Larisa Chernikova: biography and personal life

Among the countless stars of the 90s of the last century, this girl achieved the popularity and love of listeners for many years. The biography of Larisa Chernikova is full of bright moments, but there are black pages in it. How did she manage to become a star in a short time? What is happening in the life of the singer?

Larisa Chernikova: biography, photo

Born August 17, 1974 in Kursk. The father left the family almost immediately after the birth of his daughter. Mother was a professional pianist and often traveled around the country with concerts. But I could not leave the child for the sake of continuing my career. It is not known how the fate of the future singer would have been if mothers had not been offered to work in the Ministry of Culture. When the girl was 6 years old, they moved to Moscow.

Chernikova with mom

Larisa adopted her love for music from her mother, but she was interested in more folklore than classical works. Studying at a music school clearly outlined her future path - just the stage! In 1990, the girl without any problems entered the school named after the Gnesins and began a fascinating life.Larisa had to travel more than one region as a member of a musical expedition. She enthusiastically sought out locals who could recall ancient songs. She then tied her notes to the notes and handed them over to the publisher. Not the easiest job for a young student, but Larisa herself loved this process. Two years later she moved to the Institute of Culture, which she graduated with a red diploma.

Carier start

The young graduate took her first steps on the stage in the ensemble Nadezhda Babkina. For a year and a half she regularly sang folk songs until she realized that she deserves more. This was the period of the birth of the Russian show business. Sang all and sundry - the mistress of the newly-minted oligarchs, random talents from the provinces and voiceless politicians. The only thing required to get a ticket to the stage - money.

Singer Chernikova

Buy a song, shoot a video and pay for airtime on one of the federal channels - all this required considerable expenses. Perhaps Larisa’s dreams of a solo career would never have become a reality if it were not for her husband Andrei Chernikov. Not the richest, but rather successful businessman was ready to give any money for the promotion of his beautiful wife.But the girl herself was not idle: she had a lot of her own songs that were just waiting for their high point.

Larisa began writing poems at the age of 13, when she fell madly in love with a neighbor boy. Together they walked their dogs, but the novel remained only in the girl’s dreams. The guy was a little older and wanted full-fledged intimate relationships, to which the educated schoolgirl answered with a categorical refusal. But after unrequited love she opened a new talent - to write poetry.

Chernikova Larisa

"Music of the rain"

It was this song that became the first one that the novice singer presented to the public in 1994 at the Luzhniki Stadium. The girl was noticed, the composition began to sound regularly on the radio. It remained to take the last step - to make a video so that everyone would recognize the face of the singer. By that time, Larisa was actively cooperating with producer Sergey Obukhov. He came up with the idea of ​​how to spin up the actress at no extra cost. All I had to do was change the stage name to Larisa Cherri. And the contract with the alcoholic beverage company is in your pocket. The spouse of the girl was categorically against such a decision. He liked that the young wife was a singer, he wanted her to become popular under his last name. For this I did not regret anything.I removed a recording studio at my own expense, where Chernikova could work at any time on the first album.

Soon, two clips appear on the screens at once - “Music of the rain” and “You are flying, my star”. The vociferous beauty becomes a frequent guest at national concerts and travels around the clubs. There is still an album release and complete uncertainty. Two songs are not enough to gain a foothold in show business. If the album is not bought, all the money spent on shooting clips and records, will fly into the tube.

Chernikova singer

"Lone wolf"

Nobody bet on this song, although it gave the name to the album. If there are two hits in the piggy bank, the calculation was based on the fact that the rest of the songs will simply be listened to. But all of a sudden, the Lone Wolf becomes a real hit. Singer Larisa Chernikova wakes up at once with a star. Her songs are heard from every window, in school discos and in the country houses of the oligarchs. The producers and the singer who are not ready for such an explosion decide not to shoot the clip, but to get ready to record a new album.

Husband's death

At the peak of popularity in the personal life of the singer Larisa Chernikova, whose biography is the subject of our review, tragedy occurs. The spouse is killed, she remains alone.The dashing 90s drove around the star properly: serious people constantly visited her and demanded that she give back the money that her husband owed. Larisa gave everything to survive. But at that moment she did not step over her moral principles and refused to offer the producer to go to saunas and baths, where it was necessary to entertain wealthy men with her songs.

The singer breaks the contract with Obukhov. Then there will be numerous rumors that the spouse was killed because he did not pay the rental of the recording studio on time. And even about the fact that he committed suicide, as they found him in a cemetery with a bullet in his head at his father’s grave. But Larissa never believed in suicide - Andrei was right-handed and would not shoot at his left temple. In addition, he had reasons to commit suicide at age 27. Only 21 years old was at that time a singer Larisa Chernikova, whose biography and personal life have undergone great changes since that time.

All over again

Parting with the producer cost the singer dear: she was left without her ballet. Even the concert costumes had to be given away. Without a penny of money and any chance of continuing a musical career, she goes to Alexander Tolmatsky.By that time, an already experienced producer understands that a promoted brand is better than nothing. You can work with a talented singer, all the more you should take into account the fact that her popularity has only grown over the past year. They sign a contract.

"The plane in love"

A simple song by Dima and a bright clip return singer Larisa Chernikova to the first lines of the charts. The biography is replenished with another victory - she is invited to conduct her own broadcast on the radio. In the same 1997 another video for the song "Mystery" was released. The same name is the new album. At the end of 1998, she made a video for the song “Who?”, Which she dedicates to her dead husband. Completion of work with Tolmatsky became two more loud hits "One Sip" and "You Do not Come." From this moment to the present, Larisa's mother is engaged in all creative affairs.

Bondarchuk and Chernikova on the set of the video


The beginning of the new millennium completely changed the layout of the country's music scene. Star Factory projects and other interesting programs opening new talents have appeared. Among the huge number of young stars and their great victories, the disappearance from the stage of Larisa Chernikova passed unnoticed.The first three years she still tried to keep afloat and even released songs, but they did not become popular any more, and the girl decided to stop her musical activities.

Chernikova and Stashevsky


On a dating site, Larisa met her second spouse. Imposing American James Fiore took the bride to Thailand, where they lived for 2 years. Larisa gave birth to a son there, but they had to leave for the USA. But soon the husband began to get involved in strong alcoholic beverages, the marriage fell apart. One girl did not stay: civilian husband Richard Johnson appeared. But this relationship ended on a sad note - a man started a romance on the side. When Chernikova learned about the birth of her daughter from her compatriot, she broke off all relationships without hesitation. Although the man begged her for forgiveness.

Wedding Chernikova

From that moment on, she decided to start her own business and no longer rely on men. The small farm provided her with a stable income, while her compatriots gladly bought cottage cheese and kefir from the former star.


In 2016, as the biography of Larisa Chernikova testifies, global changes occurred again in her life. Together with her son, she returns to Russia and is happy to know that she is still remembered and loved here.Andrei Malakhov in honor of such an event urgently removes the next issue of "Let them talk." But the topic concerns not only the arrival of the popular singer of the 90s, but also her plans for the future. The woman said she had decided to give birth to another child. I would like a girl, and from a decent and healthy person.

Chernikova on Let them say

And not so long ago in the media her name flashed next to the name of a popular actor Domogarov. This person has nothing to do with the biography and personal life of Larisa Chernikova. The artist had an affair with her namesake, who recently died.

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