How to watch 3D?

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How to watch 3D?

Almost every person watched video or pictures in 3D format. With the help of special glasses, we are transferred to a new world of perception. Let's talk, how to look 3d.

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3D image transmission technologies


To watch you use points that arethe queue is closed by the right, then the left eye. This work is done by a source that is attached to the device and looks like a small battery. With this feature, a 3D image effect is achieved.

The advantage of the technology is the transfer of the original image resolution with minimal distortion.

The fact that the image is fed to each eye byIn some ways, it serves as a disadvantage. This is due to the fact that the frequency is programmed for each TV model, and when viewing 3D content, this fact can affect the perception of dynamic or, conversely, slow episodes.

Another drawback of such glasses is that there is a great strain on the eyes. However, most people get used to the picture after 10 minutes and the feeling of discomfort disappears.


With this technology, the picture is fed to both eyes simultaneously through 3D glasses, which are called passive glasses.

These points are divided into two types: anaglyph and polarization.

  • Anaglyph glasses consist of a cardboard or plastic frame and glasses of blue and red.

Such glasses are inexpensive, but the volume effect does not reach high quality, and often there is a distortion of the color reproduction of the picture.

Anaglyph eyeglasses can be made independently using improvised means. How - read in our article How to make 3D glasses.

  • Polarized glasses. They are divided into two types - with circular and linear polarization.

Circular polarization allows the free position of the head when viewing 3D content, while the use of glasses with linear polarization provides for the vertical position of the viewer's head.

The downside of such glasses is that the image will be darker than the actual image due to the coating of the polarized film of the glasses.

Polarizing glasses are relatively inexpensive. The plus is that the eyes do not tense at the view and do not get tired.

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Ways to view 3D content

  1. A stereoscope is a device for viewing"volumetric" photos and pictures. It is an optical binocular device. The principle of operation is that if you shoot a camera on a scene from 2 points spaced apart from each other, and then arrange 2 pictures called stereopairs, the viewer will be able to see the three-dimensional image. When viewing a picture, one eye is focused only on one picture.
  2. Anaglyph 3D glasses. Framed optical filters instead of lenses allow you to see a 3D picture. Since the color reproduction when viewing content is violated, it is recommended to use these glasses when viewing black and white images and movies.
  3. Mirror 3D glasses - stereo glasses consisting of 2pairs of mirrors. For viewing, the technology of mirror-based views is used. With this device you can watch photos and videos only in the format of a parallel stereopair.
  4. Polarizing 3D glasses. To view the content of this method, you must observe an important condition: the screen should be silvered or aluminized. Because of the high cost of such points can be found only in specialized cinemas.
  5. Shutter 3D glasses. The principle of operation is the active technology, which we described above. These glasses can be used not only to view 3D content, but also for the passage of computer games. For high-quality viewing, you need to use a monitor with a high frequency.
  6. Stereo glasses with multiband filters. Installed on the lens filters pass only blue, green and red. Through the glasses there is a certain filtration of waves, so that the user sees a 3D image.
  7. Video glasses are a device that consists ofa virtual screen and headphones. When you put the device on your eyes, a television screen will appear in front of you, which will be visually located at a distance of 2 meters. The glasses can be connected to the iPhone, iPod or iPad and enjoy the photo or video on the road or at home, and this device is designed for computer games.
  8. The helmet of virtual reality is a device thatis put on the head, consisting of a video screen and an acoustic system. The stereoshop creates a 3D effect by providing images for each eye separately. Video glasses are an improved form of stereoscopic helmet.

View 3D content without special devices

  • To view stereopairs, use theCrossing of eyes: it is necessary to focus each eye on the image (the right eye looks at the left image and on the contrary). This procedure helps the brain to form a 3D image;
  • A picture with a pronounced repeating patternIt is necessary to consider from the distance of the outstretched hand: relax the look and try to look as though through the image. Then move the picture from yourself, then to yourself, until you see a three-dimensional image;
  • If viewing 3D pictures without special glassesit is difficult, then you can put the printed image behind the glass cabinet door. Now look at the image through the glass, adjusting the distance in steps;
  • When watching a 3D movie without glasses, you need to concentrate on the video, closing your eyes one at a time with their fatigue;
  • Also, special TVs are used to watch the video, which do not require the presence of 3D devices.

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