It hurts to write. Cystitis?

The bladder is located in the lower regionstomach, around the pelvis. It has the property of stretching and shrinking. The urethra is represented as a tube attached to the bladder. Through it, urine is emptied when emptied.

Inflammatory processes in the bladder andthe urethra leads to the burning sensation, it becomes painful to write. In medicine, this condition is called cystitis. This inflammation is provoked by an infection in the bladder. Women are more susceptible to cystitis, in view of the fact that their urethra is smaller.

As a rule, cystitis is susceptible to therapeuticeffects. With competent and timely treatment, one can not only alleviate its symptoms, in particular, when it is painful to write, but also to eliminate the underlying cause of inflammation. In the absence of proper therapy, cystitis can provoke the development of complications, in particular, pyelonephritis. Caused by the penetration of a bacterial infection in the urinary tract, the disease often contributes to the development of serious, and in some cases, life-threatening consequences. Among them, in particular, include sepsis and kidney failure.

Helps to reduce the likelihood of complications earlydiagnostics. Therefore, even if it is not too painful to write (and in some cases the feeling can be compared with minor discomfort), you should visit a doctor. Not detected in time the disease can go to a chronic stage. In this case, getting rid of it is much more difficult.

The main symptoms of cystitis, except thatpainful to write (in the end especially) carry hematuria (pink or bloody color of urine), fever, frequent urges, unpleasant (fetid) smell of urine, a small amount of it during the emission. In addition, there is a chill and a high fever. Soreness with urination can also cause mental disturbance. In some cases, people who are painful to write begin to feel fear of emptying.

It should be noted that the urethra,the bladder is sterile, that is, they do not contain bacteria or other microorganisms. Inflammation can develop as a result of the penetration of an external infection. Pathogenic bacteria also have the ability to penetrate the urethra and the bladder from other organs through the blood.

The cause of cystitis may be an increase orinflammation of the prostate (in men), irritation caused by means of intimate hygiene (aromatic soap, gels, deodorants). In some cases, inflammation develops after certain types of radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Also, risk factors should include too active sexual life (in women), chronic diseases that affect the state of the immune system (diabetes, AIDS and others), kidney and nephrolithiasis, cancer, the presence of a permanent catheter in the bladder.

Treatment of cystitis

Painful writing to a woman can be during pregnancy. At this time, she must take care not only of the future child, but about herself. Therefore, if any (more or less important) problem arises, it is necessary to consult a doctor. In many cases, pregnant women do not pay attention to discomfort and soreness when urinating. However, the reasons that caused this condition can be very serious. Pain with urination can develop due to the pressure of the uterus on the bladder. As a result, complete emptying does not occur. Stagnant urine causes infection and provokes more frequent urges. The bladder can become inflamed. The presence of blood in the urine of pregnant women in some cases is a very alarming signal. Perhaps this is a threat of miscarriage.

It should be noted that not alwayspeople who are prone to the development of this pathology, it necessarily arises. Along with this, not all patients with cystitis are at risk.

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