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The blue dream of many teens is to work in television. But only few people understand how difficult this work is and how full of negative it is. Maybe that's why so few well-known and successful TV presenters? It is very difficult to start and make a good impression immediately. We must be able to work with the camera, do not get lost and do not shoot eyes. You have to be a good improviser, to be able to tactfully and correctly "repel" any question and react to a change of topic. Kirill Kleimenov is considered a professional in his field. This article is dedicated to him.Kirill Klemenov biography

Little about him

Today, all Muscovites know the name of Kirill Kleimenov. This is a well-known TV journalist, broadcaster, deputy general director and head of information programs. He is a member of the board of directors of Channel One. This guy has an excellent education.In 1991, Kirill Kleimenov was an intern at the Finnish State University in Helsinki. In the spring of 1992, he began working on radio stations. At the same time begins to conduct information and music programs. In parallel, he is a correspondent for the Interfax agency.

In the spring of 1993, Kirill Kleimenov was appointed to the post of editor of international information in the Teleutro program on the Ostankino channel. Closer to the summer of the same year, he receives the "Chronicle of the Day" rubric. In 1994, he left the philological faculty of Moscow State University, the Roman-German department. It so happened that all important career moves occur with Kleimenov during the holidays. In the summer he received a “ticket” on ORT and met his finest hour with the programs “News” and “Time”. His last broadcast in the program "Time" he spent already in 2004.Kirill Klemenov personal life

At the beginning of zero

In 2002, a promising TV journalist gave a talk show about the World Cup in Japan and South Korea, and in 2003 he became the host of the documentary "Kill Kennedy."

Serious career growth occurred in the second half of 2004, when Kirill Alekseevich Kleimenov began working as a press secretary to the president and deputy head of the public relations department of the Lukoil company.Already in November, he became deputy general director of Channel One and director of information broadcasting, succeeding Sergei Goryachev. Kleimenov is an amazingly versatile person who speaks three foreign languages: English, Finnish and Swedish, and also keen on water sports.TV shows Kirill Klemenov

From DJs to TV generals

Kirill Alekseevich Kleimenov has repeatedly stated that he honed his communication on the air while working on the radio. For almost two decades, he has been making a career in the mass media and has managed to become a recognizable person. Today Kleimenov is responsible for all the information broadcasting of the First Channel. He has a very tight schedule, but he manages to find time to participate in the All-Russian TV contest TEFI-Region.

Kleimenov has a very serious, impressive and solid appearance. He is always well-groomed, smart and correct. But at the beginning of his career, he was a DJ! But it is the work on the radio that the journalist says thanks for the practical experience. Especially for the excellent training of on-air communication. Today, Kleimenov doesn’t appear so often in the frame, but still he periodically hits it. In particular, when talking with the President of Russia.Officially, the work of the correspondent is already in the past. Maria Klemenova wife Cyril Klemenova

For colleagues and family

TV presenter Kirill Kleimenov did not become a media person. He does not like to give interviews, he is irritated because of the abundance of make-up on the set. Attributes stellar Kleimenov prefers inconspicuous and modesty. In public, Cyril behaves very restrained, but calls himself an explosive man. Repeatedly Kleimenov admitted that he could easily run into a fight. In the studio, it is necessary to give an outlet to the accumulated emotions, but it cannot be allowed on the air. Therefore, the leaders had a kind of ritual - five minutes before switching on the equipment, switch to obscene language. Then, as if the toggle switch is switched, and in the frame there is already a surprisingly phlegmatic presenter.

He is a native Muscovite, and in 2017 he will be 45 years old. The TV journalist is surprisingly stable in all areas of his life - he is successful in his career and in his personal life. Long married, has a daughter. Before the wedding, the couple were in a relationship, for both this is the first marriage. After a short stay, they decided to legalize the relationship. After some time a daughter appeared in the family.Kirill Klemenov First Channel

His love story

Maria Kleimenova is the wife of Kirill Kleimenov and his reliable rear. The family is his personal world, where no one wants to let anyone go. According to Cyril, few people can be happy for another person, but he madly values ​​harmonious relationships and is afraid of losing them. The super successful professional says that he lives for the sake of his family, and not for the sake of work. Even in the frame it is sometimes noticeable that Kleimenov is experiencing. This happens when his child is sick.

The story of dating with his wife Kleimenov calls the Brazilian melodrama in tears. I knew each other for a very long time, we worked together, often drank coffee, and then suddenly realized that they could not live without each other. The pair reigns maximum harmony for a normal family. Kleimenov loves to spend time with his family. By the way, he loves to eat and says that he does not eat in accordance with his complexion. He can destroy a cake and a dozen cutlets at a time.Kirill Alekseevich Klemenov

They say about him

If it were not for Cyril Kleimenov, Channel One could now be completely different. This eternally young, active and self-confident person has done a lot to ensure that the First one remains so both in the location of the button and in the promptness of the presentation of information.But Kleimenov himself constantly struggles with his hot-tempered kind and admits that he does not like to make uncomfortable compromises.

Already in 1993, Larisa Verbitskaya noticed the young Cyril that it was impossible to get comfortable on the air instantly. It will take time, three years. Then he agreed with his older colleague, but in his heart he decided that he would succeed faster. And now it is the realization that a good result cannot be achieved quickly. On the program "Time" only four years could feel "fish in the water."

As a child, Kleimenov did not dream of a career in television. He says that everything happened by chance. However, he quickly went up the hill on TV. Long combined television and radio, was an editor. Looking at his first recordings, he is embarrassed and says that it becomes a pity for the audience.Kirill the Brand

About a new generation

Kirill Kleimenov's biography is very complicated and interesting. Today he occupies a worthy place in the field of mass media. But on the heels comes a new generation of ambitious, daring, young. On the air, you can rarely see a truly age-leading. Most goes into circulation. According to Kleimenov, time has become much more dynamic now.From the young and active news are perceived better, especially if a person is competent in the question, does not push himself and his opinion. However, it is logical if the morning news is led by a younger person, and the evening news is older. Still, the same program "Time" - not for young people.

First of all man

Even a super professional should allow himself to at least occasionally turn into an ordinary person. So does Kirill Kleimenov. For him, his personal life is a relatively closed topic. He tries not to let his colleagues into his world, but he always admits that he is happy in his family.

There are fun moments in the profession. These are the cases when even the most serious presenter becomes a victim of circumstances. For example, Kirill Kleimenov with fear recalls attacks of hiccups, ether with a temperature of under forty and the case when he poisoned himself with food in the dining room. In the frame it was necessary to look at two hundred percent, and it was a greenish tint under the makeup. I had to go on the air every half hour for the morning transfer. And between inclusions, the presenter went to the bathroom with bouts of nausea.

In the frame there are funny reservations "according to Freud" and not only.It is very annoying in the course of a serious transfer to remember the reservation of a colleague and not to restrain a fit of laughter. It is also important to always look presentable in the frame, that is, no coughing, sobbing or any other normal human sound. Once Kleimenov himself caught a fly while inhaling. She flew into the middle of the throat and neither swallow nor spit out did not work. It was very unpleasant. Kleimenov did not dare to cough, was afraid to spoil the air and put up with it until the very end of the shooting.

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