city was honored to host the Winter Olympic Games, which were held for the first time in Canada.

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