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Biography of Kirill Kaganovich

Kirill Kaganovich - Russian theater and film actor, musician. Fame Cyril brought the role in the TV series "Daddy's Daughters" and "Light from the Other World."
In the photo: actor Kirill KaganovichIn the photo: actor Kirill Kaganovich

Childhood and youth

Kirill was born on March 30, 1987 in Moscow. Kirill is the son of actor, writer and poet Mikhail Kaganovich. There were rumors in the media about the kinship of the actor with the notorious Soviet party leader Lazar Kaganovich, an associate of Stalin, but Kirill’s father denied this information in an interview.
Kirill Kaganovich in childhood (episode from the film magazine "Yeralash")Kirill Kaganovich in childhood (episode from the film magazine "Yeralash")
At the age of 10, Kirill began acting in Boris Yeralash’s humorous film journalist Yeralash. For the first time, the audience saw him in the episode "Tuzik" (although in the credits his name was written as Kalanovich): he played one of two friends who decided to pretend to be fire victims to beg for money for a Pepsi bank.
Episode "Yeralash" with Kirill Kaganovich
On the set, the boy received a recommendation to audition at the Musical Theater of the Young Actor under the direction of Alexander Lvovich Fedorov,in which Kirill was subsequently successfully enrolled and where he performed until the age of 13.
Kirill Kaganovich in his student yearsKirill Kaganovich in his student years
When Kaganovich turned 15, he became a student of the Theater School. Schepkina - a teenager entered the course of the People’s Artist of the USSR Yury Solomin, but soon Kirill transferred to GITIS, to the workshop of Boris Afanasyevich Morozov.


After participating in Yeralash, in 2001, Kirill played an episodic role in a detective film about a group of resourceful teenagers “A Detective with a Bad Character”. Four years later, Kaganovich began to appear on the screen much more often - he could be seen in small roles in the comedy series “My love”, in the sixth season of the sensational youth series “The Club”, the multi-series melodramas “Women's Stories”, “Daughters-Mothers” and others .
Kirill Kaganovich in the film “Five Steps in the Clouds”Kirill Kaganovich in the film “Five Steps in the Clouds”
One of the bright roles of that time can be called the role of the programmer Basil in a mini-detective story based on the eponymous novel by Tatyana Ustinova “Five steps in the clouds”.
Kirill Kaganovich and Miroslava Karpovich in the TV series "Daddy's Daughters"Kirill Kaganovich and Miroslava Karpovich in the TV series "Daddy's Daughters"
In 2011, the actor appeared in the famous family series “Daddy’s Daughters” as a journalist Felix or Phil, the fiancé Masha (Miroslav Karpovich).His hero defined himself as “the alpha male and the brutal macho”, which gave rise to many comical situations. This role was remembered by many viewers and became the starting point of the growing popularity of the young actor.
Kirill Kaganovich was forced to leave the project "Daddy's Daughters"Kirill Kaganovich was forced to leave the project "Daddy's Daughters"
Hero Cyril first appeared in the 295 series "Daddy's Daughters." But the next season, the writers brought out the character Cyril - he was fired and he went to his aunt in Voronezh. Phil, to the dissatisfaction of the fans of the series, was replaced by Vadim (Ivan Roldugin). There was information in the press that Kirill left the cast because of a conflict with the director, but the actor himself denied it.
Kirill Kaganovich on the set of the series “Soldiers”Kirill Kaganovich on the set of the series “Soldiers”
Soon, Kirill appeared in a multi-part action movie “Delta”, which gave him an acquaintance with such famous domestic actors as Vadim Kolganov, Anna Kazyuchits, Sergey Selin, Alexander Bashirov, etc.
Kirill Kaganovich in the movie "Rock and roll under the Kremlin"Kirill Kaganovich in the movie "Rock and roll under the Kremlin"
In 2013, Kirill got his first major role - in the mini-series “Rock and Roll Under the Kremlin” by Yevgeny Sologalov based on the novel by Daniel Koretsky. The series received quite low ratings from viewers and critics.
Kirill Kaganovich in the film "What is my name". Trailer
In 2014-2015, the actor appeared in such film projects as the drama “What is My Name”, the second season of the historical detective story “Maryina Rosh”, the drama series “Red Bracelets” (which was released only at the end of 2017) and 8-episode a detective story based on Irina Melnikova’s novel The Black River.
Frame from the film “Red bracelets”Frame from the film “Red bracelets”
2016 can be considered very successful and productive for Kaganovich.

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