Is the valerian harmful?

Valeriana is considered an amazing plant. Not only because of its extraordinary beauty and pleasant smell, but also as a fighter with many diseases. And unless you, being in a stressful situation, did not resort to a medicine based on valerian? Just a few drops - and you're calm! And the side effects? Is the valerian harmful, let's figure it out.

Natural product

Manufactured on the basis of herbs, valerian is notmust harm the human body. In general, it positively affects the cardiovascular and nervous system. It works well for intestinal motility, relieves spasm, normalizes blood circulation. It is often used as a sleeping pill. But, nevertheless, with so many pluses, is the valerian harmful?

Although the drug and natural, but its usein large doses or too often, can cause harm. Doctors explain this by the fact that the composition of valerian has alkaloids. They slow down the action of nerve impulses. And this leads to drowsiness, weakness, reduced efficiency.

With frequent admission - alkaloids, accumulated intissues, cause malfunctions in the heart. And with an overdose, problems in the gastrointestinal tract, nausea, vomiting can begin. A sharp change in mood, sometimes depressed, then excited.

What a pity that advertising does not say whether the advertising is harmfulvalerian. She always focuses our attention on the harmlessness of the drug. "Drink valerian and it will all go away!". Be sure to consult a doctor. Follow the instructions that clearly describe the timing of the medication. Do not take valerian for more than 2 weeks, otherwise get the opposite effect of the drug.

Cat and valerian

Lovers of cats, especially jokers, specifically givecats valerian, to make fun of an inadequate animal. The cat is frantic, tumbling, the muzzle has spread in a malicious smile. Reaction, as a drug. And about such influence of valerian on cats, for a long time already it is known. So, is it worth checking back, is harmful to cats valerian or not, if in advance you know the outcome of the event?

Veterinarians advise buying a pet a soft toy that is soaked in catnip. This plant is very common throughout the CIS and is available.

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