Kusudama for Beginners: Original DIY Jewelry

What can be achieved on the way of realization of your extraordinary fantasy? After all, do it yourself to create unusual and amazing things. For example, Kusudama flowers will be an excellent decoration or gift that keeps the warmth of the hands of the creator. Do you want to try to make something amazing out of scrap materials? In this case, Kusudama for beginners is just what you need.

kusudama for beginners

A bit of history

In translation, the word "kusudami" means "healing ball." Kusuds are used in the countries of the East as charms that protect a home from misfortunes, diseases and evil spirits. Kusudama is a craft made of several identical origami figures that are glued together.

For the first time, such jewelry appeared in Japan and was made not from paper, but from plants and flowers and was used as incense. Then they began to use paper to create them.Traditionally, kusudi were made in the form of a ball, inside which were placed dried flowers, incense or incense.

Kusudama for beginners is a wonderful way to relax, relax, stretch your arms and create a cute decoration with your own hands.

How to make a cuddle?

There are so many options for how kusudama is made for beginners. The diagrams presented in this article are sufficiently detailed and simple to perform; they require a small amount of manipulations and details.

Let's start with the implementation of simple flower arrangements. For its manufacture will require:

  1. Pencil.
  2. Ruler.
  3. Clips.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Glue.
  6. High density colored or white paper.

kusudama for beginners schemes


The flower will become a beautiful decoration for the author's greeting card or wedding invitation. But the ball of these flowers looks just awesome! Let's take a closer look at how to make such a wonderful decoration.

To begin, you will need to prepare small squares of colored paper with a side of 8-10 cm. You can take ready-made squares from the block for records, which are sold in stationery stores. Take the first box and start working with it.It folds diagonally to form an equilateral triangle.

Then the left corner should be bent upwards to the center so that its border passes along the center of the triangle. In the same way, you should bend the right corner.

After that, the first corner should be bent back and deployed as shown below. The second unfolds in a similar way.

kusudama for beginners

As a result of the manipulations, you have turned out leaf details with corners on top. These corners are required to bend to align the edges with the edges of the paper. In the center of each flap a bend is formed, along which each part must be bent inward. Now you have the first blank with which to start the trial. The flower for beginners in this technique is as follows.

The resulting rhombus must be bent in half and glued together so that the flaps are interconnected. This will be the first petal. In order for the petals to stick better, they should be fastened with long clips and the place of gluing from the inside of the petal with glue-pencil.

It now remains only to make five such petals and glue them together. To make a ball, you need twelve of these flowers.

origami kusudama for beginners scheme

When gluing the ball should work carefully from the center in a circle. It is important to ensure that the glue dries well and securely fastens parts of the finished product between them. First you need to make one hemisphere of six flowers, then the second. Only after the glue dries well can you glue both hemispheres.

It is so easy to make the simplest kusudama. Assembly schemes for beginners will suit even those who have never collected origami, but really want to learn it.

More about paper

Any thick paper, weighing about 80 g, is suitable for creating kusudi. Using paper from blocks for records will save you time on preparing squares. Blocks come in various colors. But if you want to make a bigger ball, you can use colored or even thick wrapping paper - here you can fantasize.

Recommendations and useful tips for creating clumps

What to look for to get the perfect origami kusudama? For beginners, the schemes presented in the article are fairly simple. But there are still some tips from newbies that will help you achieve great results:

  1. You need to take the matter seriously, but you should not take the process of creating closes close to your heart. First of all, the occupation should bring joy. For the first time, the result is not always pleasing to the eye.
  2. Relax, enjoy the process and just relax. The skill will come with experience.
  3. Do all the steps should be consistent. First you need to make one element, then the second, third and so on. You should not first make blanks, and then the materials for the connection, so as not to get confused.
  4. You should use thick paper to create a crocodile, since thin paper can be sodden by glue.
  5. To facilitate the process and reduce the number of unpleasant drops, you can take a good glue stick.

Kusudama assembly scheme for beginners

How to turn the cuddles into an elegant decoration?

Be sure to experiment with the design of balls kusudami. The highlight may be the use of one-sided colored paper. It looks very impressive product, decorated with beads. To hang the finished ball, use a regular thread, which is attached at the bottom with a button. Also for fixing beads fit, or you can make a thick knot and tie a tassel close to the ball. Another option is to make a long tail decorated with beads, and tie a small tassel at its end.This product will be a great decoration for your apartment.

When kusudama for beginners will be perfectly mastered, you can move on to more complex and interesting schemes.

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