How to write a memo?

How to write a memo? There is nothing easier. The main thing is that you must be sure that you are right and are ready to defend your own point of view on the problem and not give up. A memo is a business document and is issued in accordance with GOST 6.30–2003. There are three basic rules for writing a memo.


The plan usually consists of 3 parts:

  • an indication of the causes, facts and events that prompted the preparation of a note;
  • your analysis of the situation described, the forecast of its development and ways to resolve it. However, if you simply inform the authorities and do not want to share your point of view, this item may not be written;
  • make a conclusion and note your wishes to the actions of the leader.

Text creation

To correctly write a report, you must use the official business language of correspondence. It should not contain emotional statements and artistic descriptions of the situation. Its form is clarity, brevity and consistency. And the main thing for the document - the accuracy and facts, and not your personal opinion.You can not write a report under the influence of emotions!

In the office work of your organization, there are most certainly unified forms of documents, samples of business correspondence that you can use as a good example. But if there are none, then, for example, consider how to write a report to a student:

“On the need to translate the student.

In accordance with your order on the creation of psychological comfort among students by me, the class teacher of the 5 "B" class Shubina Elena Viktorovna, a number of educational activities were conducted. As a result, the situation in the class team has improved significantly. However, the students negatively perceived Ivanov I.I. because of the systematic boorish attitude towards girls, which significantly affects the microclimate of the team.

Further education Ivanova I.I. in this class, it is also inappropriate because of the poor performance of the student. Taking into account the class at the school with a teaching and production bias, I think it is advisable to transfer Ivanov I.I. for further education.


Follow the details. It is important to remember the requirements of the drafting of documents.After all, this is not just a sheet with information, but a form of influencing the situation.

Basic details of a total of 8:

  1. the name of your organization is located in the upper left corner;
  2. name of the document - REPORT NOTE - in capital letters in the center or 2 intervals from the left margin;
  3. the date is December 12, 2012 or December 12, 2012;
  4. registration number - on par with the date;
  5. the heading “about the need to transfer the student” - from the border of the left margin;
  6. the text itself is Times New Roman, size - 14, spacing - 1.5, indent of the red line - 1.25, line spacing - 1, alignment - the width of the text.
  7. addressee - in the upper right corner in the nominative case for organizations and in the dative case - for officials;
  8. details and signature of the artist.

Now you know how to write a report to the director, but if you work not in a school, but in another organization, everything will strictly require you to strictly follow the rules for preparing business documents.

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