Leafing through the dream book: what's the dream of the hat?

Many interesting things can be found if you open the dream book. The cap is a very multi-valued symbol. If she was beautiful, it means that a person will gain respect. Seemed old or holey? To shame and disgrace. However, the value depends not only on the type of accessory, but also on the interpretation of one or another dream book. Therefore, it is worth addressing several interpreters at once.

dream book hat

Dream Aesop

It is considered that the cap is an accessory that gives the position of a person. By the way it looks, you can determine its condition. This nuance advises to consider the dream book.

A hat, torn off in a vision from a person by someone else, is a warning. It should beware of bad thoughts, pushing to commit unseemly acts. Otherwise you will have to repent for your deed.

It was possible to see a whole mountain of caps, from which other people chose their hats? This strange vision suggests that a person is dissatisfied with himself. He is timid and does not know how to object, to defend his opinion.He would not hurt to work on character, otherwise hopes for change for the better will never be justified, and the goals will remain unfulfilled.

But if a person saw someone else running down the street with a flaming hat on his head, it means that he is aware of some serious secret connected with a certain incident. But he himself does not know about it. You should also be wary if in a vision a person put a hat on someone. This means that soon he will have to deal with a person who violates his plans, the rhythm of life and work. Someone who seemed at first adequate, will manifest itself not at its best.

dream hat fur

Female dream book

If you see a hat, it is important to remember what it was. This is mentioned by every dream book. A fur hat, for example, symbolizes the correct organization of thoughts and thoroughness. But only if the girl does not seem ridiculous and does not cause discomfort. Because such a vision speaks of excessive, even annoying correctness.

Was the cap sporty? So, the dreamer will soon become particularly active, because she will have to concentrate on important matters and solving personal problems.But if she dreamed how she knits her hat, maybe soon she will decide to start a family. Is the girl already married? This means that a new stage will come in their relationship with their spouse.

But if a girl in a vision put on a hat and realized that she did not belong to her, she needed to be careful. Perhaps, it will try to draw into someone else's affairs, which are not specious.

Interpreter D. Lofa

It will not be superfluous to look through this dream book. The new hat, which the man presented to the person in a vision, says that soon he will have a chance to show his feelings that have long lurked in his soul. If he happened to observe how a certain person in front of him removes a headdress, then it is possible that in a short time he will have to become a participant in the confrontation.

Cap knocked off the dreamer's head? This is to unpleasant incidents or long, hard, hard work. Had to buy this headdress on the market? It means that all fears and feelings of the dreamer, concerning any actual situation for him, are exaggerated and in vain. A neatly folded cap can still portend a long and long journey.

 dream book hat on the head

Eastern interpreter

Something that can dream and this dream book.Fur cap is usually the forerunner of troubles related to personal life. The problems will turn out to be of an individual nature, therefore a person will in every possible way try to hide them from relatives and relatives. Often this knowledge portends a difficult parting with the “second half”.

A dirty and tattered hat, which appeared in a dream, encourages a person to be more restrained. Because very soon he can commit an act, for which then he will be extremely ashamed.

If a man’s hat was stolen from a man’s vision, it means that in reality a strong disappointment awaits him. Maybe even a loss of faith in justice. More disappointment foreshadows moth-eaten cap. An accessory that looks dirty, ragged and dilapidated promises an undeserved grievance, sad experiences and loneliness. And the story of buying a new hat is often a precursor to committing reckless acts in a state of heightened arousal, even exaltation. After such a vision, you should be wary and try to show more restraint and composure.

dreamer measure hat

Esoteric Book of Interpretations

What does this dream book tell? The cap on the head, if it is new and good, is a forerunner of joys, pleasures and pleasant discoveries. But her loss does not bode well.Only illness, fear and hardship.

The disappearance of the caps to the men speaks about their lack of self-confidence and that soon, perhaps, there will be a desire to assert themselves. For women, such a vision promises fear of the future and fear of losing a partner. But the purchase of a new accessory symbolizes the acquisition of useful experience in a particular case.

But this is not all that this dream book can tell. A hat that looks “shaggy” personifies the need for a person to put his thoughts in order. The headdress, turned inside out, symbolizes the person's habit of lying. It would not hurt him to disaccustom himself to this and begin to say what he thinks.

But you can definitely be happy if you had a dream about a woman’s hat or an expensive luxury hat. Usually such a vision warns of unforeseen pleasant events for which a person will postpone any business.

