LDPE production as a business

Previously, plastic bags were used very muchrarely. But now they are in demand in various spheres, since the products are comfortable and cheap. Therefore, the production of LDPE packages will be in demand in business, because the demand for such products is always stable. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a marketing research to establish the saturation of the market and determine the minimum price of the product. Then everything will develop successfully.

Type of ownership

Before the production of LDPE, HDPE packages is opened, it is necessary to register the form of ownership of your enterprise. For this type of activity it is proposed to open an IP or LLC.

production of pvd packages

The best choice will be the registration of a legal entity. It is advisable to apply a simplified taxation system. With registration it is necessary to designate OKVED codes:

  • 25.2 - manufacture of products from plastic;
  • 25.22 - manufacture of plastic goods for packaging;
  • 51.47 - wholesale of other non-food consumer goods.

Required documents

In order to start the production of LDPE packages, it is necessary to collect some documents. You need to obtain the permissions that are issued by:

  1. SES.
  2. Administration.
  3. Electrical inspection.
  4. Ecological service.
  5. Fire protection.

The entrepreneur must take into account that during use, the bags are in contact with the products. Therefore, in production there should be a sanitary control. Before work it is necessary to pass certification.

production of packages pvd pnd

The products must comply with GOST 10354-82. In order to pass certification, we must start production and provide samples for examination. Certification is required every 3 months.

What kind of room do you need?

To start the production of LDPE packages, you need a suitable building. It must meet certain criteria:

  • height of ceilings - no more than 10 meters;
  • maintaining the temperature regime;
  • Since there will be a production with the use of chemicals, the workshop should be further away from residential areas;
  • availability of quality exhaust and ventilation;
  • working area - from 180 square meters. m, and the total area of ​​the workshop is 300 square meters. m;
  • the voltage is 220-280 W;
  • presence of fire alarm, evacuation outlets;
  • on the walls and ceilings should be materials that do not burn.

To produce polyethylene bags, water is not needed. But the central water supply is still required, otherwise the permit from the SES will not be issued.

Equipment and cost

In order to start the production of HDPE bags, LDPE from the film, a line of equipment is needed. The mandatory devices include:

  1. Extruder. The equipment is needed to convert the granules of raw materials. It can produce up to 40 kg of polyethylene per hour. It costs 650 thousand rubles.
  2. Flexo printing machine. It is used for applying images to products. The price is 450 thousand rubles.
  3. Machine for the production of plastic clips for packaging. The cost is 45 thousand rubles.
  4. Packing machine. It is used to impart products of different sizes and shapes. The price is 750 thousand rubles.

The equipment will have to spend 1 million 895 thousand rubles. With it, production of LDPE bags with a logo will be available.

Necessary raw materials

For the production of bags, polyethylene is used in granules. You can buy it abroad or deliver domestic products. There are 2 types of materials:

  1. HDPE (low-density polyethylene). It is used in reception of packages for storage of loose, dry products.
  2. LDPE (high-density polyethylene). Used in the production of packaging for the transport of food.

production of pvd packages with logo

In the manufacture of packages, a secondaryraw materials. Its price is much less. It produces garbage bags of LDPE, the production of which will also be in demand. Secondary raw materials serve for the production of polyethylene for non-food purposes. In addition to granulated polyethylene, a dye is required to produce the product. The right color is created by adding it to the liquid mass.


The advantage of business is that forhis knowledge of the workers does not need specific knowledge. To master the features of production under the power of everyone, so there will be no difficulties with recruitment. Workers will get to master the subtleties of manufacturing products for a shift. To produce LDPE and HDPE packages was fully established, about 10 people are needed.

Costs and Payback

It is necessary to invest about 3 million rubles. The cost price depends on:

  • size;
  • design;
  • thickness;
  • the presence of a strengthened handle and bottom masonry;
  • presence of a color image or logo.

production of pvd foil bags from film

The average cost of obtaining a package is 13 cents. Its wholesale price is 40 kopecks. For a month there will be the following expenses:

  • lease of the shop - 45 thousand rubles;
  • electricity - 8 thousand;
  • utilities - 12 thousand;
  • salary - 128 thousand;
  • taxes - 35 thousand.

All expenses will amount to 228 thousand rubles. per month. The net profit will be about 200 thousand rubles. Return on business takes place after 1 year and 9 months. The amount of profit is determined by the demand and saturation of the market. The original value of the sale is higher. The wholesale price of some products reaches 70 kopecks.


It should be borne in mind that for the opening of a largeproduction requires large investments. To reduce costs at the initial stage, you can produce products from the finished material. But it should be understood that in the future it is still necessary to open a separate polyethylene production so that the business is competitive.

garbage bags pvd production

With the equipment it will be possible to create packagesdifferent colors, sizes, appointments. Ready-made packages can be used for advertising, receiving additional income. Before opening such a business, it is necessary to think over all the nuances so that in the future there could not be any difficulties.

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