Ideas of manicure with beige shellac

Noble and tender looks nail art in beigetones. Nude scales look exquisite and refined. The beige manicure with shellac does not catch your eye, and your hands and nails look well-groomed and natural. At first glance, this manicure seems simple, but it is universal and suitable for any situation.

Beige shellac is used by girls andwomen of different ages and styles of clothing. If you look more closely at this color scheme, you can see that it is not so boring, because beige color can be supplemented with many shades: pink, gray, green, peach, brown, purple. When mixed, the original shades of almonds, biscuits, seashells, ivory, coffee with milk are obtained.beige shellac

Matt or glossy beige

The simplest design of beige shellac isusual glossy or matte covering of nail plates. Carefully executed manicure in sandy, gentle-peach tones, filled with tenderness and femininity. Particularly popular today is the matte manicure. Any master has a special coating available, which gives the nail a satin effect.

In order to avoid the usual naked coverboring, it is decorated with glitter and rhinestones. On bright shades they look pretentious, and beige - only decorate. Nude gamma muffles the bright glow of sparkles. A perfect addition is a special powder for the nails. Such a manicure looks luxurious and rich. It is possible to decorate with stones only one nail or paste on each of one big strasik, which will remind the droplets of dew.

The combination of simplicity and glamor shine will suitfor a holiday and an everyday exit. Rhinestones can be laid out in the form of an ornament, select a hole for them, form a diagonal or a vertical. The ends of the nails can be powdered in an original way by shimmering in the form of a disorderly placer.shellac beige design

Masterpieces with drawings

Beige shellac on nails is perfectly complementedvarious drawings. Most often, they use original floral ornaments. Flowers are replaced by petals, peas, imitation of leopard skins. Perfectly combined with beige color drawings, made in white or black tones. So, at the tips of the nails draw a single-color image of the crown or snowflakes.

Beige color is very warm and most suitedfor the fall. Bright autumn motifs on the nails simply fascinate! Some girls prefer one yellow or orange maple leaf on the ring finger. Look great on beige images of mushrooms and raindrops. Some draw an open umbrella.

Black cobweb, winding liana, silverplacers look great on beige. Particularly relevant is a French jacket with a pattern on a beige base. Instead of the usual white edge, abstract images are used in the form of ornaments, patterns, and hieroglyphs.beige shellac on nails

Two-color combination

The ensemble of two tones looks very goodon the nails. Beige is better combined with brown, cherry, black shades. To choose a pair for a new palette is very simple, the main thing is to observe the contrast. Excellent combination of beige with white, it gives an image of tenderness and romance. A combination of beige and gold is very rich and exquisite. Blue with nude looks very rich.

Red color is very cranky, so forEnsemble with beige is better to take wine or burgundy. A great option for summer is a combination of dairy with a mint shade. The combination of the nude with the gray is very dull, so avoid this design.beige manicure shellac

Original ideas for beige nail art

What else, besides the drawings, you can choose fordecorating a nude shellac? Very often the marigolds are decorated with a shiny tape tape. It is glued in any direction: it can be vertical or horizontal strips, triangles near the holes. It looks beautiful on a beige texture game: the nail plates are covered with matted shellac, and the patterns are glossy.

An excellent idea are thematic imageson the nails. By the Day of Lovers on a no-basis basis, draw hearts, angels, arrows of the Cupid. By the New Year they depict snowflakes, deer, and fir-trees. Spring brings back drawings with gentle branches of magnolia and sakura. Especially elegant on beige looks white and black lace. An excellent idea for a beige is an ombre and a gradient.Beige shellac on short nails

Beige with sliders and powder

To diversify the strict uni-versal design will helpspecial powder. With its help perform volumetric patterns in the tone of the base or darker color. On beige shellac put chocolate, black, maroon stains from the powder. One finger can be applied.

A real find for the nail art were the slidersor stickers. They help to decorate the nail with the most complicated pattern in a matter of seconds. Most often they are produced on a water basis. On a natural basis beautifully look lacy patterns, which the bride chooses for the wedding. In the profile stores you can buy stickers for all seasons, they are all suitable for beige coatings.beige shellac

Ideas for design with beige shellac on short nails

On short nails, beige looks alsoimpeccably, as well as on long ones. The original idea will be to make up every nail beige in different tones - from ivory to coffee with milk. Visually lengthen short nail plates will help vertical strips and patterns on the sides.

Short nails are decorated with crescents near the verythe base of the nails. Lunochki can be made with chocolate color, and a plate - with milk. Very often the master orders a gentle peach or cream manicure. Short beige nails can also be decorated with various details.

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