How to wean nail biting?

The cause of this phenomenon can be stress at home, in kindergarten or low self-esteem. Dissatisfaction with his personality provokes the emergence of the habit of gnawing himself. And when the child sees the bitten, mutilated nails, his self-esteem becomes even lower, and he begins to do it again, with a vengeance. So there is a vicious circle. In children, as well as adults, gnawing nails, as a rule, there is increased anxiety.

Kotuchit child biting nails: recommendations

Often, in the period from 2.5 to 3.5 years, when the crisis of three years is in full swing, the child treats the prohibitions in a way different from what the parents want. And the reason is not in the nature of the child’s harm, but in the fact that children of any age have a sense of pride and self-esteem. Because of these two factors, the baby cannot agree with his parents, especially if he is constantly shown that he is doing poorly or not correctly, and forbids him to do so.

Negative parental emotions aimed at the baby, cause an even greater wave of protest.If parents persist, he will cry, laugh, indulge, hide, but stubbornly continue to do exactly what his parents don't like until he himself is tired of it.

Before deciding how to wean a child to bite his nails, you need to fully understand what is the cause of this behavior. And, of course, parents should start with themselves, since the atmosphere in the house plays a major role in how comfortable the child feels. If possible, you need to eliminate all causes that may cause increased anxiety of the child.

Then, you need to pay attention to the kindergarten or school, it is better to identify the problem situations in which the child finds himself, before they develop into complexes.

We teach beauty

One of the options for how to wean nail biting is a children's manicure, that is, you need to teach your child to care for their nails so that they are beautiful, after that, it is unlikely that he will want to disfigure them.

Change the habit of bad to good

For this, you need to find something that will resemble a negative process, but at the same time not have a negative impact.For example, in order to solve the problem, how to wean a child to bite his nails, you can use seeds. In addition, this product is useful, it soothes the nerves, thanks to the monotonous movement of the jaws. That is, it is necessary that the baby had seeds with him constantly.

  • As soon as he wants to bite his nails, the person who is next to him has to switch him to tasty seeds. Over time, the child will appreciate that small kernels are much tastier than dirty nails. Thus, the bad habit will be replaced by a more safe and useful habit.
  • After a time, in order to wean the child from the seeds, you can turn his attention to another innocent passion, for example, small candied fruits.
  • Over time, the child will generally lose the habit of pulling something in his mouth.

Creativity and physical activity are the best medicine.

Violence and punishment can not be forced to get rid of the habit, it is better to use a change of motivation, which will carry a creative seed. For example, a child gnaws his nails when he is nervous, or when boys pick him up on the street, or at school, before a lesson he doesn’t like.In this case, the most suitable option is to send the child to a dance or to the sports section. When you need to perform complex steps, or repel a counterstroke, there is simply no time left for chewing on your nails.

The mastered physical exercises will not only strengthen the body of a small person, but will help to understand that body management is much more pleasant than chewing your own nails. Suppose, at the beginning, the section will not cause much enthusiasm, but over time, the child himself will be happy to deal with.

If the parents do not want or do not have such an opportunity, then any creative activity will do: drawing, embroidery, modeling from clay.

The main thing, using the change of motivation, you need to show your child that it is more interesting to create something new, unusual, than to deal with your own nails.

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