Impaired reproductive function

Jul 13, 2018

Impaired reproductive function

The problem of male and female infertility is acute before the population of many developed countries.15% of married couples of our country have reproductive disorders. Some statistical calculations say that the percentage of such families is even greater. In 60% of cases, female infertility is the cause, and in 40% of cases - male.

Causes disorders of the male reproductive function

Secretory( parenchymal) violation, in which in the seminiferous tubules of the testes impaired production of sperm, which is manifested in aspermia( in the ejaculate is not germ cells, as well as directly sperm), azoospermia( sperm, but there there are cellsspermatogenesis), oligozoospermia( the structure and motility of spermatozoa have been changed).

  1. Dysfunction of the testicle.
  2. Hormonal disorder. Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism is a deficiency of pituitary hormones, namely luteinizing and follicle involved in the formation of sperm and testosterone.
  3. Autoimmune disorder. Own immune cells produce antibodies to spermatozoa, thereby destroying them.

Excretory impairment.Violation of the passableness( obstruction, obturation) of the vas deferens, as a result of which the output of the constituent elements of the sperm into the urethra through the genital tract is disturbed. May be permanent or temporary, one- and two-sided. The sperm contains spermatozoa, the secret of the prostate and the secret of seminal vesicles.

Mixed violation.Excretory-inflammatory or excretory-toxic. Mediated damage is due to toxins spermatogenic epithelium, disorders of metabolism and the synthesis of sex hormones, as well as direct damaging effect of bacterial toxins and pus sperm, resulting in deterioration of its biochemical characteristics.

Other Reasons:

  • Sexual. Erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders.
  • Psychological. Anejaculation( no emission of sperm).
  • Neurological( consequence of spinal cord injury).

Reasons of violations of female reproductive function

  • Hormonal
  • Testicular tumors( cystomas)
  • Consequences of inflammation in the pelvis. These include the formation of adhesions, tubal peritoneal factor or, in other words, obstruction of the fallopian tubes.
  • Endometriosis
  • tumors of the uterus( fibroids)

female infertility treatment

As a result of tests, the doctor prescribes certain methods of infertility treatment. Usually the main forces are aimed at the correct diagnosis of the causes of infertility.

In the case of endocrine pathology, treatment consists in normalizing the hormonal background, as well as in the application of stimulant ovaries.

If the tubes are obstructed, laparoscopy is included in the treatment.

Endometriosis is also treated by laparoscopy.

Defects of the development of the uterus are eliminated using the possibilities of reconstructive surgery.

Immunological cause of infertility is eliminated by artificial insemination with the husband's sperm.

The most difficult to carry out infertility treatment, if its causes can not be accurately established. As a rule, in this version, the technologies of IVF - artificial insemination are used.

male infertility Treatment of infertility in the presence of a man wearing a secretory nature, that is having the connection with the violation of spermatogenesis, the beginning of the treatment is to eliminate the causes. Infectious diseases are treated, inflammatory processes are eliminated, hormonal drugs are used to bring spermatogenesis back to normal.

If a man has such diseases as inguinal hernia, cryptorchidism, varicocele and others, surgical treatment is prescribed. Operative intervention is also shown in cases when infertility in men due to obstruction of the vas deferens. The greatest difficulty is caused by the treatment of male infertility in the case of exposure to autoimmune factors, when the motility of spermatozoa is impaired, antispermic bodies are affected. In this version, hormonal preparations are prescribed, laser therapy is used, as well as plasma and other.

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