Dream Rommel

This book of interpretations recommends paying attention to details. If a person just saw a hat, except for which there was nothing in his dream, it means that he has to go a long way. A business trip or a trip is likely.

The black headdress symbolizes sadness.Color - joy and pleasure. The new cap says that the dreamer will soon enlist the support of an influential person. But the fur coat on his head foreshadows the feeling of guilt that he will have to experience in front of close people for some kind of offense.

By the way, the vision with the old cap of this dream book is interpreted by no means bad. It is believed that wearing a battered-time dress foreshadows the achievement of the desired goal. But removing it from the head personifies the end of all worries that cause trouble.

dream book knitted hat

Small Veles dream

His omens are also worth listening to. Very interesting can give this dream interpretation. A cap with lace, for example, says that a man knows some kind of veiled secret that he could have been discovered on purpose. But they did it so that he did not notice.

Knitted hat can be a harbinger of a calm, measured life. But only if the person was making it himself. Has the cap for him tied up by someone else? This is to confusion in business. And if the product was also crocheted, then you can find yourself in the center of gossip and intrigue.

By the way, it is important to remember how well the headpiece was made. This is important - so says Small Veles dream book. A knitted hat with perfect loops and a perfect pattern often embodies the harmony reigning in the life of a person. His house is blessed with peace and comfort, peace reigns in the family, and in all other spheres of life there is luck.

But buying a hat says that the person will think someone else's head. In spite of the fact that he and his own thinks pretty well.

Interpreter of the 21st Century

You can learn a lot of interesting things if you look through this dream book. Measure cap - to success at work. Chances are that a person will want to be promoted in rank. Perhaps there is a great chance to prove yourself. It is important not to miss it and express yourself.

Buying this headgear reminds the dreamer that he is the blacksmith of his own happiness. If he happened to give the accessory to someone else, it means that soon he will help someone greatly.

But from a vision in which a man lost his hat, nothing good can be expected. After all, this dream foreshadows major problems associated with work and business life. Like the sale of headwear.Only this vision says that in a short time, all of their profitable business a person will give to someone else. And about such a rash decision he will have to regret.

But the worst is considered to be a dream in which a person’s headgear is stolen. This vision heralds undeserved slander, a possible demotion or even dismissal.

dream book new hat


What hue was the headdress, it is also important to consider. About this says every dream book. The white hat, for example, symbolizes the fulfillment of cherished desires, the achievement of goals and the implementation of each plan. Especially good things will go in personal life. In other words, a bright band is coming.

The red headdress is the personification of the dreamer's passion, which he secretly feels towards someone. Perhaps it's time to reveal your feelings? You should not be afraid of being rejected - the answer is not excluded by reciprocity.

The blue headdress, in turn, personifies the dreamer's moral satisfaction. A multi-colored portends a fateful meeting. Perhaps the dreamer will finally meet a person with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life.The main thing is not to dream a hat of a military sample. Since she is a forerunner of tedious and ungrateful work that a person in any case will have to do. And this will be fraught with his discontent, prolonged boredom and anxiety because of the waste of time.

About the details

As it was already possible to understand, the same vision can have completely different meanings. In many ways, they depend on the details.

So, if the headdress was large not in size, it means that a person will have fun or a trip to some entertaining institution. About the same thing means a hat with a pompon on the top of the head. Only it is believed that it portends a wild party surrounded by close people. A hat, worn on some kind of toy, usually dreams of a holiday. If she was a child, then soon the family of the dreamer will literally be covered with happiness. And this may not be replenishment in the family.

The main thing is that a person should not find a headdress under a bed or other furniture. Since such a vision represents only trouble in the family and at work. In any case, the dream book says so.

Wearing a hat one after another, measure different options, compare them with each other - this is a hint of the subconscious that it is time for a person to change his life. Perhaps he does not like what he does.Or a place where you have to live. And maybe the environment of people. In any case, fundamental changes will only benefit.

dream interpretation hat

What is worth remembering?

Well, you can talk for a long time about the values ​​of the vision in which the headdress was present. Based on the foregoing, it becomes clear that most of them are positive in nature. But even the most positive interpretation is recommended to consider taking into account the individual characteristics of the dreamer. If he dreamed of a hat after he spent half a day in a hat shop, this does not mean that wealth would soon fall on his head. These are just games of our mind and subconscious, and such options also need to be remembered.

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