How to wash a greasy stain on clothes

The modern hostess is released today fromTired pastime in a stuffy bathroom above the basin with washing. Such an assistant, like an automatic washing machine, has long struggled with a woman for the title of a good washerwoman. However, the functionality of home appliances is somewhat limited. To wash, rinse and squeeze - please, but to relieve the clothes from some stains it can not. So the opinion of some men that modern technologies provide complete independence from caring female hands is erroneous. After all, no high-tech design will not tell you how to wash a fat stain on your favorite shirt. But the experienced hostess will cope with this task in two to wash a fat stain

than wash a fat stainAmbulance

Washing grease stains is much easier ifthe process of removing it should begin as soon as possible. In time, the measures taken will make it possible to return the clothes to their proper appearance even before the insidious stain enters the fabric and doubles. Many improvised funds can be "rescuers" in this situation - for example, salt. Absorbent properties of natural adsorbent allow quickly to say goodbye to this trouble. The same action is rendered by a piece of ordinary chalk crumbled on a stain. After 15-20 minutes, salt or powder must be shaken off. Plus these recommendations are the possibility of their application outside the home. At home, the question of how to wash a fat stain can be approached even more diversely. The aforementioned row complements the dishwashing detergent and iron. "Fairies", "Sorti" or "AOS" - they are all capable of breaking down fats. The liquid is applied directly to the soiled area, and after a while the clothing is washed. If the stain is not so intimidating, then you can iron it through a napkin with a hot iron.

Old-old spots

As the practice of housewives proves, the mostUnfoldable stains are old fat blobs on clothes. Fighting them involves increased impact and the use of more aggressive means. These include gasoline, acetone, ammonia. Automotive fuel has long established itself as an effective fat dissolver.wash a greasy stainHowever, this method should be used with a largecaution. The remedy can both wash the fat stain, and change the texture or color of the clothing fabric. To avoid such troubles, the substance must first be tested on the wrong side of the product. Spot treatment should be started from its borders to the center. After this, it is necessary to stretch the area under a stream of warm water, and then necessarily wash the entire wardrobe.

Magic Mix

Than to wash off a fat stain, appeared onfavorite clothes for a long time? Perhaps, it was subjected to some unsuccessful attempts at breeding, which over and over again strengthened the positions of the expressive halo. Here you can try this magic mixture: 2 parts of grinded laundry soap, the same amount of ammonia and one part of turpentine. The product should be applied to the contaminated area, after two hours washed in warm water. In solving the problem of how to wash a fat stain, a gruel made from ordinary starch can help. The mixture is applied to a dirty place and after 2 hours it is removed with a rag moistened with gasoline. And the rest of the stain is overwritten by the crust of black bread.

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